Thursday October 6, 2022
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Mini Championships 2022 – Qualifiers

          Mini Championships will be held at Bicton Arena.  Further information from the Area 15 Rep

Thursday 25th August: Mini Championships 40cm and 50cm
Friday 26th August: Mini Championships 60cm and SW Show Jumping 70cm
Saturday 27th August: Regional Dressage and Show Jumping 80cm, plus a bonus class of PC 70 Dressage
Sunday 28th August: Regional Eventing 80cm, plus a bonus class of PC 70 Eventing


Class 1a        40cm led – rider aged 10 years and under

Class 1b        40cm assisted  – rider aged 12 years and under

(this means someone in the ring with the rider, but not touching the pony)

Class 1c        40cm unassisted                     (this means the rider is in the ring on their own)

Class 2          50cm unassisted

Class 3          60cm unassisted


As the Mini Championships gain popularity, I need to re-address the rules, to ensure it is fair for everyone.  The Mini Championships are designed as a fun learning championships and as a stepping stone to Regionals etc. I really don’t expect anyone over 14 years old to enter a first round competition with a view to qualifying for the Championships!

Any combination of horse and rider may not compete where the height is 30cm lower than that at which they have previously competed

If you would like to organise a qualifying competition this can be held as part of a Pony Club run team or individual show jumping competition.

Please make sure that you send the competition schedule to me prior to the event, at

The top Branch teams (not mixed teams)  if there are five or less teams entered,  or the top two Branch teams (not mixed teams) if there are six or more teams entered, and the top three individuals whether or not they are in a qualifying team, at each branch team show jumping competition of the following levels:  Lead Rein 40cm,  Assisted 40cm, Unassisted 40cm,   50cm,  and 60cm,  will qualify for the Championships at the end of August 2022 at Bicton Arena

Congratulations to all our qualifiers……. I am sure some results are missing, so please let me know where you qualified!

Qualifiers to date


Devon and Somerset – September 2021 


1st team: Devon and Somerset:  Edward White, Eliza White, Sophia White

Individual:  Harriet Thomas (Polden Hills)  Poppy Warford (Wylye Valley)   Aemilia Tilley (Quantock)

Indivudal  Jessica aQuick (Weston Harriers)  Jessica Wilkins (Seavington)  


1st team:  Devon and Somerset:  Daisy Thomas,  Grace White,  Florence White,  Sophie Day

2nd team:  Weston Harriers :  Jess Quick,  Saffia Verrell,  Evie Cutland,  Isla Brown

Individual:  Zena Williams (Seavington)  Harriet Thomas (Polden Hills)


1st team:  Polden Hills:  Jessica Miller, Pippa Roe, Charlotte Ambler, Jessica Miller

2nd team:  Weston Harriers:  Isla Brown,  Saffia Verrell,  Lulu Lovell


South Devon West – October 2021 at Bicton

40cm assisted

1st team:  East Devon:  Fletcher Watts, Evie Wiegersma, Ella Churchill, Olivia Wilmington

40cm Open

1st team:  South Devon West:  Sophie Elliott,  Matthew Dayment,  Amber Eastley


1st team:  South Devon West:  Sophie Elliott, Matthew Dayment, Poppy Dayment


1st team:  Taunton Vale Harriers:  Hettie Fletcher, William Eustace, Isabelle Perry and Oliver Keenan


Polden Hills – October 2021


Indiviudal:  Seavington: Zena Williamson, Polden Hills: Pippa Roe,  Mendip Farmers:  Frankie Drury;  Western:  Kacey Lane


Individual:  Seavington:  Zena Williamson,  Mendip Farmers:  Franki Drury,  Polden Hills: Pippa Roe


Cattistock – 8th November 2021

60cm  Lulu Lovell, Weston Harriers


Western – November 2021

40cm Lead rein

1st team:  Cury:  Martha Parker,  Harriet Brown,  Oscar Durkin

2nd team:  Western:  Jake Nevitt,  Hasrper Kearey,  Jake Nevitt

40cm assisted

1st team:  Cury:  Poppy Hillyard,  Eleanor Giles,  Tom Shaw,  EDelilah Haslam

2nd team:  Cury:  Lily Mitchell,  Lola Spencer Amos,  Louie Smitheram,  Olivia Jenkin

