Friday May 14, 2021
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Mini Championships 2021 – Qualifiers

          Mini Championships will be held at Bicton Arena on Thursday 27th August 2021.  Further information from the Area 15 Rep


Class 1a        40cm led – rider aged 10 years and under

Class 1b        40cm assisted  – rider aged 12 years and under

(this means someone in the ring with the rider, but not touching the pony)

Class 1c        40cm unassisted                     (this means the rider is in the ring on their own)

Class 2          50cm unassisted

Class 3          60cm unassisted

Congratulations to all our qualifiers…….


The top two teams and top three individuals at each branch team show jumping competition of the following levels:  Lead Rein 40cm,  40cm,    50cm,  and 60cm,  will qualify for the Championships on Thursday 27th August 2021 at Bicton Arena.

Each team at the Championships must include two out of the original four horse/rider combinations.

Any combination of horse and rider may not compete where the height is 30cm lower than that at which they have previously competed


Congratulations to all our qualifiers…….

Qualifiers to date

East Devon –  October 2020

40cm assisted:    

1st Team:  South Devon West:  Amber Eastley (Rockyview Ronnie);  Amber Eastley (ROckyview Biscuit);  Olivia Blackburn (Trevaylor Tigers Eye)  Poppy Dayment (Corndon Inca)

2nd Team:  East Devon Hunt Red:  Olivia Wilmington (Hammonds Fishdance);  Fletcher Watts (Popsters Kassandra);  Isabelle Whipton Weekes (Holnecourt Honesty);  Evie Wiegersma (Callie)


40cm Unassisted

1st Team:  South Devon West Red:  Amber Eastley (rockyview Ronnie);  Arleya Murphy (Tabitha)  Matthew Dayment (Penelope);  Sophie Blackburn (Rockyview Biscuit)

2nd Team:  South Devon West Yellow:  Arleya Murphy (Doli);  Talulah Hughes (Breeze);  Harriet Urquhart (Valleybrook Spellbound)



1st Team:  South Devon West:  Talulah Hughes (Breeze);  Georgie Deeble (Percy)  Arleya Murphy (Doli)  Brooke Wilton (Honey)

2nd Team:  Mixed Team:   Tiverton – Lilliana Cole (Poppy);  Weston Harriers – Tom Brown (Solo);  Silverton – Jessica Coombes (Miss Poppy)

Individuals:    Eggesford – Neve Webber (Melody)



1st Team:  South Devon West Dream Alliance:  Rosa Beer (Valley Brook Starlight); Evie Beer (Fly by Magic);  Seren Stephens (Amee);  Mia Major (Piglet)

2nd Team:  Mixed Team:  Silverton – Evie Coe (Chloe); Silverton – Jessica Coombes (Miss Poppy);  East Devon – Amy Buckland (Bosleys Harlequin)  Tiverton – Lilliana Cole (Poppy)

Individuals: Stevenstone – Katie Vernon (Southcroft Pimms)


Axe Vale – October 2020

40cm assisted:

1st Team:  Mixed Team Green:  SDW – Amber Eastley (Rockyview Biscuit);  South Pool – Bert Rogers (Artie);  East Devon – Fletcher Watts (Popsters Kassandra);  SDW – Amber Eastley (Rockyview Ronnie)

2nd Team:  East Devon Red:  Evie Wiegersma (Callie);  Isabelle Shipton Weeks (Holnecourt Honesty);  Lilly Burton (Rhosons Poldark);  Nelly Vooght (Billy)


40cm unassisted:

1st Team:  South Devon West:  Arleya Murphy (Doli);  Talulah Hughes (Breeze);  Amber Eastley (Rockyview Ronnie)  Arleya Murphy (Rockyview Biscuit)

2nd Team:  East Devon Hunt:  Mia Price (Goofy);  Josh Down (Biskit) Katie Parker (Slades Golden Fir)



1st Team:  East Devon Orange:  Abby Davies (Ghost Rider); Josh Down (Biskit)  Mia Price (Goofy)  Katie Parker (Slades Golden Fir)

2nd Team:  South Devon West:  Arleya Murphy (Doli); Talula Hughes (Breeze);  Harriet Urquhart (Blackley Oliver);  Ruby Farley (Rupert)

Indviduals:  Silverton – Jessica Coombes (Miss Poppy);  Tiverton – Georgiana Bolt (Bronheulog Hemlock)



1st Team:  South Devon West Purple:  Seren Stephens (Amee); Mia Major (Piglet); Rosa Beer (Valley Brook Starlight);  Evie Beer (Fly by Magic)

2nd Team:  Silverton:  Stacey Coombes (Sally Anne’s Mission);  Jessica Coombes (Miss Poppy);  Amy O’Nions (Foxy Loxy);  Evie Coe (Chloe)  


