Area 5 Training Dates

10th AugustLunge TrainingStanthorne Parks, CW10 0NA 7 - 9 pm
18th August Lunge TestStanthorne Parks, CW10 0NA 7 - 9 pm
8th AugustB+ and AH Training with Liz LyonetteMeadowcroft, Hooffield Lane, Huxley, Chester. CH3 9BR 7 - 9 pm
15th AugustB+ and AH Training with Liz LyonetteMeadowcroft, Hooffield Lane, Huxley, Chester. CH3 9BR 7 - 9 pm
5th SeptemberB+ and AH Training with Liz LyonetteMeadowcroft, Hooffield Lane, Huxley, Chester. CH3 9BR 7 - 9 pm
12th SeptemberB+ and AH Training with Liz LyonetteMeadowcroft, Hooffield Lane, Huxley, Chester. CH3 9BR 7 - 9 pm
19th SeptemberB+ and AH Training with Liz LyonetteMeadowcroft, Hooffield Lane, Huxley, Chester. CH3 9BR 7 - 9 pm

Areas 4 and 5 Horse Trials results 24th July 2016

Many thanks to Emily Barnes, our Chief HT scorer, for preparing these so quickly despite being away from the competition for most of the day – helping to run our Mini-Camp – and also for drafting in most of the rest of her family to ensure it all went without a hitch.

Many thanks also to all other officials, volunteers, helpers etc. for ensuring that we had a splendid day and to the King family for making sure the infrastructure was so well presented and worked.

Thanks also to all you competitors, your parents, branch officials, family and friends for taking part so cheerfully – despite the 1.2 mile trip to the XC course.

We were glad to see you all and look forward to inviting you back to Somerford again – should we ever get the chance.

Regards … Geoff

Areas 4 & 5 Horse Trials – Final bulletin

(Webmaster: I hope, along with many others we can breathe a sigh of relief with the publication of this Final Horse Trials Post. I hope to see many photos and reports after the mammoth struggle that Geoff and his team of organisers have spent over the last month in reorganising this event. Please send photos and reports by email here. Thanks …. )



I am very happy to say that the sun is still shining here in Somerford (in between the rain showers) and all is well.

I attach a copy of the 2016 programme – we will not be printing a copy this year in view of the reduced numbers competing so if you feel you will need any information for the day, please print it at home and bring it with you.

I would draw particular attention to the cross-country times, speeds and distances chart at the end of the programme.

Site Layout Plan and road access

I attach a copy of the site layout plan (26 acre Map 2) and ask you to note that the closest postcode for the entrance to the event is CW12 4SN.

If you are travelling from the M6/Holmes Chapel direction on the A54, you will pass the main entrance to Somerford Park Farm on your left-hand side. Continue along the A54 for 7/10ths of a mile and you will see the warning sign for the entrance which is on your left. Turn into the field gate (it is 14ft wide so ensure you make a wide enough turn) and continue straight for about 150m and then turn right into the main lorry park.

If you are travelling from the Congleton direction, the field gate entrance is on the right about 7/10ths of a mile after you pass  the Chelford Road/Sandy Lane off-set crossroads.

Please take extreme care when negotiating the entrance, slowdown in good time, beware overtaking traffic – it is a single carriageway main road, it is unlikely to be very busy but needs extra vigilance.

On-site – dogs MUST be kept on leads. Please beware children and horses when manoeuvring.

Cross Country Course Access and Plans

Please note the blue line on the site plan marking the route to the XC. It is 1.2 miles and you should allow AT LEAST 20 minutes  to walk it. The route will be marked with direction arrows. The course will not officially be open for walking until 2 p.m. on Saturday. If you choose to walk before then, it will be at your own risk. It is currently flagged but it is possible that changes have to be made. If you wish to walk before 2p.m. on Saturday, you should seek permission from the Somerford Park office. Course maps are attached as a rough guide only – you should take account of what is actually there on the ground rather than merely following the map.

Competitor Times

I attach an updated competitor times list. There are a few changes since first publication but your times should only have changed if you or your team manager has asked to make a change for any reason.  However, please check your times and use this list for future reference.


We have a total of 17 teams competing across the two Areas. I attach a list of teams for your information.


