Thursday December 8, 2022
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Area 15 Area dates for 2023


AREA 15 DATES 2023


5th March 2023 Area Quiz     –  organised by Devon and Somerset Pony Club. Won by Seavington.


May 2023:   Mounted Games – organised by Area 16 and Rachel Northcote


2023:  Area 15/16 Tetrathlon    at , organised by Area 15/16 Tet committee 


 July 2023:   Area Show Jumping at  


July 2023:  Area Dressage organised b

24th July 2023:  Area Eventing at Pontispool 

11th – 19th August 2023:  Pony Club Championships at Offchurch Bury, Warwickshire

24th -28th August 2022:  Pony Club 70cm Champs,  Mini Championships and Regional Championships at Bicton


Imogen Carter Ardo Z East Devon 60.2   13th Q
Libby Norman Jasper East Devon 53   16th  
Lauren Sanders A Bit Special East Devon 59.2   15th Q
Georgina Ewell Rooney Bay Cotley 69.6   1st TQ
Henrietta Ewell Cool Fantasy Cotley 66.4   3rd TQ
Jemima Dart PBW Mullagh Murphy Silverton 61.6 45 7th TQ
Ella Hall Isle Valley Silverton w/d      
Matti Mercer Jack in the Box Taunton Vale Harriers Blue 64   6th TQ
Lara Clarkson Sea Breeze Taunton Vale Harriers Blue 61.2   10th TQ
Sophie Minchin Jumbos Girl Taunton Vale Harriers Blue 61.4   9th TQ
1st Combined Cotley and Silverton Qualifier        
  Georgina Ewell          
  Henrietta Ewell          
  Jemima Dart          
2nd Taunton Vale Harriers Blue Qualifier        
  Tilly Williams          
  Matti Mercer          
  Lara Clarkson          
  Sophie Minchin          
3rd Polden Hills Qualifier        
  Annabelle Jay          
  Evie Puddy          
  Florence Human          
  Caiomhe Collery          
4th East Devon          
  Imogen Carter          
  Libby Norman          
  Lauren Sanders          

4th July 2019   Area 15 Show Jumping at Chard Equestrian Centre, organised by Seavington Pony Club

