Saturday August 13, 2022
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Pony Club South West 70cm Championships 2022

 70cm Show Jumping Championships, which will be held on  24th August 2022 at Bicton

The top two teams and top three individuals at each branch team 70cm show jumping competition will qualify for the Championships at Bicton Arena.

Each team at the Championships must include two out of the original four riders.

Entries are allowed from individuals or teams, team competitors will be individuals as well.

Just to clarify:  I am aware of the new rule in the 2022 rule book stating that 70cm champs should be restricted to 13 years and under.  As we already have qualifiers who are over this age, we will not be bringing this rule in for 2022 – but may have to for 2023.  The South West 70cm Championship 2022 has no age restrictions.


Qualifiers to date:

Devon and Somerset – September 2021 

1st team:  Polden Hills:  Lizzy Roe,  Hattie Raynes,  Jessica Miller,  Pippa Roe

2nd team:  Mendip Farmers:  Isabella Penfold,  Leah Sweet,  William Falango,  Bella Lovatt Williamson

Individual:  Lulu Lovell (weston Harriers)


October 2021

1st team:  Taunton Vale Harriers:  

William Eustace, Oliver Keenan, Thalia Robertson and Isabelle Perry.


Polden Hills – October 2021 

1st team:  Polden Hills:  Pippa Roe,  Emelia McCutcheon,  Lizzy Roe, Becca Penrose

2nd team:  Wylye Valley:  Lola Stratten,  Lola James,  Archie Bryce

Individual:  Wylye:  Lola James


Cattistock – November 2021

Lulu Lovell, Weston Harriers


Eggesford – November 2021

1st team:  Eggesford – Anaya Stoneman, Chloe Tabor, Emily Squire, Neve Webber

2nd team:  Spooners and West Dartmoor – Bryony Brow, Holly Alford, Molly McDermott, Ruby Schuttkacker

Individuals:  Ruby Schuttkacker (Eddy) – Spooners and West Dartmoor, Anaya Stoneman (Commander) – Eggesford,  Esmae Leonard (Charlie) – Eggesford


Spooners and West Dartmoor – Christmas 2021

1st Team:  Spooners Santas – Alice Oldland (Topaz)  Bryony Brown (Spring Meadows Bluebell)  Molly McDermott (Kevin)  Ruby Shuttkacker (Eddy)

2nd team:  Spooners Christmas Crackers – Abbie Hutchings (Rio)  Emily Wooldridge (Blaze)  Evie Welsh (Little Miss Fudge)  Holly Alford (Aladdin)

Individuals:  1st Jessica Saunders/Manorwood Philandra (Silverton), 2nd Emily Thorpe/Copper (South Pool), 3rd Ruby Schuttkacker/Eddy (Spooners and West Dartmoor)


South and West Wilts = December 2021

1st team:  South and West Wilts:  Rose Egerton,  Ollie Gillman,  Bella Fowler

2nd team:  South and West Wilts:  Bella Hughes,  Ruby Kittermasater Judd,  Charlotte Carnegie

Individuals:  Hen Jeanes (Portman)  Lola James,  Beatrice Stone (Wilton)


Axe Vale – January 2022

1st team:  

1st team:  Wylye Valley: Lola James, Isabella penfold, Poppy Read,

2nd team:  Mendip Farmers:  Frankie Drury, Holley Lasbury, William Falango, Isabella Powell


Tetcott – January 2022

1st team:  

2nd team:  North Cornwall:  Grace Tucker (Joey),  Isabella Bonney (Bryn),  Lexi Mather (Hardy’s Greig),  Millie Nott (Tremenheere Ariel)

3rd team:  North Cornwall:  Florence Ashby (Tinks),  Honey Rogers (Cracker),  Isabella Bonney (Master Midnight Romeo)  Miley Smith (Lea)

Individual:  Isabella Bonney (Master Midnight Romeo)


South Devon West – February 2022

1st team:  South Pool:  Hugo Moor  (Milford Chilli)  Ava Moor  (Chomp)    Emily Pears  (Tequila)   Isabelle Pears  (Ballyard Barny)
2nd team:  South Devon West:  Rose Risebero (Lady) Bella Murray Brown (Ozzy)  Tia Costin  (Pedros Pride)  Ellsa Townsend (Maximus)
Individual:  Georgia Deeble (Silver)  South Devon West