We will have some very special souvenirs on sale – hoodies from the 2016 Cheshire Shield that never was – they will become a collector’s item – please buy one and support the North West Air Ambulance.

I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday – and just keep smiling whatever.


Geoff Bell
District Commissioner

Area 5 Tetrathlon Competition

Over the weekend of 9 and 10 July a number of Area 5 members took part in the Tetrathlon Competition at Warwick. For the Open, Intermediate and Junior classes these were the qualifiers for the Championships and I’m delighted to say that Area 5 will now be well represented at the Champs. Those qualifying were:

  • Open – Ben Read
  • Intermediate – Toby Johnson and Russell Wingfield
  • Junior – Freddie Ashworth, Hamish Peffers, Orla Stott, Keeva Stott, Annabel James and Ella Booth.

A big well done to all of them and I hope they are all looking forward to competing at Bishop Burton in August.

Warwick once again put on fantastic courses for our younger members so that minis, tadpoles and tiddlers all had their own competitions. A further fifteen Area 5 members took part in these classes, with some excellent results. A special mention should go to Beatrice Taylor who beat 19 other mini girls to win her class.

As well as a thoroughly enjoyable competition many of the riders camped on the Saturday night and joined in the Area 5 (and friends) barbecue. Thanks to all those who provided the facilities for this – gas barbecue, fire pit, tables and chairs as well as the food, drink and company; what more could we want?

Penny W

Areas 4 and 5 Horse Trials – Sunday 24th July

Update to competitors who have entered (and remain entered!) for the re-arranged Areas 4 and 5 Horse Trials to be held at Somerford Park Farm on Sunday the 24th July.

(Webmaster: There is likely to be a further updates with the final update being on Thursday, please check back! Thank you)

Ground Conditions & weather

The ground conditions on the Cross Country course at Somerford are improving. We had rain for most of yesterday but today has been very warm and sunny. We are forecast to have reasonably good weather from now until Sunday with the exception of Wednesday which is forecast to have thunderstorms. The course will be inspected again on Wednesday and I expect to issue a further bulletin thereafter. It may be that, even if the XC course is not usable (unlikely we hope), we will decide to proceed with a two phase competition in the expectation that HQ will allow qualifiers from that competition to take part at the Championships. It has been pointed out to HQ that, according to the PC website, members could enter the so-called “Elite” (non-qualifying) Eventing competition at the Championships without proving any experience whatsoever and therefore we can see no justification for any such requirement for the qualifying competition. We will do our best to keep you informed.


We will be using the Area Eventing dressage tests as per the schedule and, except in the most exceptional circumstances (none recorded to date), commanders will not be allowed. This is, of course, only of relevance to those Area 5 competitors who are also doing the Area 5 Dressage competition at the same venue on the same day. We are liaising closely with our colleagues at Cheshire Hunt North who are organising the Area 5 Dressage to ensure there are no time clashes and as much time as possible is allowed between tests.

Note – there will be 7 dressage arenas altogether – 5 for the Area 5 Dressage and 2 for the Ares 4 & 5 Eventing – make sure you know which arena you are in for which test.

Show Jumping

As indicated above, we are only using two dressage arenas for AE and therefore the SJ arena will have far less riders than usual feeding in. Please ensure you get to the Arena as soon as possible and we will get you in as soon as we can. The Arena will be quite close to the dressage arenas.

Cross Country

You should be aware that the XC start is just over a mile from the parking area, which will be adjacent to the dressage and SJ arenas. It will be signed. A horse will walk at about 4 miles per hour so you should allow AT LEAST 20 minutes to walk to the XC warm-up area. You will be given at least one hour between your SJ and XC times (1hour 20 minutes for the Novice class) so please use it wisely. The walk is mostly on sand tracks but there are some short hard-core tracks also. We suggest you do not stud-up until you reach the XC start field.

