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REMINDER – AREA 5 COLLAGE competition.

REMINDER – AREA 5 COLLAGE competition.
Look at original post to see what you need to do. Two age groups.

There may be some misunderstanding re the Collage comp. You can use ANY material you like but you must include the hair, wool, tree etc.

Also please send – in your own handwriting – about 100 words about your Collage.

It would be helpful if entrants could let me know of their intention to have a go. Then I will have some idea of the numbers to expect !
I hope you enjoy doing it.

Thank you … Meg …

“Vaguely Equestrian.” 

Size – 12 x 16 inches (  30 x 40 cm)

In your design somewhere you must use :-

  1. horse hair (mane or tail),
  2. some sheep wool,
  3. some part of a tree,
  4. something in the  3 Pony Club colours eg a skirt, flag, tablecloth, tent, dog !

This is not a painting and does not have to be Pony Club orientated eg it could be a beach scene with a PC coloured deckchair.

  • Class 1 – 10 and under
  • Class 2 – 11 and over
  1. Closing date MAY 24th 6pm.   Prizes will be an Individual lesson (dressage, SJ, XC or shooting)  – choice.
  2. Be prepared for your entry to be on the website.
  3. Entries to
  4. Please send two photographs, one from the front and the other at 45 degrees. Please do not give your name – use a nom de plume – but give your Branch or Centre.