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National Tetrathlon Championships (including Grassroots Tetrathlon)

The National Tetrathlon Championships were held at Bishop Burton College from the 11th – 13th August 2017.

Area 5 had 7 competitors who qualified at the Area 5 Tetrathlon competition held at Whitfield farm, Warwick for this prestigious event. Unfortunately, Keeva Stott was unable to attend.

Open Boys

Both Area 5 Open Boys, Russell Wingfield (Aberconwy) and Toby Johnson (East Cheshire) came in the top 10 placings! Toby was 4th with a joint Best Shoot (940) and Russell 9th. Both competitors achieved a total score in excess of 4000 points which is fantastic achievement.

The previous weekend, Toby and Russell had both represented Wales and Borders in the Regional 100 Event held at Southfield House, Nunney, Frome, Somerset.

Junior Girls

Area 5 had a Mixed Area team of four Junior Girls taking part in the event. Annabel James (East Cheshire), Ella Booth (Cheshire Hunt North), Kiera Booth (Cheshire Hunt North) and Orla Stott (Cheshire Hunt South). This was an exceptionally large class consisting of 86 girls! The competition got underway with some very impressive shoot scores from Area 5. Orla – 900, Kiera – 800, Annabel – 960 and Ella – 980. We hoped Ella’s score would gain her the award for the Best Shoot in the Junior Girls competition but two girls, Connie Gould (Old Berkeley Hunt) and Charlotte Hicks (East Cornwall Hunt) both scored the maximum points achievable of 1000. All the Area 5 Junior Girls had a clear cross-country round on a course that was designed by Joe Weller.

Grassroots Competition

This year was the fourth year of the Grassroots Tetrathlon competition. The competition is open to both branch and centre members but competitors must not have competed at Junior level tetrathlon or above at Regional or Area level competitions.

Competition outline:

  • Swim: 3 minutes
  • Shoot: 7 metres
  • Ride: Show Jumping course with a slip rail and a halt box
  • Heights: 2ft to 2ft 6in (60-75cm)
  • Run:1000 metres

Area 5 had two competitors gain the highly sought-after places in this competition both from Flint and Denbigh PC, Archie Lynch and Leah Lamb. Both put in fantastic performances and held their own against much older competitors in a class of 48! Archie achieved 2nd place with a shoot score of 840. He was 4th in the swim and 6th in the run. Leah came 18th with a very impressive shoot of 920 narrowly missing the award for Best Shoot which was 940. Both Archie and Leah rode clear.

Well done all Area 5 competitors!

