Decorate Your Pony or Hobby Horse Competition

The winners from Area 5 were sent forward to the Final judging and CONGRATULATIONS to the two from Area 5 who were placed – 

  • Phoebe Hargreaves (Sir WWW Branch) and
  • Evie Bayman (Anglesey Riding Centre). 

Thank you to all of you who supported the competition.

Congratulations to Area 2 whose member is the Overall Champion in the Pony section and  to Area 11 whose member is Champion in the Hobby Horse Section.

Alan Davies enjoyed judging it and had this to say:

  • Very well done to everyone!
  • It was very hard to judge!
  • Everyone put in a lot of effort and imagination!
  • I was extremely impressed and would have liked to give you all a prize !
  • Thank you for asking me to judge , it’s been very entertaining!!


Place Section Name Area
 Champion Overall Pony Sophie Bowes 2
Reserve Champion Overall Pony Issy Hobbs 11
Champion Overall Hobby Horse Bradley Holmes 11
Reserve Champion Overall Hobby Horse Evie Murray 11
1st 1a Phoebe 5
2nd 1a Tristran Mante 11
1st 1b Bradley Holmes 11
2nd 1b Arabella Naylor 11
1st 2a Sophie Bowes 2
2nd 2a Imogen Millard-Evans 11
1st 2b Evie Murray 11
2nd 2b Evie Bayman 5
1st 3a Issy Hobbs 11
2nd 3a Heulan Donovan 3
1st 3b Daisy MacNamara 3
2nd 3b Jason Glenister 11



I have to say the standard of collage was very high and I have had great difficulty in deciding on an outright winner for each class. So difficult in fact that I have  =1sts in both classes.
Thank you  …. Meg AR

They are presented in no particular order …

Under 11’s results ….. all Equal 1st

=1st – Bethan (Tanatside)

=1st – Enfys (Flint and Denbigh)
“Daw eto haul dros fryn- the sun will come over the hill again”

=1st – Sam (Tanatside)

11 and Over … all Equal 1st

=1st Peggy (Tanantside)

=1st – Jumping (Tanatside)

=1st – “Holly’s biggest fan” (Anglesey)