South Devon West – 1st November 2020

40cm assisted

1st team: South Devon West:  Amber Eastley (Rockyview Biscuit); Ella Davis (Freddie)  Matthew Dayment (Penelope);  Amber Eastley (Rockyview Ronnie)

2nd Team:  South Devon Moorland:  Freya Irish (Pablo)  Jack French (Barney)  Ella Davies (Rhesfair Brennan Aur)  Alden Davies (Haida Tally Ho)

Individuals:  East Devon Hunt – Olivia Wilmington (Hammonds Flashdance)


40cm unassisted

1st Team:  Tiverton :  Eve Northam (Alfie);  Archie Cottrell (Pickles)  Harry Greenslade (Holly);  Ellie White (Star)

2nd Team:  East Devon Hunt:  Nelly Vooght (Billie);  Lily Burton (Rholsons Poldark)  Isabelle Shipton Weeks (Holnecourt Honesty)

Individuals:  North Cornwall – Isabelle Bonney (Breeze);  South Devon West  – Arleya Murphy (Tabby)



1st Team:  South Devon West:  Arleya Murphy (Tabi);  Poppy Dayment (Penelope);  Daniel Sharpe (Little Gem)

2nd Team:  Spooners:  Evie Welsh (Little Miss Fudge);  Elizabeth Sobey (True Grit);  Holly Alford (Laddie);  Abbie Hutchings (Florence)

Individuals:  South Devon West – Talula Hughes (Breeze)



1st Team:  South Devon Moorland:  Summer Smaldon (Truell Remember Lucy);  Eugenie Froy (Remus);  Lily French (Libby)

2nd Team:  North Cornwall:  Lucy Goodwin (Ballydonnelly Quest);  Teagan Knight (Rocket);  Miley Smith (Lea)  Grace Nott Bowser (Babe)

Indivduals:  Quantock – Charley Holdsworth (Parsonage Bubbles);  East Devon Hunt – Emma Murray (Redvear Bellini)


Spooners and West Dartmoor – December 2020

40cm lead rein (10 and under)

1st North Cornwall:  Willow Pack, Pablo 

40cm assisted (12 and Under)

1st  Dartmoor Hunt:  Maisy Constantine, Candy

40cm unassisted

1st Team;  North Cornwall Bassetts:  Arthur Nott Bower, Basil;  Arthur Pack, Sotheby;  Isabella Bonney, Breeze;  Meldoy Taylor, Ris

2nd Team:  Spooners Mistloe Minis:  Emily McDermott, Boomer;  Peter Sobey, True;  Alfie Forer, Patchy

Individuals:  1st  SDW: Matthew Dayment, Penelope;  3rd:  SDW  Poppy Dayment, Diva;  4th  North Cornwall:  Isabella Bonney, Breeze



1st Team:  South Devon West Santas little helpers:  Arleya Murphy, Doli;  Harriet Urquhart, Blackley Oliver;  Francesca Klinkenberg, Rosie

2nd Team:  South Devon West Team Dasher:  Ruby Farley, Murphy;  Matthew Dayment, Penelope;  Poppy Dayment, Diva;  Arleya Murphy, Tabi

Individuals:  SDW:  Matthew Dayment, Penelope;  Arleya Murphy, Tabi;  Francesca Klinkenberg, Rosie



1st Team:  North Cornwall Terriers:  Tatia Port, Oxo;  Ella May Richards Thomas, Lexie;  Holly Richards Thomas, Willow;  Evelyn Fousham McCoag, Wooton Tansy

2nd Team:  South Devon west Team Rudolph:  Maisie Penfold, Danny;  Ruby Farley, Rupert;  Tia Costin, Pedro’s Pride;  Arleya Murphy, Tabi

Individuals:  SDW  Maisie Penfold, Danny; SDW  Arleya Murphy, Tabi;  North Cornwall:  Miley Smith, Lea


South and West Wilts  –  January 2021


1st Team:  South and West Stockings:  Bella Hughes, Halestorm Tinsy;  Jessica Williams,  Black Beauty;  Zara Shutler, Mr T;  Joshua Butler, Louis

2nd Team:  Blackmore Bows:  Elspeth Hedderwick,  Carrhouse Booty Call;  Leanna Curtis, Honey;  Phoebe Plowman, Yogi

Individuals:  Cattistock  Florence Caswell, Dreamer;  Billy Foster, Fred;  Beaufort  Imogen Millington, Honey



1st Team:  South and West Sleighbells:  Jessica Williams, Black Beauty;  Ruby Perry, Friday;  Alex Shutler, Mr T

2nd Team:  Wylye Valley Red:  Lola Straffen, Tiptoe Saluki;  Poppy Read, Apollo;  Lola James, Curley;  Phoebe Smith, Heaney’s Star

Individuals:  Ruby Perry, Friday;  Lola James, Curley;  Wylye Valley – Lola James, Henry