Individual:  Lola Bower (Western)  

40cm Open

1st team:  Western:  Amber Kearey,  Gracie Curnow,  Tatum Stevens,  Lola Bower

2nd team:  Cury:  Ella Brown, Macey Evans Hurst,  Sophia Thirkhill

Individuals:  Ellie wotton (East Cornwall)  Eden Couch (Cury)  Daisy Hillyard (Cury)


Holly Jamieson (Western)  Macey Evans Hurst (Cury)  Amber Kearney (Western)


Eggesford  –  28th November 2021 at The Grange

40cm Lead Rein

1st team:  Spooners and West Dartmoor – Cameron Franklin, Ivy Allen, Jennifer Rosser

2nd team:  East Cornwall – Eleanor Harfoot, Emily Burt, Jasmine Wickham, Natalie Kilby

Individuals:   Eliza Gardner (Blaze) – Silverton Hunt; Jennifer Rosser (Lancelot) – Spooners and West Dartmoor);  Ivy Allen (Hazel) – Spooners and West Dartmoor

40cm Assisted

1st team:  Eggesford – Zola Webber, Chloe Rattenbury, Emily Guy, Amelia Salter

2nd team:  East Cornwall – Jasmine Wickham, Lola Blossom Anderson, Natalie Kilby, Tegan Stephens

Individuals:  Zola Webber (Melody) – Eggesford;  Izzy Jefferies (Ollie) – Little Margate Equestrian;  Emily McDermott (Boomer) – Spooners and West Dartmoor

40cm Open

1st team:  Tetcott and South Tetcott – Billie Murray, Emma Rowlands, Grace Murray, Imogen Wingard

2nd team:  Eggesford – Harry Sibcy, Emily Guy, Zola Webber

Indivudals:  Harry Sibcy (Princess) – Eggesford; Logan Goodman (Nobby) – East Cornwall; Emma Rowlands (Sky) – Tetcott and South Tetcott


1st team:  South Pool – Emily Pears, Hugo Moor, Neve Moran

2nd team:  Tetcott and South Tetcott – Billie Murray, Emma Rowlands, Grace Murray, Holly Cann

Individuals: Anaya Stoneman (Carter) – Eggesford; Harry Sibcy (Princess) – Eggesford; Logan Goodman (Nobby) – East Cornwall


1st team:  Spooners and West Dartmoor – Abbie Hutchings, Holly Alford, Molly McDermott, Poppy Cattanace

2nd team:  South Pool – Emily Pears, Hugo Moor, Neve Moran, Olivia Jones

Individuals:  Daisy Barker (Black Beauty) – Tetcott and South Tetcott;  Izzy Pears (Ballyard Barney) – South Pool;  Hugo Moor (Milford Chilli) – South Pool


Spooners and West Dartmoor – Christmas 2021

40cm Led

Indiviudals  1st Jennifer Rosser (Lancelot) (SWD);  2nd Nancy Carter (Jessie)  (Tetcott), 3rd Ella May (Eddie) (SWD) 

40cm Assisted

Individuals:  1st Charlotte Goaman/Crispy (Tetcott), 2nd Poppy Cornish/Sparkles (Dulv), 3rd Olivia Cole/Ragdoll (SDM)

40cm Open

1st team:  Tetcott Red – Nancy Carter (Jessie),  Charlotte Goaman (Crispy),  Esther Dunkin (Rockafella Phandango),  Emma rowlands (Gullane Sally)

2nd team:  South Devon Moorland White – Ella Davies (Rehsfair Brennan Aur),  Olivia Cole (Newoak Ragdoll)  Freya Irish (Buffy)  Jack French (Libby)

Individuals:  Matthew Dayment (Penelope) SDW;  Peter Sobey (True Brit)  SWD;  Emma Rowlands (Gullane Sally) Tetcott

50cm Open

1st team:  Tetcott Blue – Charlotte Goamn (Crispy), Esther Dunkin (Rockafella Phandango) ,  Emma Rowlands (Gullane Sally)  

2nd team:  Spooners Fantastic Four – Emily McDermott (Boomer)  Grace Frankland (Super Shadow) Hazel Allen (Nemo)  Poppy Cattanach (Frosty)

