Sunday November 29, 2020
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Area 3 Show Cross

Show Cross Results Sunday 13th September 2020

RESULTS 110- optimum time XC- 1min 50s- 375m/m

1st Lauren Milner- Hot Whisky- 0.4

2nd Mary Foster- Maytime- 6.4

3rd Amelia Tarling- Corderrycrackle- 8.0

4th Holly Clayden- GRC Phantom- 16.8

5th Charlie Donaldson- Simply Peaches- 23.6


RESULTS 100- optimum time XC- 1min 50s- 375m/m

1ST Lily Blythe- Clonshire Kestrel- 1.6

2nd Nancy Colin- Lolesca- 5.2

3rd Katy Mintoft- Ballindene Norman- 5.6

4th Tom Easterby- Glencarrig Stormcat- 6

5th George White- Vintage Dara- 6

6th Saskia Brookes- Derreentige Tilly- 6.4


RESULTS 90- optimum time XC- 1min 50s- 375m/m

1ST Naomi Peacock- 3.2

2nd Phoebe Sykes- 4.8

3rd Alex Cordingly- 6.4

4th Keavie Hutton- 6.4

5th Holly Jones- 6.8

6th Emily Gaskell- 7.2


Results 80- optimum time 1min59s

1st Fran Holland- 0

2nd Lottie wilks-Stebbings-0.4

3rd Ella Kay- 0.8

4th Emily jones- 0.8

5th Sophie Harris- 1.6

6th Zac Edwards- 2



Results 70- optimum time 1min 56s 350m/m

1st Bella McCarthy- 0

2nd Harriet Hodgeson- 0.4

3rd Evie Edwards- 2.0

4th Georgia Lithgow- 2.8

5th Ava Ward- 4.8

6th Jenny Morrell- 5.6

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