Area 5 Dressage Results

Novice Results …

Intermediate results …

Open Results …

Name Horse Branch Team Col Score % Ind place Team Score Place
Lucy Dennis Clonguish Lady Ferro EC Blue a 49.5 175.5 70.2 4th Q F&D bale 492.5 5th
Carys Pryce Otter Tanatside 1a WD WD WD EC blue 513.5 2nd
Elin Pryce Tilda Tanatside 1b WD WD WD EC red 506.5 3rd
Jasmin Teague Goodness Me Tanatside 1c WD WD WD F&D 483.5 6th
Cerys Jones Grey Boy Tanatside 1d 47 168 67.2 Www 477
Orlagh Tioner Sheena Shadow F&D Bala b 44 159 63.6 Wl 458
Emily McParland Glasha Rover F&D Bala a 46 168.5 67.4 Anglesey 482.5
Anna Lloyd Roberts Morrigan Rochelle Dolgellau 1a 44 158 63.2 Chs 534.5 1st
Anna Preston Melynidg Wishful Thinking Dolgellau 1b 46 165.5 66.2 Chn 1 500.5 4th
Rhianna Williams Lottie Dolgellau 1c WD WD WD
Orla Stott Lucky Star 3rd CHS HC HC Hc Hc Hc Hc
Tabith Morris Rianwyn Jazmyne EC Blue c 46 167.5 67
Oscar Morris Irish Nemo EC Blue d 46.5 169 67.6
Macey Richmon Grey Bui EC Red c 46 159.5 63.8
Franesca Harris Waylands Sunnyside EC Red a 46 169 67.6
Zoe Hill Ice EC Red d 42.5 143.5 57.4
Mia Offley Timmy Time Bcf 47 169 67.6
Emily Varrkump Mrs Mop F&D Bala c 46 165 66
Sian Lind Aberllanarch Onyx F&D 1b 44.5 159 63.6
Libby Edwards Holly Hobbitt F&D 1c 45 160.5 64.2
Lunch break
Louise Evans Dexter F&D 1a 47 164 65.6
Annabel James Temple Ellie EC Blue b 48.5 169 67.6
Eliza Rosselli Magera Boy Sir WWW 2b 43 149 59.6
Ffion Coates Glyn Ceiriog Excalibur WL 1a 41 146 58.4
Katy Jones Chance WL 1b 43.5 153.5 61.4
Amelia Jones Victoria Engys WL 1c 44 158.5 63.4
Charlie Spencer Bert WL 1d 42 145 58
Eleri Owen Chip Anglesey 1c 47.5 170 68 8th
Daisy Bowles Betty Boop Anglesey 1d 45.5 164.5 65.8
David Richardson Pebbles Anglesey 1a 43 145.5 58.2
Milly McCarrick Chip Anglesey 1b 42.5 148 59.2
Ellie  Jones Rafa CHS 1b 48 168 67.2
Pheobe Deller Le Breos Bellringer CHS 1a 48.5 173.5 69.4 5th
Keeva Stott Keullough Pride CHS 1c 49.5 172.5 69 6th
Rose Diggle The Juggler CHS 1d 55 188.5 75.4 1st
Ella Booth Circus Song CHN 1a WD WD WD
Kiera Booth Deer Leep Ollie CHN 1b 47 166 66.4
Sophie Sellers Willoway Cabaret CHN 1c 46 169 67.6
Charlotte Sellers Kilmaine Pride CHN 1d 49 165.5 66.2
Emily Entwistle Arch Rival CHN 2a 50.5 181.5 72.6 2nd Q
Olivia Rogers Coco Bobby CHN 2b 50 155 62.2
Laura Cathie Otto CHN 2c
Zennor Harvey Opera Hill Sir WWW 2a 49 172.5 69 7th
Heath Roselli Chester Sir WWW 2c 46.5 155.5 62.2
Grace Wellings Duntally Georgio EC Red b 50.5 178 71.2 3rd Q
Intermediate Results …
Time Name Horse Branch Team Col Score % Ind place Team Score Place
1 12.3 Ciara McLellan Flambeau EC 1d 46 200 68.96 1st EC 591 1st Q
2 12.37 Lillian Sears Coleby Kate EC 1a 44.5 192 66.2 6th Chs 596
3 12.44 Alex-Jo Parsons Grange Franko EC 1b 46 189.5 65.34
4 12.51 Mary Goodridge Heath Robinon EC 1c 47 199 68.62 2nd
5 12.58 Emily McClean Dr Dolittle Tantanside * 45 191.5 66.03
6 1.05 Georgina Hayward George CHN * Hc Hc Hc Hc
7 1.12 Lucy Vicars JJ Dolgellau * 46 191.5 66.03
8 1.19 Ela Preston Morrigan Shae Dolgellau * 47 192.5 66.37 5th
9 1.26 Suzie Offley BCF * 46 195.5 67.41 4th
10 1.33 Mollie Riley Cephie CHS 2a 45 187 64.48
11 1.4 Orla Stott Ardfield Surprise CHS 2b 44 185.5 63.96
12 1.47 Abby Rimmer Rostons Mr Ree CHS 2c 45 186 64.14
13 1.54 Tyler Simpson Miss Millicent 2nd CHS 2d 47 196 67.58 3rd Q
Open Results …
Horse Branch Team Col Score % Ind. Place Team Score Place
Libgate Spirit BCF 1a 44 198.5 64.03 6th Bcfh 578.5 2nd
Tigin BCF 1b 44 189.5 61.13  Mixed 633 1st
William BCF 1c 43.5 190.5 61.45
Salute to Shannon Sir WWW * 47 203 65.48 4th Q
Bernwode Dimitri Sir WWW Mixed 50 215 69.35 1st
Newlands Sando Hit F&D Mixed 47.5 213.5 68.87 2nd
Balladeck Korsalite F&D Mixed 44 190.5 61.45
Onnie EC Mixed 46 204.6 65.96 3rd
Kefraya BCF * 45.5 199 54.19 5th Q

Cheshire Shield 2017 results

Please find attached a copy of the Cheshire Shield  Horse Trials results to include the Areas 4 & 5 results from Saturday’s competition. They will be published on the EC website asap.

As usual, this is an “Excel” document and therefore to move between the various classes and the team results you will need to select the appropriate tab on the bottom left of the page. Note also the team results are on a single page and you will need to scan across the page to see all four classes using the bar to the right of the tab bar.

Many thanks to all officials, volunteers, helpers etc. for ensuring that we had a splendid day and to the King family for making sure the infrastructure was so well presented and worked.

Thanks also to all you competitors, your parents, branch officials, family and friends for taking part so enthusiastically and for your messages of thanks.

We were glad to see you all and look forward to inviting you back to Somerford again.

The Cheshire Shield for 2018 is scheduled for the weekend of the 7th/8th July so make a note in your diaries now!

Regards … Geoff

Cubitt Award goes to Mary Evans

Mary-Area-5Mary Evans receiving her long overdue Cubitt Award and Bar for voluntary services to the Pony Club.

She was presented at the Cubitt Lunch in Stratford on Avon by the President of the Pony Club, The Lady Lloyd Webber.

Mary has worked tirelessly for Berwyn and Dee Branch for well over 30 years and is known for her dedication- always giving members’ interests priority.

Thank you Mary!!!

University of Chester Equestrian Club sunny fun at Bolesworth

We have had a great weekend helping in The Pony Club zone at The Equerry Bolesworth International Horse Show! Huge thanks go to our University of Chester Equestrian Club who volunteered on Saturday and to our Pony Club members who volunteered today – you were all great! People visiting the zone were able to learn about feeding, bandages and boots, points of a pony, racing and grooming! Our ponies Angus and Barney were very well behaved and enjoyed the attention!