Individuals:  1st Poppy Dayment/Parkhills Little Diva (SDW), 2nd Rosie Saunders/Vixen Epic (Silverton), 3rd Charlotte Goaman/Crispy (Tetcott)


1st team:  Spooners Snow Angels – Poppy Cattanach (Frosty), Abbie Hutchings (Rio)  Evie Walsh (Little Miss Fudge)  Holly Alford (Aladdin)

2nd team:  Spooners Tinsel Tornados – Alfred Forer (Pastchy)  Emily McDermott (Boomer)  Hazel Allen (Nemo)  Emily Wooldridge (Blaze)

Individuals:  1st Bert Rogers/Kizzy Wiggle (South Poole), 2nd Katie Vernon/Southcroft Pimms (Tetcott), 3rd Eugenie Froy/Colwill’s Twilight (SDM)


South and West Wilts – December 2021


1st team:  Wylye Valley:  Issy Cox,  Lucy Pearce,  Romilly Lunt

2nd team:  Blackmore and Sparkford:  Edward Raymond,  Iona Andrews,  Joshua Butler

Individuals:  Romilly Lunt,  Issy Cox,  Bella Hughes (South and West Wilts)


1st team:  South and West Wilts:  Indie Eastman,  Alex Shuttler,  Rose Egerton,  Ollie Gillman

2nd team:  South and West Wilts:  Bella Hughes,  Flora McCarter,  Jessica William,  Ruby Kittermaster Judd

Individuals:  Charlotte Carnegie,  Jessica Williams,  Alex Shuttler


Axe Vale – January 2022

40cm assisted

1st team  Cattistock:  Clemmie Law, Harry Honeyball,  and Max Raymond

Individual:  Lara Tuffin

40 unassisted

1st team:  Cattistock:  Clemmie Law, Nelly Vooght, , Harry Honeyball

Individual:  South Dorset Arela Addison-Hemingway


1st team:  Seavington:  Zena Williamson, Tabitha Curtis,  Ella Hoskyns, Rebecca Curtis

Indiviudal:  Mendip Farmers :  Matilda Hollyoak


1st team:  Seavington:  – Tabitha Curtis, Elsie Wilkins, Ella Hoskyns, Rebecca Curtis

2nd team:  Wylye Valley:  Bonnie James, Romilly Lunt,  Poppy Read,  Daisy Read

Indiviudal:  Seavington  Zena Williamson, Wylye  Bonnie James


Tetcott – January 2022


1st team:  North Cornwall:  Isabella Bonney (Bryn)  Lucy Goodwin (Ballydonnelly Quest)  Millie Nott (Tremenhere Ariel)


1st team:  North Cornwall:  Isabella Bonney (Bryn)  Lexi Mather (Hardy’s Greig)   Millie Nott (Tremenhere Ariel)


South Devon West – February 2022

40cm lead rein
1st team:  South Devon West:  Ellie Rovira,  Brodie Ashton,  Brodie Ashton,  Penelope Stoneman
40cm assisted
1st team:  South Devon West:  Amber Eastley, Izzy McMillan,  Brodie Ashton
40cm Open
1st team:  South Devon West:  Amber Eastley,  Matthew Dayment,  Izzy McMillan,  Arleya Murphy
50cm Open
1st team:  South Devon West:  Amber Eastley,  Arleya Murphy,  Talula Hughes,  Arleya Murphy
60cm Open
1st team:  South Devon West:  Georgia Deeble,  Talula Hughes,  Arleya Murphy,  Sophie Elliott
South Devon West
40cm Lead rein
1st team:  South Devon West    Ellie Rovira (lily Allen)  Brodie Ashton (pippin)  Brodie Ashton (Sugar plum fairy)  Penelope Stoneman (Frankie)
Individual:  Chloe Davies (Kitty)  South Pool

40cm assisted

1st team:  South Devon West:  Amber Eastley (Jammie Dodger)  Izzy McMillan (Spring)  Brodie Ashton (Pippin)  lyla Dennis Dahlia

Individual:  Olivia Cole (Ragdoll)  SDM

40cm Open

1st team:  South Devon West:  Amber Eastley (Ronnie)  Izzy McMillan (BJ)  Matthew Dayment (Penelope)  Arleya Murphy  (Blithe)


