We know that you are all missing the competitions but hope that you are still training so here is a training challenge for you:

Run the correct distance for your age group as many times as you can before the end of July and record the times. Send us your results each week and at the end of the month there will be prizes for dedication and for improvement.

Your courses will all be different so we are not looking for the fastest but for the person who puts the most effort into their training.This challenge is open to the rest of your family too.

Courses:          (ages as on 1 Jan, except for under 8 which is on the day)

  • under 8            500m
  • 8 & 9                1000m
  • 10 & 11            1000m
  • 12-14               1500m
  • 15+ girls          1500m
  • 15+ boys         2000m or 3000m (choose one and stick to that)
  • 26+                  1000m

Ideally measure a course using Strava, GPS or something similar but the exact distance is not critical so long as you use the same course each time and it is about right.

Ideally record each run on Strava, GPS etc., take a photo/screen shot of the results and submit that. If you don’t have that sort of technology get someone to time you and sign a declaration that it’s correct.

We will not tell anyone what times you have recorded but may share how often you have run.

Results to be submitted by each sunday evening, to this email address.

Please register your interest as soon as possible, so I know who to expect.

I will send each branch contact a list of who I have emailed in their branch so that you can add any others who might be interested. You are welcome to submit branch results each week, rather than leave it to individuals.

Happy running …. Penny