Cheshire Shield SATURDAY 1st July 2017 – Third Bulletin


The times for the competition are attached and will soon be published on the East Cheshire BPC website. The document attached is a Microsoft Excel document divided into sheets. Each sheet contains a single Class and Sections. The Class/Section you are interested in can be accessed by clicking on the tab in the bottom left hand corner of the document.

If you discover any errors or omissions, please let me know immediately.

We have tried to accommodate as many requests as possible but a few which came in very late in the day we have not been able to deal with before the allocation of times. There may be an opportunity to address any outstanding requests on the day but if not, my apologies.

It is very important that the event runs to time and I would ask that all competitors ensure that they are at their allotted  arena or course start point in good time – if you arrive early we will try to slot you in if there is a natural gap but priority will be given to those presenting on time.


As you know, we have incorporated the Start Fee into the entry fee this year so on arrival on site you most of you will only need to pay £10 for the bib-deposit. It is most important that you declare and you will not be allowed to commence any phase of the competition until you have done so.


We will try to get scores & results out as quickly as possible after the conclusion of each class but we would ask to understand how complex the scoring is for this competition. There are, in fact 7 separate competitions in each class. We have an overall Cheshire Shield Team and Individual competition for PC members and a CS individual competition for non-PC riders. Additionally there are separate qualifying team and individual competitions for Area 4 and Area 5 members. I am, as ever, very grateful to our team of scorers who have been closely involved in the build up to the event to try to ensure things run smoothly on the day.


We have had a good amount of rain today which should help to soften the going a little. The weather for the weekend is likely to be fair – no rain forecast when I last checked. Nevertheless, please prepare yourselves and your horses for the possibility of some sunshine – plenty of sunscreen and water.

XC Courses

The whole course, which is looking superb as usual, will have a final inspection on Friday morning and will be available for walking from 2 p.m. on Friday. When walking, please be considerate of others AND KEEP DOGS ON A LEAD, park considerately and prettily on the right hand side of the track to ensure you do not block space or access for trade stands and infrastructure.

The course times and distances are attached as are course maps.

Please note, there are no ‘L’ fences on any of the courses but there is one ‘Black Flag’ alternative fence on the PC100 at fence 17 – approaching the water

I hope you have a wonderful and successful day.

Good Luck …Geoff


Cheshire Shield SATURDAY 1st July 2017

Second Bulletin –25th June 2017

Once again we have a very busy day ahead of us. We have over 270 entries– our largest to date – and all entries received have been accommodated. They are divided as follows:

  • Class 1       (PC90) –  2 Pony Cub sections and one non-PC;
  • Class 2      (PC100) – 2 sections – one Pony Club and one non-PC;
  • Class 3      (PC Open) – 1 section – divided into PC & non-PC;
  • Class 4       (PC80)  –  5 sections – 4 Pony Club and one one-PC.

We will run the classes in that order and sections in the following order:

  • Class 1, sections A & B: Area 5 teams, followed by Area 4 teams, Area 5 individuals and Area 4 individuals
  • Class 1, section C: non-PC individuals
  • Class 2, sections A:  Area 5 teams, followed by Area 4 teams, Area 5 individuals and Area 4 individuals
  • Class 2, section B: non-PC individuals
  • Class 3: Area 5 teams, followed by Area 4 teams, Area 5 individuals and Area 4 individuals and non-PC individuals
  • Class 4, sections A, B C & D: Area 4 teams & individuals; non-Area 4/5 teams & individuals; Area 5 teams & individuals
  • Class 4, section E: Non-PC individuals

Within those divisions, riders will generally be listed geographically, with those travelling furthest going toward the end of the grouping except in Class 4 where the reverse will apply – those travelling furthest being listed toward the beginning of their section.

The draft timetable below will perhaps help you to structure your day.

DRAFT  T I M E T A B L E (approximate and subject to change)

  Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4
Dressage A & B 8.00 a.m.– 11.30 a.m.

C 8.00 a.m. – 10.00 a.m.

A 9.30 a.m.–12.30 p.m.

B 10.00 a.m. – 11.25 a.m.

