Sunday February 23, 2020
Pony Club International Dressage Competition at RWHS
Sasha Niven:

My Pony Club life began with Charlie, my 10.2hh Shetland pony, who made sure that I spent more time out of the saddle than on it! Roll on 10 years and I am riding the dream that is; Templebready Miss Bailey. Bailey made dressage even more likeable and so for the first time, I put myself forward for a Duke of Buccleuch Dressage Team. 

I have the “Dream Team” to thank for getting a place at the Pony Club Championship as my dressage score at the Area Competition did not count but we were placed 1st ( Rosie 1st, Grace 3rd, Molly 3rd & myself 5th). From this, I was determined to prove my place and not let my team down so I worked hard for the Championship. It paid off – I was placed 3rd which helped my team gain 3rd place.

When I received the selection letter from the Pony Club Dressage Committee, I was over the moon. I am so grateful and proud to have been selected to represent the Duke of Buccleuch’s Hunt Pony Club branch and Scotland at such a prestigious event.

Bailey is a super star and it was an amazing final fling to have before she goes off to stud! From this fantastic experience, I look forward to participating in more Pony Club events with my new horse Fudge, who has “big shoes” to fill!