AMMENDED – Anglesey Winter League

There are a few glitches in our schedule which I would just like to clarify:

  • Class 2 (WL1A) 9 yrs and under. The jumps will be 50cm max in FIRST round
  • Class 4 (WL1B) 11 and under . The jumps will be 70cm max in First round
  • Class 6 (WLClass 2|) any age. the jumps will be 80cm in FIRST round
  • Class 8 (WLclass 3) any age, the jumps will be 90cm in FIRST round.
  • Class 9 Open (WLclass 4) open 1m in FIRST round

Also a note re Eligibility rules, these only apply to the Dengie Debut, not the WL classes.

The new WL rules are available to view on the Area 5 page.

Apologies for any confusion.

Good Luck to all members competing on Saturday.  More Entries please.

Anglesey Branch PC