Saturday February 27, 2021
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Pony Club Conference Friday 5th February 2021 6-8pm 

Spend two hours at The Pony Club Virtual Coaching Conference and leave feeling empowered with information to help you shape Equine Coaching of the future.

You have the ability to change the way young people think about equine welfare, informing the next generation to help horses and ponies thrive. You can help build and strengthen harmonious partnerships that are ready to progress to the pressure of competitive pursuits.

Our speakers will provoke your thinking and share their experience of navigating this ever-changing landscape using their tools and expertise. You will then have the opportunity to ask your questions and continue the journey of shaping future generations.

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Latest Updates from CEO Marcus Capel

All the latest advice on Coronavirus, what the Pony Club Head Office have been up to and their online competitions and new Introduction to Pony Racing and Endurance Badges available

Spring Festival 2021 Qualifiers/Finals Announcement

With concerns around the limited opportunity to qualify and pressure on the Area Competitions, horses and Members, the Management Committee have made the decision to cancel the Spring Festival.

Those who have qualified at a preliminary round (and are recorded with the office) will keep their places for the 2022 Spring Festival Area Competitions.
Any Area Competition organisers who still wish to hold an inter-Branch competition are welcome to do so if restrictions allow, but this won’t affect qualifications for 2022. We will also be exploring the possibility of online Dressage and equitation Jumping competitions when restrictions are lifted.

Thank you to everyone for engaging with the Spring Festival, we were excited to launch in the new season with a great event, but unfortunately it isn’t to be this year. Plans for our summer Championships are still very much underway and we look forward to face to face activity restarting as soon as possible.


Previous News

Area Show Jumping Sunday 21st July 2019

Times. Please click on link

Times and Score Sheet 21-07-19 Final

Flu Vaccinations
With cases of equine influenza continuing to be reported, Members are reminded that it is essential to have their horse’s flu vaccinations up to date before attending any Pony Club activity. If a horse has not been vaccinated appropriately, it may not attend a Pony Club event to protect the health of the other Members’ horses and those of the hosting venue. 

The seven-day clearance period, between having the vaccination and attending an event, continues to apply (see point 7 of the vaccination rule on page 30-31 of the Health and Safety rulebook).

If it has been more than six months since your horse has been vaccinated, then the British Equestrian Federation recommendation is to consult your vet. Find out more by clicking below:

Latest BEF guidance on Flu Vaccinations






Cornish Mounted Games Tournament at the Royal Cornwall Show

Mary Hodgson Reports

It was well worth delaying 24 hours to make sure we had decent weather for our RCS Tournament. FBH fielded 3 of the 7 teams. Results as follows…

1st – South Devon West Black and Whites – 58 points
2nd – East Cornwall – 50 points
3rd – South Devon West Blacks (including Sophie from FBH) – 45 points
4th – Four Burrow Hunt Black and Golds – 41 points
 – Four Burrow Hunt Gold and Whites (running H/C) – 32 points
5th – Tetcott and South Tetcott – 26 points and winners of the run off
6th – Four Burrow Hunt Red and Whites – 26 points

A huge well done to all the teams and a huge thank you to all the parents and supporters who stepped up to organise everything. 



Hi, my name is Honor Farley and I am 17 years old and have recently qualified for and been to the National Championships Endurance at Euston Park, representing the East Cornwall Pony Club and The South West GB Endurance. This is thought to be one of the best endurance rides in England and possibly the world. It draws in many different countries around the world. We live in Cornwall, so it was quite a trek, eight hours to be precise, but well worth it. 

I achieved a fourth, best turnout, best team rider, and a grade 2. I came away with rosettes and two trophies. Somebody   stopped me and asked if I was the person that had won everything, as it seemed I was frequently being called up onto the podium! Yes Podium.

I started riding at 12 and eventually progressed onto our part bred Arab Rhea (Another Firebird Rising) who is now 10. I have grown up with Rhea and so it was a wonderful experience to have been able to compete with her. We found out about endurance rides and I started going to some pleasure rides and gained knowledge about the sport of endurance and really loved it. I then became aware of nationals and qualified twice but was unable to go due to different injuries. We decided to keep trying because I enjoyed it so much and because Rhea always has a good heart rate and her timing for the distance was always good.

