Russell Guire Road Show – Reaseheath College – Wednesday 11th October

As you may be aware we have a Russell Guire Road show coming up to Reaseheath College on Wednesday 11th October.

This does count at CPD for all coaches and makes a very interesting evening to attend. We received great feedback from the ones which were ran earlier on in the year and the audience was not just coaches but also members, parents and people who were not even associated to Pony Club.

This is a great opportunity to see Russell’s research close up and for a bargain price of £20 exclusively for PC, if you were to attend a day with him the ticket price will start from over £100 each!

Hopefully see you there on the evening.

Kind Regards,


Katie Attenborrow
Coaches Executive


Please download the FULL running order by clicking on link below (Excel)

Please be aware that we have had to make a slight change to the published schedule in order to achieve a balance of rider numbers between the two Arenas.

  • Arena 1 will now start with Class 3 and Classes 4 to 7 will follow in numerical order.
  • Arena 2 will now only accommodate Classes 1 & 2.
  • Please see the table below for format of each Class and “Not before” times.
  • A full running order will be published tomorrow.

Class Start Times indicator

Arena 1 Class Format Number of Riders Start time Course walks from 8.30 a.m.
Class 3 Dengie Debut – any agemax height  –  80cm 2-phase 37 9.30 a.m. prompt
Class 4 WL Intermediate    –  any age1st round max. –  85cm 2 full rounds 17 Not before 11.15 a.m.
Class 5 Dengie WL Qualifier –  any age1st phase max. –  90cm 2 -phase 17 Not before 12 noon
Class 6 WL Open  –  any age1st round max. –  100cm 2 full rounds 12 Not before 1 p.m.
Class 7 Advanced –  any age1st phase max. – 105cm 2 – phase 5 Not before 1.30 p.m.
Total 88
Arena 2 Class Format Number of Riders Start time Course walks from 8.30 a.m.
Class 1 WL Juniors – 10 years and under 1st round max. –  70cm 2 full rounds 28 9.30 a.m. prompt
Class 2 WL Novice – 13 years and under 1st round max. –  75cm 2 full rounds 45 Not before 11.30 a.m.
Total 73





Please note that all entries (whether Individual or Team) must be received by FRIDAY the 22nd  SEPTEMBER 2017 to be sure of acceptance. However, Team nominations/allocations need not be notified until TUESDAY the 26th SEPTEMBER.

Please encourage your members to submit their entries as soon as possible.

Area 5 Winter League Rules (as amended) also attached for ease of reference.


  1. For clarification, Rule 6.2 of the Area 5 Winter League rules  (A horse or pony may only be ridden in one class at any one competition and by a single rider) does NOT apply to Class 3 (Dengie Debut), Class 5 (Dengie Winter League) or Class 7 (Advanced) since they do not form part of the Area 5 WL competition – see Rule 7.4;
  2. In the first round the whole team will jump in succession. In the second round the team members will jump one at a time, one from each team, in the order they jumped in the first round sequentially – rule 7.7 & 7.9.2.
  3. Classes 5 & 7 will be Two-phase – first phase 7 to 9 obstacles not against the clock with a time allowed; clear rounds continue straight  onto the second phase without a bell being rung. Second phase 4 to 6 obstacles and timed. Competitors placed on faults and 2nd round time;
  4.         The organisers may opt to run Class 3 (Dengie Debut) as a two-phase competition (as above) dependent on entry numbers.
  5. The competition will take place on a prepared surface.


“There are no UCAS points for B test or any other Pony Club tests, and there never has been.

There is mapping between the Pony Club tests and BHS qualifications as shown at although this may change following the revamp of the BHS exam system.  Currently the B test  candidates who have achieved the complete B Test and hold the Pony Club Lungeing Certificate or EQL Level 2 lunge a horse under supervision (a unit of the Stage 2 qualification) are eligible to apply for direct entry to BHS Stage 3 and the PTT, so potentially UCAS points are possible this way (EQL Level 3 Certificate in BHS Preliminary Teaching of Horse Riding (QCF) 2017 Tariff score: 16).”