  2019 Show Jumping Results          
1st team Polden Hills Annabelle Jay Storm Blue   TQ  
    Katie Thomas LLF Marbella   TQ  
    Becca Thomas Zorba   TQ  
    Alice Nunn Malibee IV   TQ  
2nd team Combined Team Grace Sinclair Brilliant III Tiverton TQ  
    George Ewell Rooney Bay Cotley TQ  
    Jemima Dart PBW Mullagh Murphy Silverton TQ  
    Frankie Hayes Prince Aragogs Spirit Taunton Vale Harriers TQ  
1st Becca Thomas Zorba Polden Hills   Q  
2nd Alice Nunn malibee IV Polden Hills   Q  
3rd Annabelle jay Storm Blue Polden Hills   Q  
4th Grace Sinclair Charlie Tiverton   Q  
Tack and Turnout            
1st team Polden Hills          
1st ind Henri Ewell Cotley        
1st team Silverton Alaya Arden Centyfield Czaia   TQ  
    Rachel Brown Killtown Dreamer   TQ  
    Isabelle Geran Diptford Morning Haze   TQ  
    Megan Overson Just Benji   TQ  
2nd team Polden Hills Red Alice Sandiford Sandstone Scalpings   TQ  
    Hatty Kingsford Wells Killcloghan Classic Melody   TQ  
    Charlie Piper Zadok D   TQ  
    Millie Smith Cpatain Jack Sparrow   TQ  
3rd team Polden Hills Blue Lara Jay Ludo      
    Sam Cobb Cool a Fancy Small but Loud      
    Eve Hodder evert      
    Lizzie Chetwoode KEC City Slicker      
4th team Cotley Maria Sage Finlay      
    Marcia Kennard Silver Kizzy      
    Henri Ewell Zaino      
    Anna Mear Indi      
5th team Seavington Susie Reed Wishel Limited Edition      
    Emma Godfrey eros      
    Louise Cowling Whitehawk Bay Beauty      
    Alice Major Histy Lady      
6th team Taunton Vale Harriers Red Frankie Hayes Downderry Chocolate Surprise      
    Lara Clarkson Sea Breeze      
    Tilly Williams Meelickisland Lighting      
    Sophie Minchin Jumbo’s Girl      
1st Eve Hodder Evert Polden Hills   Q  
2nd Isobel Davis Blackwoodlands Quail Dulverton West   Q  
3rd Hatty Kingsford Wells Melody Polden Hills   Q  
4th Alaya Arden Centyfield Czaia Silverton   Q  
5th Lizzie Chetwoode KEC City Slicker Polden hills      
6th Megan Overson Just benji  Silverton      
tack and Turnout            
1st team Silverton          
1st ind Isabelle Geran Silverton        
1st team Seavington Green Louise Cowling Irish Lia   TQ  
    Lexi Opperman Peasedown Apollo   TQ  
    Chloe Fisher Fleetwood Chance Encounter   TQ  
    Merry Fisher Tikkalong   TQ  
2nd team Polden Hills Red Harriet Curtis Rosie   TQ  
    Josh Cobb Galxay   TQ  
    Emily Billing  Dionitas Blue   TQ  
    Maddie Ross shotgun Willy   TQ  
3rd team Silverton Alaya Arden Dowhills Stan the man   TQ  
    Anya Hitt Cnoc on Noiner Clover   TQ  
    Sophie Jackson Castlecoote Storm   TQ  
    Phoebe Overson Rathlee Og   TQ  
4th team Polden Hills Orange Charlie Piper Colwills Flint      
    Lottie Gunter Sma My Grey Lad      
    Evie Griffiths Millies Dun to a T      
    Josh Cobb Quarry Edge Minstrel       
5th team Taunton Vale Harriers Red Felicity Cauchois Bobcat      
    Amelia Struel Tanzanite Silver Lining      
    Lara Clarkson Kildangan Sea Holly      
    Mimi Lumb Dispol Truly      
6th team Seavington Blue Zoe Stanbury  JR Spot on      
    Minnie Atherton Ballyorney E Tea      
    Alfie Godfrey Duggans Drift      
    Poppy Yeoman Maisie      
1st Josh Cobb Galaxy II Polden Hills      
2nd Evie Griffiths Millies dun to a T Polden Hills   Q  
3rd Mimi Lumb Dispol Truly Taunton Vale Harreirs   Q  
4th Jess Cummings Carnduff Swallow Dulverton West   Q  
5th Molly Joyner Dance in the Rain Dulverton West   Q  
6th Sophie eiJackson Castlecoote Storm Silverton      
Tack and Turnout            
1st team East Devon          
1st ind Molly Joyner Dulverton West        
1st team Cotley A Juliette Bostock Letitia   TQ  
    Tash Churchill Cosnoweth Black Jack   TQ  
    Emily Handel Catch me Katarina   TQ  
    Claire Handel Billy the Kid   TQ  
2nd team  Seavington Milly Mac Zigymeister   TQ  
    Robert Paget Rappa Boy   TQ  
    Erin Pattemore Shady   TQ  
    Charlotte Knobbs     TQ  
3rd team Polden Hills Red Archie Stamp Domino   TQ  
    Holly Cooke  Flurry   TQ  
    Sienna Bragg Galaxy   TQ  
    Lucy Durston Little Skirrid Melody   TQ  
4th team Dulverton West Stags Rosie Cronk Maserenne Portora   TQ  
    Freddie Barlow  The Pocachon Pony   TQ  
    Emily White Teddy   TQ  
    Bethany Floyd Ennistymon Pride   TQ  
5th team  East Devon Reds Molly Burnell Aughrim Hero   TQ  
    Alyssia phillips On the Beach   TQ  
    Hannah Patterson     TQ  
    Jack Teague Trellech Blithe Spirit   TQ  
6th team Polden Hills Fleur Kingsford Wells Ruby   TQ  
    Archie Stamp Harper   TQ  
    Harriet Blair Floss   TQ  
    Frankie Cooper Acquilas Sparkling Surprise   TQ  
1st Hattie Barnes Tiverton     Q  
2nd Juliette Bostock Cotley     TQ  
3rd Lolly Meyer  Dulverton West     Q  
4th Lucinda Hayes Taunton Vale Harriers     Q  
5th Hattie Barnes Tiverton     Q  
6th Georgia Davies  Taunton Vale     Q  
7th Erin Pattemore Seavington     TQ  
8th Emily Handel Cotley     TQ  
9th Holly Morris Dulverton West     Q  
10th Oliver Saunders Silverton     Q  
11th Holly Cooke Polden Hills     TQ  
12th Hugo Blair Polden Hills     Q  
13th Robert Paget Seavington     TQ  
14th Tilly Fuller  Devon and Somerset     Q  
15th Rosie Cronk  Dulverton West     TQ  
  William Barlow Dulverton West     Q  
  Will Tricky Taunton Vale Harriers     Q  
  Izzy Clist Taunton Vale Harriers     Q  
  Molly Burnell East Devon     TQ  
  Bethany Floyd Dulverton West     TQ  
  Lucy Floyd Dulverton West     Q  
  Lolly Meyer  Gwyllan Lawrie     Q  
  Lucy Vaux  Dulverton West     Q  
  Lucile Milton Taunton Vale Harriers     Q  
  Jasmine Davey Taunton Vale     Q  




21st July 2019:  Area 15 Eventing at Pontispool, Taunton




The following dates for the Zone Finals 2020 have been provisionally reserved.


 North: Areas 1, 2, 17, 19 – 11th or 12th July

Central: 3, 4, 7, 11 – Saturday 18th July

Central: 5, 6, 8, 12, 13 – Sunday 19th July

South: 9, 10, 14, 15, 16, 18 – 4th or 5th July

 Area competitions are to be completed by 23rd & 24th May 2020.