1st team:  South Devon West:  Amber Eastley (Jammie Dodger)  Arleya Murphy (Tabi)  Talulah Hughes (Breeze)  Arleya Murphy  (Blithe)

2nd team:  South Devon West:  Amber Eastley (Ronnie)  Arleya Murphy (Ruby)  Matthew Dayment (Penelope)  Sophie Elliott (Timmy)

Individual:  Maisie Constantine (Cotton Candy)  South Pool


1st team:  South Devon West:  Georgia Deeble  (Silver)  Arleya Murphy (Tabi)  Talulah Hughes (Breeze)  Sophie Elliott (Timmy)
2nd team:  South Devon West:  Ruby Farley (Rupert)  Tia Costin (Pedros Pride)  Zoe Dunn (Dave)  Lily Tomline (Our Lad)
Individual:  Chloe Harris (Scooby) Dartmoor


East Cornwall – March 2022

40cm lead rein

individuals:  Nancy Carter (Monty) Tetcott;  Natalie Kirby (Chestnut)  East Cornwall;  Katie Maynard (Chocolate) Lamerton

40cm assisted

1st team:  Tetcott:  Katie Vernon;  Nancy Cater,  Imogen Wingard,  Charlotte Goman

2nd team:  Lamerton:  Ellie Stacey; Katie Maynard,  Jessica Maynard,  Mirianthi Crossey

Individuals:  Mirianthi Crossy, Lamerton;  Jessica Maynard, Lamerton

40cm unassisted

1st team:  East Cornwall:  Ellie Wootton,  Logan Goadman,  Emily Burt

Individuals:  Katie Vernon, Tetcott;  Freya Irish, South Devon Moorland


1st team:  East Cornwall:  Chloe Nicholson,  Florence Moore,  Logan Goodman,  Blossom Anderson

Individuals:  Charlotte Goaman,  Tetcott;  Lucy Goodwin, North Cornwall


1st team:  East Cornwall:  Emily Robbins,  Blossom Anderson,  Emma Whatley

Individuals:  Chloe Nicholas, East Cornwall;  Georgie Walker, Fourburrow;  Molly McDermott, Spooners


Cotley – March 2022


1st team:  Mendip Farmers:  Ollie Lambie,  Charlotte Smith,  Frankie Sperring

Individuals:  Harry Greenslade (Tiverton)  Rachel Hamblin (Wylye Valley)



1st team: Cattistock: Alice Leadsetter,  Tabitha Soote,  Beatrix Chapman,  Florence Caswell

2nd team:  Tiverton:  Harry Greenslade,  Abigail Cottrell,  Georgiana Bolt

Individual: Romilly Lunt (Wylye Valley)


Blackmore and Sparkford Vale  April 2022 

Class 50 cm

1st team– Wylye Valley:  Ava Pellow – Phoenix;  Erin Williams – Tolly;  Evie Maidstone – Fire Range

2nd team – Blackmore and Sparkford Vale: Matilda Rocker-Cook – Bluebell; Edward Raymond – Tictac; Heidi Heath – Milly; Nancy Kingman – Shorelands Crackerjack

Indivduals:  1st Rachel Hamblin – Laithehill Icarus – Wylye Valley, 2nd Lily Draper – Roan Jack – South Dorset, 3rd Phoebe Plowman – Mr Murphy – Blackmore and Sparkford Vale


Class – 60cm

1st team – Blackmore and Sparkford Vale:  Leanna Curtis – Honey, Nancy Kingman – Shorelands Crackerjack, Phoebe Plowman – Mr Murphy

2nd team– South West Wilts:  Flora McCarter- Carlton’s Ballerina, India Eastman – Twin, Bea Stone – Silver Dollar, Jemima Cullinan – Stanley Ovation

Individuals:  1st Phoebe Plowman – Mr Murphy – Blackmore and Sparkford Vale, 2nd Rachel Hamblin – Laithehill Icarus – Wylye Valley,  3rd Emily Balmain – Harry Potter – RA


Hursley – April 2022

40cm – lead rein

Individual:  Henry Clark (Royal Artillery)  OliviaBaldwin (Hursley)

40cm – assisted

1st team:  Hursley:  Pippa Russell, Velvet Brining,  Martha Beck

Individuals:  Isla Stansby (Tedworth)  Tilly Jackson (Royal Artillery)  Martha Beck (Hursley)

