Monday December 5, 2022
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POLO DATES 2022/23

These are the Pony Club Polo dates for 2022/23 so far:
27/11 Beaufort Training
11/12 Beaufort Arena Tournament
21/12 Tedworth Arena Tournament
16/2 Oxford Polo Arena Tournament
2/4 Beaufort Training
10/4 Beaufort Arena Tournament
13/4 Tedworth Arena P/C Champs
30/5 Cotswold Academy Training/Camp
31/5 Beaufort Friendly
17/7 Vaux Polo Camp
18/7 Vaux Friendly
20/7 Oxford Polo Friendly
25/7 Frampton Friendly
27/7 Black Bears Qualifier
1/8 Cirencester Qualifier
3/8 Longdole Qualifier
7/8 Tedworth Friendly
10/8 Hipwood/Rocksavage finals at Cowdray
11-13/8 All other sections Cowdray P/C Champs
15-17/8 P/c Select at Main P/C Champs

We are hoping to add more Arena dates for Feb half term and Easter likewise with training. If anyone would like to put on training/tournament, pls get in touch. Please watch the Pony Club website for updates and please please pass on this information to all those that you are responsible for so that everyone knows what is happening and can be involved. We are getting messages from parents who had no idea that training/tournaments were occurring so felt their children missed out. Thank you! See you all soon! 😁