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‘Introduction To Pony Club Coaching – Step 1’

Who is this course is for?

Pony Club Members who are 16 – 25yrs (15yr old members may be put forward by their DC/Centre Manager), hold C/C+/B tests and are enthusiastic to teach at D/D+ level (This group will have priority for places)
Past members/supporters/parents who have sound horse knowledge & are enthusiastic to teach at D/D+ level

Pony Club Instructors/Coaches at any level who want to refresh their ideas or check they are in line with best practice

What are the aims of the course?

To help and encourage aspiring Pony Club senior Members to utilise the knowledge they have gained from past Pony Club experience and enable them to start to coach others in a safe, effective, and confident way.
To support and encourage past Members, supporters & instructors to use their enthusiasm, knowledge & experience to start to coach others in a confident, fun, safe & effective way.

What do participants need to wear on the course?

For the practical session candidates need to be appropriately dressed to teach at a rally and to model a good standard of turn out for Members. Session 1 is the theory element and will delivered virtually, session 2 consists of practical coaching sessions.

How is the course delivered?

This course develops participants through discussion, group work and most importantly, activity. All participants will have the opportunity to teach. The emphasis is on drawing together the wide range of experiences that tutors and participants bring and making those experiences available to everyone. The atmosphere is fun, friendly, welcoming and supportive.

What do participants need to bring?

Participants should bring a Pony Club Manual of Horsemanship, notebook and pen. A copy of the PC Coach Folder would also be helpful and / or copies of the E, D, D+ and C Test efficiency syllabus. Please bring a snack.

Where will participants go from here?

Check out The Pony Club website under ‘Training’ – Coaches can start by assisting experienced Pony Club coaches in Branches & Centres (checking tack, moving jumps/poles etc). Then under supervision and with a mentor, start to assist with coaching members. Attending PC Step 2 and 3 courses, and PCCC Level 1 and 2 courses are the next steps. The Introduction to PC Coaching Step 1 course is the first step towards achieving the Pony Club Steps Certificate.

Do participants gain a qualification?

Participants receive a combined Attendance Certificate and Feedback Slip from the Course Tutor, and their attendance will be recorded on Pelham.