11.00 a.m. – 1.30 p.m. A,B,C,D 12 noon – 4.00 p.m. E -2.30 p.m. – 4.50 p.m.
Show Jumping 9.15 a.m. – 11.45 a.m. 11.50 a.m.– 1.00 p.m. 1.45 p.m. – 2.00 p.m. 2.00 p.m. – 5.35 p.m.
Cross Country 10.00 a.m.– 12.30 p.m. 12.30 p.m.- 1.45 p.m. 2.00 p.m. – 2.45 p.m. 3.00 p.m. – 6.15 p.m.
Numbers 1 – 80 201 – 250 301 – 330 401 – 530


The full timetable will be published on the East Cheshire website at 6 p.m. on Wednesday the 28th June 2017!

Regards …. Geoff

UPDATED: Class start times for Area Show Jumping

Webmaster: UPDATED with complete running order, teamsd and scoring sheets download!

These are approximate times only and members are responsible for getting to the show in plenty of time in case of classes running earlier than anticipated & also please follow the directions in the attachment ….

Please DO NOT Sat Nav to the show field!

  • Class 1 (Regional 80cm qualifier)- course walk from 8.30 am , first rider 9 am prompt – 55 riders
  • Class 2  (Novice Area Qualifier 90cm)- Approx 1pm – 29 riders
  • Class 3 (Intermediate Area Qualifier 1m )- Approx 3.30pm – 15 riders
  • Class 4 (Open Area Qualifier 1.10m)- Approx 4.30pm – 11 riders