Access to the parking area –CW12 4SN

Please note, we will be using an entrance which is adjacent to the main parking area NOT THE SOMERFORD PARK FARM main entrance. This entrance (a 14 foot field gate) is just over half a  mile south of the main SPF entrance on the left hand side as you travel toward Congleton from junction 18 of the M6 through Holmes Chapel – use postcode CW12 4SN not the usual SPF postcode (CW12 4SW) for Satnavs. DO NOT TURN INTO THE MAIN ENTRANCE – THERE IS NO VEHICULAR ACCESS TO THE SHOWGROUND. There will be warning signs prior to the entrance so please slow down well before you get to the gate. The A54 is a single carriageway road and although visibility is reasonable you do need to prepare for a 90’ turn. Approaching from the south, from the Congleton direction, the gateway is just over half a mile from the Chelford Road / Sandy Lane off-set crossroads on the right-hand side and again will be signed. The turn in will be a little easier but you will have to look out for oncoming traffic.


All normal facilities will be provided (Public catering/Toilets/Vet/Paramedic etc.) but there will NOT be a farrier on site.


A draft timetable is set out below for guidance. All classes will start with Area 5 teams followed by Area 5 individuals, then Area 4 teams and Area 4 individuals in that order on the basis of furthest to travel go last where circumstances permit.

Regards … Geoff

T I M E T A B L E (approximate and subject to change)

  Class 1PC90 Class 2PC100 Class 3PC Open Class 4
Dressage A & B 8.30 a.m. – 11.15 a.m. A & B 11.30 a.m.–1.12 p.m. 1.30 p.m. – 2.40 p.m.
Show Jumping 10.10 a.m. – 11.50 a.m. 1.00 p.m.– 2.00 p.m. 2.45 p.m. – 3.15 p.m.
Cross Country 11.30 a.m.– 1.15 p.m. 2.00 p.m.- 3.00 p.m. 3.45 p.m. – 4.15 p.m.
Numbers 1 – 52 201 – 234 301 – 313

Show Jumping Championships …..

Please see below two points regarding the Show Jumping Championships:-

Mixed Teams

We have had a few enquiries as to whether a fourth member can be added to a qualifying Open Mixed Team (of three) after the Area competition.

Therefore, we would like to clarify the rules: NO fourth member can be added to a qualifying team of three after the Area Competition.  In addition, no rider substitution can be made.

Elite Competition

With regards to the Elite SJ Competition that is available to members at the Championships.  We would like to amend the wording for any rider wishing to enter a pony.


First round: Max Height 1.20m, Max spread 1.25m Two upright fences in the second half of the course at 1.25m.  One double and one treble combination, or 3 doubles.  If the second or third part is a spread it must be on two strides. No three stride distances, no less than five strides before or following the combinations.

NEW – In the first round all ponies not exceeding 148 cm will jump first. The related distances and combinations will be set accordingly. The distances will then be adjusted for horses over 148cm who will jump after the ponies. We have made these adjustments to accommodate all members and ensure this challenging course is safe. Further details are available on the website.

Kind regards

Kelly Wright
Mounted Games, Endurance,
and Show Jumping Secretary

DDI: 02476 698307


Berwyn and Dee – Vyrnwy Valley RC Charity Beginners One Day Event

Berwyn & Dee Branch of the Pony Club & Vyrnwy Valley Riding Club Charity Beginners One Day Event

  • To be Held at Daywell Manor, Gobowen, Oswestry, SY10 7EJ
  • Saturday 30th July 2016
  • Entries NOW close 22nd July  or sooner if fully subscribed


  • All ages as at 1st January 2016
  • Classes 1-4 are strictly for beginners and are intended to encourage riders to compete in One Day Events.
  • Winning or being placed in any of these classes does not change the competitor’s status from Novice.

CLASS 1 BEGINNERS ANY AGE (can be lead rein)

  • PC D level 1 Dressage Test (Walk and Trot) max height of jumps 50 cms
  • Outside assistance is permitted in this class only


  • PC introductory 2007 Dressage Test
  • (May be commanded/called)

CLASS 3 … 11 TO 14 YEARS

  • PC introductory 2007 Dressage Test
  • (To be ridden from Memory)

CLASS 4 … 15 Years and over– Novice Rider

  • PC introductory 2007 Dressage Test (to be ridden from memory)
  • This class is aimed at any PC/RC member or adult who has very limited experience.
  • Those competing who are not members of a pony club must provide valid insurance cover (to be recorded on entry form)


  • PC C Level 2 Dressage Test (to be ridden from memory)
  • Rider may be any age
  • This class is aimed at horses/ponies that have never previously completed an ODE other than beginners
  • The Lead Rein Class will be run over the smaller course
  • Dressage tests available to download from
  • Entry Fee: £35.00 or £28 for Berwyn & Dee PC or Vyrnwy Valley RC members
  • No Entries accepted without payment
  • Telephone entries will not be accepted

Area 5 Rearranged Champs Eventing Qualifier

Area 5 members

We propose to arrange for the dressage and show jumping phases of the eventing qualifier to take place on grass arenas at Somerford Park Farm on SATURDAY the 16th JULY.

