Friday May 7, 2021
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For all information, including suggested reading, on standardised Pony Club instructor/coaching courses  CLICK HERE  for the main Pony Club website and use the tabs there to select the Course that you are interested in. 


2020 AREA COURSES (including UKCC Levels 1 and 2)   :  AREA-4-TRAINING-2020-DATES  For any queries about the courses – Area Training Co-ordinator – Hilary Wakefield 07976 233695                                              

TUES 14th APRIL  INTRODUCTION TO COACHING STEP 1   at Myerscough College, with Hilary Wakefield and Carol Hill.  10am – 4.30pm. for Senior members, parents etc wishing to start coaching.  Counts as CPD accreditation.  Intro To Coach 2020 Application Form Course Information-1

WED 15th APRIL  UPSKILL COACHING DAY  STEP 2  at Myerscough College, with Hilary Wakefield.  10am – 4.30pm.  For current coaches, at any age or level, to develop and update their skills.  Counts as CPD accreditation.  Step 2 – Upskill Coaching Application & Info 2020

SUN 5th JULY  UKCC LEVEL 1  First date of this course at Beaumont Grange Farm, Lancaster.  The course will only run if all 10 places are filled so an early deposit is required. Details : Area 4 UKCC Level 1 Course initial booking form (002)

MON 6th JULY   D+/C/C+  STANDARD SETTING WORKSHOP   at Myerscough College, with Hilary Wakefield and Pam Prickett.  6.30pm – 9pm.  For current coaches, senior members, parents and members wishing to take these tests.  Counts as CPD accreditation.   CPD Workshop 2020

AN URGENT MESSAGE  regarding the Branch Coach database.

Only Coaches who have the following up to date qualifications will remain on the database, any others will  be deleted automatically :

  1. DBS
  2. CPD



UKCC  What is UKCC?

The UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC) provides a recognised stamp of quality coaching across all sport and across the UK. The Pony Club offers these qualifications at Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. The UKCC qualifications are great if you are wanting to take coaching more seriously, as they are nationally recognised, but they are open to anyone, whether you want to make horses your career or not, who wants to develop as a coach and learn skills they can use in Pony Club and in any sports coaching. The courses give a good grounding in coaching skills such as communication, knowledge of different learning styles, planning and evaluation, as well as making sure your technical knowledge is up to standard. There is more about UKCC on the main Pony Club page here: You don’t have to be affiliated with a Pony Club Branch or Centre to do our UKCC courses. It is not compulsory to hold a UKCC qualification to coach in The Pony Club, but as the equestrian industry is moving towards requiring more formal qualifications these courses are an excellent first step on the ladder. Level 1 courses are aimed at those who are just starting out in their coaching career, or who usually work as an assistant to another coach. Each day of training is generally spent half coaching, with half the time in the classroom doing theory and completing the portfolio. For the assessment, as well as presenting a complete portfolio, you will be assessed on your delivery of a 20 minute session to a group of riders