Running Order

TeamCheshire Hunt South Beagles
1Florence ButlerLolo
2Mimi JonesTango
3Jodie BennettPuzzle
4Isodore R-SmithOzzy
TeamWaen Y Llyn PC
5Millie JonesVictoria Enfys
6Eleanor PugheGizzie
7Benjamin GriffithsFizzy Pop
TeamCheshire Hunt South Foxes
9Molly PickeringBuddy
10Felix barlowKing Jester
11Tabitha LeonardOscar
12Lucy GilchristBenjamin Bunny
TeamCheshire Hunt South Hounds
13Bea HammondBertie
14Zara BrookesSimon
15Alice FordFlamey
16Lavina JohnsonPenny
TeamCheshire Hunt South Terriers
17Oliver GarnerRoyal Sylvia
18James McMahonJingles
19Amelie HughesTrixie
TeamCheshire Hunt North Lions
21Sophie SellersWilloway Cabaret
22Verity SellersMockbeggar Ned
23Emily RowlandGrey Days
24Philippa MeachinJimmy
TeamBurton Cheshire Forest
25Antonia HeghartyDanny
26Lucy PostanceBriery Hill Matador
27Lily CrossK.C.
28Millie CowleyBobby
TeamFlint & Denbigh PC
29Twm CernwyGeorge
30Eban DaviesGrangeford Jack
31Faye JonesKernal Nutmeg
32Scarlett OwenFragola
TeamEast Cheshire PC
33Macey Richmond GuyLittle Fear Bui
34Freya Richmond GuyMy Boy Blue
35Tabitha MorrisRianwyn Jazmyne
36Oscar MorrisKenniford Tip Top
TeamSir Watkin William Wynn
37Kate RutherfordNorway Frank
38Scarlett GilruthCandy
39Ted HoltSheridan
40Jake StocktonFred
TeamTanatside Hunt PC
41Jasmin TeagueKatiua Marty
42Elin PryceTilda
43India WilkinsonPaddy
TeamEast Cheshire PC
45Cerys MacaulayMullagh Spirit
46Tamsin EllisonPebbles
47Zoe HillIce Orchard
48EllieTomkinsonEglwysfach Rosebud
TeamMixed team
49Archie Lynch (F&D)Beamish
50Georgia Vaarkamp (F&D)Everything's Rosie
52Scarlett Cox Lomas(CHNPC)Timmy
TeamQualifying Individuals
53Aimee Davies(B&D PC)Little Daisy Chain
TeamNon-Qualifying Individuals
55Zara Brookes (CHS)Andy
56Lily Diggle (CHS)Loki
57JessicaDoyle(BCFHPC)Scrappie Doo
58Twm Cernwy(F&D)Billy
TeamFlint & Denbigh PC
61Emily VaarkampMrs Mop
62Sophie CockingMr Max
63Orlagh TonerSheena Shadow
64Leah JonesKoda Dakota
TeamCheshire Hunt South Foxes
65Tamara FifieldWilliam
66Lily DiggleCrackerjack
67Lucy FordIndyanna
TeamCheshire Hunt South Hounds
69Archie BarlowJono
70Mollie RileyCephie
71Lucy ExleyLily
72Jennifer StokesKatie
TeamSir Watkin William Wynn PC
73Annie LoweGalaxy Golden Boy
74Archie TullochShinglis Joe
75FredGreenwellGold Rebel
76Heath RoselliChester
TeamTanatside Hunt PC
77Hannah BurgoyneShanandoragh
78Myfi PowellMy Welcome Rebel
79Cerys JonesGrey Boy
TeamBerwyn & Dee PC
80Sian EvansRoss
81Lucy HughesPrimetime Lad
82Harriet OtterLulu
83Katie TomleyThomes
TeamEast Cheshire PC
84Lucy DennisDuchess
86Mary GoodridgeAnnaghmore Gwenievere15.2hh
87Freya BarryIsland Breeze
TeamQualifying Individuals
88Eleanor Kennedy (Sir WWW)Shaney Boy
TeamNon-Qualifying Individuals
89Archie BarlowLight water Super Hero
90Rachel Basnett Waen Y LlynLouie
 Intermediate Team and Individual (Class 3)
TeamCheshire Hunt South PC
91Elizabeth PartonFinn
92Harry McKaySharkie
93Lexie ToppingCruse
94Lily McCormackMaddockstown
TeamFlint & Denbigh PC
95Sally Wyn-WhewayCelynnen Top King
96Lily Ann PardoeZonica
97Millie DaltonGinny
98Jac CernwyRobby
TeamMixed Team 1
99Beth Clegg (BCFH PC)Libgate Spirit
100Lilian Sears (East Cheshire)Coleby Kate
101Ciara McLellan (East Cheshire)Flambeau
TeamMixed Team 2
102Kate Pedley (CHNPC)Ellie
103Rachel Basnett (Waen Y Llyn PC)Jasper
104Emily McClean (Tanatside PC)Dr Doolittle
105Amy Beacock (B&D PC)Razzle Dazzle
 Open Team and Individual (Class 4)
TeamTeam A
150Samantha Foxall(East Cheshire)24Monemohill Dream
151Georgia Drummond(East Cheshire)23Lester Lady
152Martha Newall (CHS)22Tina
TeamTeam B
153Edward Williams(WYL PC)17Charlie
154Rose Diggle (CHS)14Buzz
155Franky Church Huxley (BCFHPC)19Tigin
TeamTeam C
156Heidi O'Brien (F&D)23Johnson
157Georgina Hayward (CHNPC)24Camblin LA
158Sophie Toogood (F&D)23Darcos Wisecracker
TeamNon-Qualifying Individuals
159JessicaSmith (BCFHPC)Kefraya
160Franky Church Huxley (BCFHPC)19Pat

We are very grateful indeed to Nick and Sarah Brookes for allowing us to run this competition on their fabulous grounds- please ensure you leave the show field as you would wish to find it

We would very much appreciate help at the end of the day to clear the show jumping area before the final prize giving

Running orders will be provided in due course , awaiting any final withdrawals

Thanks … Liz Boothroyd

Cubitt Award goes to Mary Evans

Mary-Area-5Mary Evans receiving her long overdue Cubitt Award and Bar for voluntary services to the Pony Club.

She was presented at the Cubitt Lunch in Stratford on Avon by the President of the Pony Club, The Lady Lloyd Webber.

Mary has worked tirelessly for Berwyn and Dee Branch for well over 30 years and is known for her dedication- always giving members’ interests priority.

Thank you Mary!!!