Once I qualified for nationals by completing several rides over the year we had to prepare for Euston Park. I first focussed on mine and her fitness by riding her as often as I could. We then had to make sure all equipment was safe and that we had everything.  Euston Park is an eight hour journey, we had to plan rest breaks to offer her water and feed. We left from Cornwall early on the Friday morning and arrived at Euston Park late afternoon.

When we arrived, we had to pitch our tents, unload all the tack and settle Rhea into her stable. Later on I rode Rhea around the camping site to make sure she wouldn’t be stiff.

On Friday night we were invited to a party to celebrate the endurance festival which was very exciting for all of us.

On the Saturday morning we got up early and watched all of the Arab horses go off on their rides which were all very long distances. It was very interesting to witness them starting the ride and to watch them coming back and forward throughout the day. In the evening the rest of the pony club riders and organisers arrived and gave a meeting about what was going to happen. We got given packs with additional maps, tops and water bottles. They also talked us through start times for the different distances. We then put our water buckets out on the crewing section so that we had our spot to tack up before my ride and get all prepared for the morning start.

On the Sunday morning we had a big breakfast, got Rhea ready and walked up to the vetting gates. Once they checked Rheas heart rate and trot up we were allowed to wait in the start area. Rhea was fitted with a tracker on her bridle to assure safety on our ride. I then had a mounted safety check to see if I had a first aid kit, water bottle and safety equipment which gave me extra points.

I started my ride which was a very flat course, coming from Cornwall we are used to it being much hillier, this made Rhea a little excited as she wasn’t very tired at all. The safety marshals on the course were excellent as they stopped traffic and manned all of the gates which was a huge help. I only had two check points on the course which is unusual as I normally have about 4.

I completed the time in 3 hours 9 minutes. The minimum time was 2 hours 40 and the maximum was 4 hours. I knew at one point that I was going far to fast and had to slow down.

Once I was back and untacked Rhea had to cool down. We then had her vetted again and we were told she is very fit as she has a low and healthy heart rate. At this point it could have been disastrous as Rhea got stung by a wasp!

Fortunately, she got over this episode quite quickly without any injuries to me, herself or the vet.

I came 4th overall and was awarded trophies for best member to make a possible team with other riders, best turned out in the seniors and I was given a grade two rosette from Endurance GB.

Although Rhea can be a challenging horse as she is quite naughty on the ground, she was very well behaved in all of the hectic going’s on and we are all very proud of her achievements with Endurance.

I feel lucky to have achieved what I have. There was at one point throughout the years where Rhea was found to have kissing spine. With a back operation and 7 months rest rejuvenating we came back fighting.

I would like to thank all the volunteers that make all these events happen and for giving up their precious time.

Also, my mum for waiting for hours for me in all kinds of weather. 

I look forward to the next challenge.


Tour 2018

Yealmpton Show – Wednesday, 25 July 2018 – Report from Mary Hodgson

Five teams kicked off the Summer Games Tour at Yealmpton Show. East Cornwall, two teams from Four Burrow and two teams from South Devon West. Over ten races, South Devon West (B&W) took the honours with a total of 44 points, with East Cornwall hard on their heels with 43. Four Burrow had their problems, but were a creditable 3rd with 28 points and South Devon West (Blacks) were 4th with 26 points.

Four Burrow (Red and Whites) had a torrid time with all of their ponies struggling in one way or another, but the girls stuck to it doggedly and came home in 9 out of the 10 races. All great experience for them.

Everyone agreed that the hot weather and the distraction of end of school term activities had rather disrupted training and all looked a little rusty. With four Area 16 teams headed to the Championships, we need to shape things up a bit, so onward to Launceston tomorrow and see if we can improve our Game.

Four teams challenged for the honours at North Devon Show; Dulverton, East Cornwall, Four Burrow and South Devon West.