Irish Pony Club National Tethathlon Championships, 2017

Toby Johnson, from the East Cheshire Branch of the Pony Club, travelled the long distance over to County Tipperary in Ireland to compete in the Irish Pony Club National Tetrathlon Championships. Toby, amongst other competitors from various parts of the country, formed the UK Tetrathlon Team at the event.

Toby and his family travelled via ferry from Holyhead to Dublin before driving to Clonmel racecourse where they camped for the weekend. There was a fantastic icebreaker event on the first evening consisting of a “Come Dine With Me” experience which took place in a hall that the racecourse had kindly let them use.

The Friday of the event was the day of both the shoot and the swim with the Senior competitors shooting at 10m onto a Pentathlon target and the Juniors shooting at the normal Pony Club targets. All of the UK Tetrathlon team athletes performed exceptionally well!

The riding phase was held on the Saturday. The course built for the event was excellent! It was both challenging and enjoyable and a number of the UK competitors rode clear rounds.

The Saturday evening entertainment consisted of a BBQ and disco for both competitors and their families to attend. We believe that in true Irish style – this was carried on until quite late in the evening!

The run phase took place on the Sunday around the racecourse. This was a gruelling run but there were some very fast times recorded on the automatic timing chip system on the runners shoes.

Overall all of our UK competitors did very well. Here are the results:

  • Senior Boys Teams – 2nd and 4th
  • Senior Girls Teams – 2nd and 5th
  • Junior Boys Team – 3rd
  • Junior Girls Team – 2nd

Well done Toby!

Hopefully next year a few more of our Area 5 Tetrathletes will attend.


Tetrathlon at Plas Dolben, Llangynhafal September 9 and 10th 2017

What a great time was had by all at a Tetrathlon organised by Iona Pierce (helped by husband Gareth and daughter Rhian) at their farm Plas Dolben, Llangynhafal, Denbighshire.  There was a lovely atmosphere and the weather took no notice of the awful forecast.

There were competitors from Flint and Denbigh, Gwynedd, WWW, East Cheshire and Cheshire Hunt South.

The ground was too wet to use the XC so the riding took place at near by Dyfnog, Denbigh by kind permission of Jane Gough Roberts and the riders had great fun doing the Arena Eventing course on the Saturday.

There were some notable achievements. In the Mini Girls, Leah Lamb had the best shoot of the whole competition with an amazing score of 960,  Scarlett had top swim (4 lengths 19m) in the class and Imogen ran the fastest doing 1000m in a time of 4min 20 secs.  Imogen won the class, Leah was 3rd and Scarlett was 4th.

Mini Boys was dominated by Archie Lynch with a total score of 4350, swimming no less than 6 lengths  4m.  William Stone was 2nd,   running 1000m in under 4 minutes.  Keep it up boys!

We had some FnD  first timers in the Beginner’s Class – Gemma Burgoyne, Constance Wight and Lili Evans.  The class was won by Lili who had top shoot and run.  Well done all.

There were 6 teams in the competition.  The FnD Flint Team won convincingly (William, Archie, Daisy Stone and Leah L) with a score of 12176, 2nd team was FnD Denbigh Team (Imogen K, Orla K, Scarlett O and Elsie Lynch) with a score of 11026.

Thank you to all who helped including Penny Wingfield who travelled from Aberconwy to do the scoring.

Next Tet is in Mold Oct 29th 2017


Area 5 PC L2 Coaches Course

Some photos from the Area 5 PC L2 Coaches Course which was held at Mostyn Farm Ride on Sunday 17th September 2017.

Great day, lovely atmosphere and fab experience for all the demo riders and coaches to fine tune their skills, and we even got to have a play around the cross country course at the end.

A big thank you to Meg Green and her team for organising this training.

a very special boy: Malibu


I’m sorry to be a stranger and messaging you out of the blue but I’m really hoping you may help me. I am trying to find a very special boy: Malibu: 12.2hh, liver chestnut, gelding, 22 years old. I have set up this website with lots of photos, our story, and all of his details. I am hoping you will have come across him, and have some information for me. If not I would really appreciate if you could share it on your social media/ newsletters/ website to help me find him, and encourage your friends/colleagues to share too.

I realise this is of no benefit to you, but I really would appreciate if you could take the time to do this, it would make my dreams come true to find out about him but I need your help! Your contacts could make a really BIG difference to me. Please help!

Many thanks,