40cm – unassisted

1st team:  Tedworth:  Freya Harris, Arya Sharp,  Lucy May

Individuals:  Jasmine Adesina (Royal Artillery)  Darcy Barrow (Craven)  Arya Sharp (Tedworth)


1st team:  Hursley:  Bunny Bastion Mason (Fleur)  Willow Young,  Eleanor Bastian Mason

Individuals:  Eva Mehenny,  Eleanor Bastian Mason (Fleur)  Pippa Moore (Tedworth)


1st team:  Hursley:  Martha Beck,  Bunny Bastion Mason,  Eliza Chapman,  Celina Corrie

Indviduals:  Jess May (Tedworth)  Bunny Bastiona Mason (Robin) (Hursley)  Eliza Chapman (Hursley)


Dartmoor – May 2022

1st Team: SDM Skylarks – Freya Irish (Buffy), Jack French (Libby), Lily French (Jazz0 and Martha Marszalek (Chinkwell Skylark).

Individuals: Amber Eastley (Jammie Dodger), Holly Cann (Miss Willow) and Amber Eastley (Rockyview Ronnie).



1st Team: Dartmoor Diamonds – Florence Lemon (Polly), Jessica Harwood (Oscar), Lissy Seagood-Pask (Gus) and Rosie Hocking (Dezzy)

2nd Team: Spooners Red Team – Emily McDermott (Boomer), Hazel Allen (Nemo), Holly Alford (Billy Blue Boy) and Kezie Getson (Corkhill Ladybird).

Individuals: Katie Vernon (Southcroft Pimms), Amber Eastley (Jammie Dodger) and Hugo Moor (Chilli).


Quantock – May 2022

 40 cm led

Indiviudal:  Rupert Webb on Lilly. Devon & Somerset. 

1st Team – Mendip – Harriet Greaves on Bella, Frankie Knight on Cosford Melitza, Isaac William Bartlett on Salcombe Tos Nos, Nancy Knight on Rosie.


40 cm assisted.

Indiviudal:  Fletcher Watts on All Weather Annie.

1st Team – Taunton Vale. Phoebe Wharfe on Florence, Alfie Prince on Buttons, Lottie Prince on Pengarth Bethan, Phoebe Wharfe on Fudge. 


40 cm unassisted.

Individual:  Eliza White on Dukeshill Knick Knack.

Team – Portman Area 14.


50 cms.

Indiviudal:  Isabella Penfold on Lucy. Mendip.

1st Team – D&S. Eliza White on Dukeshill Knick Knack, Florence White on Jonathan, Caleb Bay-Weston on Bunbury Cafu, Asa Weston on Knockums Puzzle.


60 cms.

1st place Wylye member, 2nd B&SV and 3rd Portman 

Team – Mendip. Isabella Penfold on Lucy, Holley Lasbury on Bob, William Falango on Coco, Ollie Lambie on Old Acres Cari.


Taunton Vale Harriers – May 2022

40cm Lead Rein
Individuals –   1st Emily Hawkins (Polden Hills) Stockham Maxwell,  2nd Emily Hawkins (Polden Hills) Springtake Fairytale, 3rd Eliza Gardner (Silverton Hunt) Blaze

40cm Assisted
Team –          Tiverton (Abigail Bosley / Robert Melia / Tabitha Bosley) 
Individuals –   1st Harriet Thomas (Polden Hills) Jolaikes Diamond Cluster, 2nd Olivia Willmington (East Devon Hunt) Peasedown Scout, 3rd Tabitha Bosley (Tiverton) Magic

40cm Unassisted
Team –          Wylye Valley (Ava West / Artie Corp / Arya Austin)
Individuals –   1st Poppy Cornish (Dulverton West North Molton) Maddie, 2nd Arya Austin (Wylye Valley) Super Ted,  3rd Ava West (Wylye Valley) Brando

Team –          Dulverton West Robins ( Dakota Mathieson / Louise Blackmore / Poppy Cornish / Kimberly Thorne)
Individual    1st Kimberly Thorne (Dulverton) Limefield Lucy, 2nd Harriet Thomas (Polden Hills) Dazzling Gem,  3rd Olivia Willmington ( East Devon Hunt) Peasedown Scout