East Cornwall – March 2022

1st team:  East Cornwall:  Martha Hooper,  Lauryn Reid,  Bessie Talling,  Emily Robson

2nd team:  East Cornwall:  Amalie Rundle,  Beth Rundle,  Emma Whatley,  Blossom Anderson

Individuals:  Molly McDermott, Spooners


Cotley – March 2022

1st team:  Cattistock:  Alice Leadsetter,  Tabitha Soote,  Beatrix Chapman,

2nd team:  Wylye Valley:  Bonnie James,  Lola James, Romilly Lunt, Phoebe Smith


Spooners – March 2022

Individual:  Ella Fletcher on Little Light Emperor (East Devon PC);  Nancy Goymour on Frankie (Silverton);  Ella Wickett on Bonnie (Tetcott & S Tetcott)


Blackmore and Sparkford Vale – April 2022

Class 70cm

1st team – Cattistock:  Alice Leadbetter – Tubberbride Dun Deal,  Grace Lampson – Rocky King,  Annabel Gray – Minstrel,  Isobel Sutherland – Pilleyhill Royal

2nd team– Blackmore and Sparkford Vale:  Leanna Curtis – Honey,  Robyn Allard – Tricky,  Isla Rawlingson Plant – Cloudy,  Katherine Sprake – Eastwick Scooby Do

Individuals:  1st Alice Leadbetter – Tubberbride Dun Deal – Cattistock, 2nd Eliza Tuffin – Desperate Dan – Portman, 3rd Hen Jeanes – Jackson – Portman


Hursley – April 2022

1st team:  Tedworth:  Jocelyn Harris,  Pippa Moore,  Rosie Rider

Individuals:  Eleanor Bastion Mason,  Jocelyn Harris,  Bella Hobbins Evans


Dartmoor – May 2022

1st Team: Spooners Purple Team – Abbie Hutchings (Rio), Holly Alford (Billy Blue Boy), Molly McDermott (Kevin) and Ruby Schuttkacker (Connie).

2nd Team: Dartmoor Dudes – Chloe Harrs (Scooby), Isobel Friendship (Joey), Ruby Macgregor (Aladdin) and Tom Farrar (Lola).

Individuals: Lily French (Bobby), Seren Stephens (Broadgrove Royal Gift) and Molly Ashcroft (Monty).


Quantock – May 2022

Individual:  Sam Ireland on Dakota IV. Polden Hills.

1st Team – D&S. Molly Boon on Holly, Emily Illing on Wellshead Squiggle, Daisy Thomas on Rob Roy, Alice Menon on Tiger


Taunton Vale Harriers – May 2022 

Team –          1st Taunton Vale Harriers (Kelsey Webber/Oliver Keenan/William Eustace)
                       2nd Taunton Vale Harriers (Thomas Lear/Samantha Morrissey/Connor Heard/Charlie Winter)
Individuals –   1st William Eustace (TVHPC) Pride of Rineen,  2nd Kelsey Webber (TVHPC) Rangeview Florin,  3rd Connor Heard ( TVHPC) Jocasta


Western –  May 2022

1st team:  Western Aquamarine Q – Minnie Kitson – Eric, Isla Gilbert- Hovis, Barley Holloway – Marley, Eleanor Pellow – Maxi

Individuals:  Tia Clark – Poppy – Western;   Minnie Kitson – Eric – Western;  Isla Gilbert-Barber – Hovis – Western 


RAC Saddleclub – June 2022

1st team:  Wylye Valley:  Poppy Read,  Lola Straffen,  Daisy Read,  Phoebe Smith

Individuals:  Lily May Reynolds (South Dorset)  Charlotte Weidmann,  Chloe Fox Pitt (Portman)  Millie Blomfield (South Dorset)


Axe Vale – June 2022

Individuals:  Anaya Stoneman (Eggesford), Jess Coombes (Silverton), Eliza McKeever (Polden Hills)