WLSJ – Berwyn and Dee and Tanatside Hunt

Winter League and Interbranch Team and Individual Show jumping Competition

South View Equestrian Centre,

Sunday 11th November, 2018

  • Class 1A   Starter Class 9 years and under – first round 50cm
  • Class 1B   Junior Class 11 years and under – first round jumps 70cm
  • Class 2     Novice Class (any age) – first round jumps 80cm
  • Class 3     Intermediate Class (any age) – first round jumps 90cm
  • Class 4     Open Class (any age) – first round jumps 100cm

Rosettes: Teams and Individual to 6th place Prizes: 1st to 3rd Team and Individual

  1. Members are allowed to ride in more than one Class. 1stClass in WL Team and 2nd Class as an Ind or Non-WL Team.
  2. Members would be allowed to ride 2 ponies but only 1 in WL Team. They must declare which pony is the WL pony at the beginning of the Season.
  3. Each Class to be run under Pony Club Team Show Jumping rules. First round in Team order, second round in Number order, with 2 rounds and no 3rd round jump-off and in accordance with Area 5 Winter League Rules 2018 as amended to accommodate WL and non-WL teams and individuals with appropriate course changes. Points will be awarded in accordance with the Winter League Rules.
  4. Branches entering more than one team in any one class must clearly identify their Winter League Team and teams to be named to distinguish.
  5. Ages as at January 1st
  • Entry Fee:                            £17.00 per competitor per class
  • Cheques to:                         Tanatside Hunt Branch of the Pony Club
  • Bank transfer to:                THBPC. Sort 40-46-07. Acc. 91504762
  • Post Entries to:                  Anna Pryce, Dolgead Hall, Llanfair Caereinion, Powys SY21 0HU
  • Email Entries to:                anna@dolgeadhall.co.uk
  • Closing date for entries: Monday 5th November 2018.
    No entries will be accepted after this date.
  • Contact Numbers on day:           07802 880 260 or 07515 287 124
  • Berwyn – Tanatside WL Entry form 2018
  • Berwyn – Tanatside WL Schedule 2018