We would propose that these phases, and these phases alone, would decide who qualifies for the Championships. We would expect HQ to accept these results with just one proviso – that those qualifiers could satisfy HQ that they had competed over a cross country course at the relevant level before being allowed to compete at the Championships. This is purely a safety consideration – to ensure that they are capable of tackling such a course.

We are now in the process of organising this competition and in the meantime we would hope that all branches would support this proposal.

We would propose to transfer all entries from the full competition to this new competition. Clearly there would be a refund/partial refund of entry fees dependent upon what the individual situation is.

Please note – this competition will only be open to those members who wish to try to qualify for the National Championships.

If you wish to compete at this competition you do not need to do anything – all entries submitted for the competition on the 2nd July will be automatically transferred to this competition. You will receive a refund of your original entry fee paid less £35 for this competition.

If you do NOT wish to compete at this competition, please let me know as soon as possible if which case you will receive a refund of your original entry fee paid less £5 – please be patient.

We will accept entries from members who have not submitted an entry for the 2nd July competition. Please use the Cheshire Shield entry form and submit urgently with the entry fee of £35.

Teams will be presumed to remain the same unless we are notified to the contrary.

If any of you would prefer to donate the money to our nominated Charity, the North West Air Ambulance, please email. Last year we were able to send a donation of £1500 from the event – clearly we will not be able to achieve that objective this year.

Area 4 members

Please look out for announcements regarding your situation.



Geoff Bell
District Commissioner

Cheshire Shield Horse Trials update …..

The East Cheshire branch committee met at 5.30 p.m. today, Friday the 1st July to discuss the decision to cancel the 2016 Cheshire Shield Horse Trials incorporating the Area 4 & 5 Qualifying competitions.


The committee recognised that the decision to cancel the event on Wednesday was, even with the benefit of hindsight, the right one given the heavy downpours we are still experiencing in this area. Our understanding is that the experience is shared with many other parts of the country.


It was also agreed that we must, if at all possible, try to put together a competition which would enable some members to qualify for the Championships. This meant that the time available within which to organise such a competition was limited, given the Championships begin in 7 weeks’ time.


The major problem then became the running of the cross country phase of the competition. Assuming the XC course would become available again from a safety point of view, we were told by Somerford that the course was only available from now until about the 23rd/24th July since they had an international event booked for the 19th August and the course would need at least 4 weeks to recover in time for that event. In fact that weekend already accommodates both the Area 4 and Area 5 Dressage competitions. Therefore the only available weekend would be the 16th/17th July – just 14 days hence.


We concluded that, even with a “potential qualifiers only” competition,  we would need to enrol at least 50 volunteers  to man the XC course alone and, given that it took 6 weeks to recruit the 88 volunteers for the cancelled event, there was no way we could be sure of achieving that objective – indeed, more likely than not we would fail which was not an acceptable risk.


On that basis, it would not be possible to run the cross country phase of the competition.


Given the timescale of just two weeks, we concluded that the best we could do would be to arrange a competition which involved both the dressage and show jumping elements of the competition and inform competitors that, whilst the results would be judged on those two phases only, it would be their responsibility to evidence to HQ that they had competed at the relevant level of cross country if they were to be allowed to compete at the Championships.


We do hope that this is an acceptable way forward to all and we have begun to make arrangements on this basis.


The date we have decided upon is Saturday the 16th July with the dressage and show jumping phases of the competition to be held on grass arenas at Somerford Park Farm.


Whilst this is far from an ideal solution, we fell it is the best one that could be reached in the circumstances. We await hearing from Pony Club Headquarters that this proposal is an acceptable one.


Geoff Bell
District Commissioner