Team –          Dulverton West Ravens ( Romani Easterbrook / Sophie Wright / Reba Weston) 4 Complete PC Teams, other teams were mixed
Individuals –   1st Kimberly Thorne (Dulverton),  2nd Poppy Read (Wylye) Bardic Doodlebug,  3rd Sophie Wright (Dulverton) Hazel


Western – May 2022

40 cm  Led

Individuals:  Skye Evans-King – QuickThorn –Four Burrow, 2eq. Piper Kearey – Pinky – Western Cury;   2eq. Poppy Jenkin – Cameo – Cury; 4 Erys Wood – Pimms – Western

40 cm – Assisted

Individuals  1eq Louie Smitheram – Lucky – Cury;   1eq Jake Nevitt – Poppy – Western;  3 Barnaby Pack – Berry – North Cornwall 

40 cm – Unassisted

1st team:  Cury Carrots Delilah Haslam -Surprise Package, Olivia Jenkin – Frankie, Lilia Zorab – Hardicott Yunzhu

Individuals  Delilah Haslam – Surprise Package – Cury;   Lily-May Lewis – Middy – Western; Olivia Jenkin – Frankie – Cury Q


1st team:  Western Violets  – Molly Platt – Tegan, Gracie Curnow – Bella, Louisa Hocking – Bailey, Pippa Forbes – Billy

Individuals:   Pippa Forbes – Billy – Western;  Logan Goodman – Pepe – East Cornwall;  Louisa Hocking – Bailey – Western;  


1st team:  Western Ruby  – Eleanor Pellow -Maxi, Louisa Hocking -Bailey, Myah Laity -Murray, Barley Holloway – Marley

Individuals:  Barley Holloway – Marley – Western;  Isla Gilbert-Barber – Hovis – Western;  Louisa Hocking – Bailey – Western


RAC Saddleclub – June 2022

40cm Assisted

1st team:  South Dorset:  Zara Bonfield,  Evie Bonfield,  Maddison Russell,  Ivy Rose Clarke

Individuals:  Clemmie Lwa (Cattistock)  Elle Mai Penfold,  Harry Honeyball (Cattistock)

40cm Open

1st team:  Portman:  Matilda Brenan,  Emily Fox Pitt (Pebbles)  Emily Fox Pitt (Flash)

Individuals:  Tilly Lee (RAC Saddleclub)  Arella Addison Hemingway (South Dorset)  Matilda Brenan (Portman)


1st team:  South Dorset:  Evie Burgess, Zara Benfield,  Lily Draper,  Phoebe Sydenham

Indiviudals:  Amelia Fallowfield,  Ava West (Wylye)  Olivia Briers


1st team: South Dorset:   Lily Draper, Evie Burgess,  Elixa Elliott,  Phoebe Sydenham

2nd team:  Wylye Valley:  Phoebe Smith,  Lucy Pearce, Evie Maidstone, Poppy Read

Individuals:  Isla Brown (Weston Harriers)  Charlotte Weidmann,  Daisy Read (Wylye Valley),  Mia Hughes (South Dorset)


Axe Vale – June 2022

40cm assisted
1st Team – Dulverton West:   Georgia Cronk, Daisy Martin-Smith, Maddie Shere, Lousie Blackmore (Dulverton).
2ndteam:  Dulverton West:  Iris ferguson, Sylvie Ferguson and Lauren Alexander (Dulverton)
Individuals:  Sylvie Ferguson (Dulverton West) , Shakira May (Silverton), Iris Ferguson (Dulverton West). 
40cm – Arthur White (Weston Harriers), Fletcher Watts (East Devon), Maddie Shere (Dulverton West
1st team:  Taunton Vale Harriers:  Heidi Robertson, Annabelle Gully, Eve Northam, Arthur Alers-Hankey
2nd team:  Dulverton West:  Daisy Martin-Smith, Maddie Shere, Georgia Cronk, Lauren Alexander
Individuals:  Arleya Murphy (South Devon West), Sophie Emmott (East Devon), Eve Northam (Taunton Vale Harriers). 
1st team:  Isla Brown, Lydia Jackson, Amber Eastley,Talula Hughes
Individuals:  Logan Cann (Dulverton West), Anaya Stoneman (Eggesford), Arleya Murphy (South Devon west).