SDW started as hot favourites after several good results over the previous few outings, however they had all sort of problems in the first couple of races while the other 3 teams finished ahead of them. But it was not to last, and SDW went on to win 5 of the next 7 races. At the end of 9 races, SDW and East Cornwall were level pegging with 25 points, but SDW cruised through the 2 Flag run off to decide the winners and took home the winners’ sashes. East Cornwall were short of riders so were joined by 3 of FBH, who together were worthy seconds, after great runs in bending, pyramid and 5 flag. Four Burrow juniors (15 points) were held to fourth by Dulverton juniors who took 3rd with 23 points. Many thanks to sponsors Wollen Michelmore, local solicitors from Barnstable, for their sponsorship of the girls’ beautiful rosettes and sashes.

Five teams battled it out for the final Games Tour honours at Okehampton Show. East Cornwall were run away leaders with 44 points, with Four Burrow (30 points) sneaking a second place ahead of Little Margate in third on 29 points. South Devon West’s team captain ran with the three girls from Tetcott to make up a team of four, and they scored 23 points ahead of South Devon West with 22 points.













Dengie Dressage Area Final


Well done Lucy Hampshire (Novice), Molly Northmore (Intermediate)  and Poppy Burner (Open) class winners and to all who qualified.  Good luck everyone at the Championships.

Dengie Winter Final 2018 scores ( 2


Area Dressage

Copy of Area 16 – Dressage Final Results-2x

Dressage teame1image1Thanks to Mark and the South Pool team for running a very enjoyable day.

Well done and good luck to all those going on to the Championships.








Mounted Games Teams Compete at the Royal Cornwall

1-Sophie getting onReport on RC Show 2017


AREA 16  members enjoying an excellent XC training session with Eric Smiley at St LeonardsOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Well done to all Area 16 members who came to The Grange for the Talent Pathway assessment day on April 8th. We were very well represented from Area 16 with 12 members coming forward for either the Dressage, Show Jumping or Eventing assessment with coaches Helen Griffiths and Jayne Smart. Results will be announced in a few weeks time.

IMG_2499 copy

WILLIAM BLANE CPD EVENING FOR INSTRUCTORS AT THE GRANGE  NOVEMBER 11TH  many thanks to Spooners for providing the demo riders

Blenhiem Horse Trials for the Pony Club Eventers Challenge

1-14225414_1101395846562412_5710430040314048649_n 1-14291803_1101395946562402_3540933522787757702_n-001Last Thursday 8th September the South Devon West team of 3 members- Alice Crocker, Ellena French and Rhiannon Tewson travelled up to Blenhiem Horse Trials for the Pony Club Eventers Challenge. They stayed locally overnight and arrived at Blenheim to compete on the Friday. The competition was amazing, with famous riders and horses walking past the lorries within minutes of arrival. It felt surreal to be even a small part of such a prestigious event. The girls competed late on in the day so luckily had plenty of time to look for common errors made over the technical track. All 3 riders produced beautiful rounds with only a couple of unlucky poles keeping them from an overall placing. A result they were all extremely proud of one another for.1-14322358_1101395893229074_1606161312721500885_n
Unbeknown to the team there was also a Style & Performance section being run in conjunction with the main competition. After heading back to the lorry to un- tack the Team Manager received a phone call from the secretary to inform her that Alice was in contention for the Style Award. After a tense wait for the class to finish it was confirmed that she had in fact won by 10 points out of 153 riders. Alice said that it was a day of mixed emotions, as it would be her last competition with Brazil for some time due to moving to university the following day. It was however a somewhat fairy tale ending to a fantastic season as well as a fantastic 4 1/2 years with this horse- and yes of course I cried!
An added note would also be to thank our DC Heather Venmore and wonderful coaches Mandy Frost and Gemma Barry for putting on so much top standard team training for us all this year. We wouldn’t have had the seasons we have had without you.
From The Three SDW Musketeers (Alice, Ellena & Rhiannon).




Mounted Games Tour – report from Mary Hodgson



1st              Four Burrow                      36 points

2nd          East Cornwall Yellow       25 points

3rd          HorsePlay/FBH                  23 points

4th          East Cornwall Blues         15 points


SDW won.


