50 years of Voluntary Service to the Pony Club

Presentation to Gillie Summers
50 years of Voluntary Service to the Pony Club

Picture shows Mary Tuckett (Chair of the Pony Club ), Gillie Summers and Meg Green (Area 5 Rep).

Gillie Summers began her voluntary work for the PC back in 1953(Coronation Year !) with the Burton Cheshire Forest Branch of the PC.  She became DC in 1970 and was one of, if not the youngest DC in the country and stayed in office until 1976.  She then had a break and was back as DC from 1981 until 1987.

  • In 1986 she started the Area 5 Tetrathlon Committee.
  • In 1988 she was Chief Steward for the very first Novice Championships.
  • She was awarded the 20+ Cubitt in its first year of existence.
  • She became Area 5 Rep in 1984 until 2001.  Always a person who demands respect, loves the Pony Club and has a wicked sense of humour.
  • 1989  became Chairman of the main PC HQ Tetrathlon Committee and remained so until she retired.
  • 1995 Gillie chaperoned the British Tetrathlon Team to America/Canada.
  • During her time as Area 5 Rep, she introduced Windsor Show to Tetrathlon!
  • Gillie was instrumental in starting the Young Instructors in Area 5
  • Area 5 was the first to have an Associates’ Camp under her guidance.
  • In her 82nd year and still passionate about the Pony Club, she attended the Annual PC Conference this year in Aintree.


Royal Windsor Tetrathlon Competition

Congratulations to the Wales and Borders team which came 2nd in the recent Tetrathlon at Royal Windsor, and especially to Freddie Ashworth of Cheshire Hunt South who was second individually and won the run.

The standard was very high with barely any faults in the show jumping, which took place in front of a much bigger crowd than we usually have for tetrathlon events.