1st           South Devon West           26 points

2nd          Four Burrow                      23 points

3rd          Little Margate                   21 points

4th          Lamerton/Tetcott Odds  10 points


1st           Dulverton A                        36 points

2nd          Dulverton B                        35 points

3rd          SDW A                                 27 points

4th          SDW B                                 26 points

5th          SDW C                                 25 points

North Devon this Wednesday. We are really short of teams as SDW are at camp and East Cornwall are away. We will probably need to run pairs to have enough lanes.

Okehampton looks stronger, I hope we will have six teams, though that might be tight in the ring.

Kingsbridge only has one team at the moment, but will hope to persuade a few others nearer the time.


Prince Philp Cup Area Qualifier

1-Team 1

Prince Phillip Cup Area Mounted Games Competition Report

1-Team red and white 21-1-Four Burrow 2








Well done qualifiers at the Dengie Dressage

1-IMG_5635 1-20160320_134415 1-20160320_150527












Denjie Winter league Show Jumping Final

Results from Denjie Area Final Show Jumping 2016



















Mounted Games Training Day

Thank you to Mary Hodgson for running a super day at Colraine. See report

Mounted Games Training day


Area Quiz Saturday 27 February 2016

Congratulations to The Spooners Branch for winning the Area Quiz held on 27th February at Jamaica Inn. The quiz was hosted by the Tetcott Branch, it was a fun evening and brilliantly organised so thank you to them! 



Click here for the Tetrathlon Championships Report 2015

by Chris Harris


New Picture




The Silver Riding Expedition


Silver riding expedition leaving Cox Tor
Five riders have successfully completed their 3 day Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award expedition this week on Dartmoor, and it was tough! Alice Kodritsch, Louise Harrison and Elsa Kent from Spooners were joined by Molly Allen and Lilly Hunt from Tetcott for the venture, setting off in torrential rain on Wednesday morning after an hour’s delay while Elsa’s mum rushed home to get her saddle… The team navigated successfully through the woods surrounding Burrator Reservoir then headed past Sheepstor and out onto the open moor towards Plym Ford (taking care to avoid Meavy Pool bog on this occasion). Thick mist and driving rain made it an unpleasant ride, but the team were remarkably cheerful when they arrived at Tor Royal to camp. Not a good night ensued – Molly’s pony Delphi had a nasty cut behind the eye from an incident in the lorry on the journey over, and after he refused to eat his tea we decided to err on the side of caution and send him home – poor Molly’s mum having to trundle all the way from Boscastle in the dark to pick him up. That night the wind built up to gale force, and the team had a fairly sleepless night as their tents were buffeted around.

Day Two was somewhat better and, with a replacement pony delivered at 9am, the team were eventually on their way. They followed the old railway line out of Princetown, dropped down to Eggworthy then back up the bridlepath to Merrivale before heading north over Roos Tor. They swung round over Cox Tor and finally reached camp at the Hunt Kennels in time for tea.

Day Three was glorious and the team had an uneventful ride back through Whitchurch Down, Grenofen and down the full length of Roborough Down, with lots of time for jumping gorse bushes and ditches on the way.

My thanks to all involved, especially Justine Colton at Tor Royal, Neil Cole for use of his field by the hunter trial course, Claire Bellamy for loo at the Hunt Kennels (essential item) and the volunteers from West Devon Open Group for the DofE, Clare and Bob, who camped out with the team to spare me from doing it! Also to Jade and Tracey Coupland for backup.

Anyone fancy a go next year? We will be recruiting a new DofE cohort of Bronze (14 years and up), Silver (15+) and possibly Gold (over 16) riding teams in early 2016.

Report by Mary Harper



A great time was had by all at this years Senior camp, with brilliant instruction from Lucy and Caroline.



















A REPORT ON NICK GAUNTLETS COURSE BY JO SLADE FROM THE N. CORNWALL P.C                                                          




 Standard Setting Day

I hope everyone enjoyed the Standard Setting day at Resparveth – A Big Thank you to Susie and Rebecca the school looked wonderful.
Please send me any photos of the day or any other interesting and fun pictures from other events. And remember to visit our new Facebook Page, Area 16 The Pony Club UK.


Thank you, Sarita


Dressage Training with Robert Pickles went VERY well.

19 members from the whole area enjoyed their sessions with Robert and hope they can follow up their lesson.

Conference 4th March 2015

News to follow shortly.