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Entries Close: Monday 11th October 2021

£30 each, with £5 reduction for 2nd and subsequent siblings

What’s on offer:

  1. Shoot training – Meg Green will offer three classes:
    • Introduction to shooting for complete beginners who have never shot
    • Shoot coaching for those looking for guidance or practice
    • Practice under competition conditions for the experienced competitors
  1. Run training – Vicky McKinnon is an ex PC Tetrathlete, PE teacher and head coach at Knutsford Tri Club. She says ‘I believe that a positive outlook, along with a healthy and active lifestyle is fundamental to improving performance. No matter what your ability the focus should be on individual progress whilst having fun and enjoying your achievements.’ She will cover the various aspects of a good run performance.
  2. Pilates – Claire Godwin is an ex PC instructor. Her session will give a good indication of how Pilates can become a useful tool in your everyday life, including equestrianism and all sports, and how it can  minimise injuries and reduce recovery time. She will concentrate on Posture, Flexibility, Core strength, Co-ordination and Sense of well being.
  3. Performance Support – Reanne Benson works with people suffering pain or wishing to improve performance and uses techniques including massage, stretches, trigger point therapy and movement analysis. For us she will provide: ‘age adjusted performance support, taking into account physical and psychological factors affecting and contributing to athletic performance in and out of the saddle. This will include a brief theory session ranging from basic for the youngest to more technical for the seniors. Then they will do some dismounted exercises around balance, proprioception and conditioning.’

We are also in discussion with other trainers.

Under 8s:

  • The training is aimed at those who are 8 and over, but if there is enough interest from younger competitors we can add Bean Bag training and a ‘Meet the Animals’ session involving meerkats, skunks and reptiles. Price to be confirmed.
  • We need to know by Mon 20 Sept if you want this session so please email asap.


  • If there is enough interest we can include a Pilates session for parents. Price to be confirmed.
  • We need to know by Mon 20 Sept if you want this session so please email asap.

WLSJ – Berwyn and Dee-Tanatside – 14/11/21

The Berwyn and Dee and Tanatside Hunt
Branches of the Pony Club

Area 5 Winter League and Interbranch
Team and Individual Show jumping Competition

Sunday 14th November 2021
South View Competition & Training Centre, CW7 4DL

Winter League Show Jumping

Course Walk for Class 1 at 8.30am to start class at 9.00am.
There will be a course change between each class and a 10 min course walk before the start of each class.
All classes will be run as single phase. You must conform to current Covid regulations.

  • Class 1 9 years and under – 60cms
  • Class 2 11 years and under– 70cms
  • Class 3 Novice Class (any age) – 80cms
  • Class 3Q Spring Festival Debut (any age)– 80 cm
  • Class 4 Intermediate Class (any age) – 90cms
  • Class 4Q Spring Festival Debut (any age)– 90cm
  • Class 5 Open Class (any age) – 100cms
  • Rosettes: Teams and Individual to 6th place Prizes: 1st to 3rd Team and Individual
  • Contact Numbers on day: 07834151486
  • Refreshments available
  • Information prior to the competition will be emailed &/or published on the Tanatside Hunt Branch website .
  • Times will be available on the Tanatside Hunt Pony Club and Berwyn and Dee Pony Club FaceBook pages

AREA 5 Horse and Pony Care Competition

Centres Do Well on the day

A very successful Horse and Pony Care Competition was held at Pennant Park Centre September 5th hosted by Aberconwy Branch.  Thank you to John Gilbert and his team for organising the day.  It is a practical competition as much as a Quiz and the teams of 3 move round different “stations” which each have a particular topic.  There are now three classes – Mini, Junior and Senior and the winner of each class go forward to the Final in Lutterworth, October 23/24th.

There were 2 Centres – Springbank (Tushingham) and Gorswen (Anglesey) and  six Branches who took part (East Cheshire, Flint and Denbigh, Cheshire Hunt North, Anglesey, Aberconwy and Wynnstay).  Well done to them for supporting this worthwhile competition.

  • Mini Class – There were 10 teams entered.  The highest placed branch was East Cheshire but the overall winner was Springbank Centre who was entering for the very first time.  They were absolutely delighted to have done so well.
  • Junior Class – 10 teams again.  The winning team was Anglesey who will go forward but the 2nd placed team – Cheshire Hunt North has had an invitation too.
  • Senior Class – just two teams (Wynnstay Branch and Gorswen Centre) and the result was very close, just a few points between them but the winning team was Gorswen.

Gorswen, a relatively small Centre on Anglesey, deserves a special mention as they put forward SIX teams on the day and had obviously done a great deal of preparation.

GOOD LUCK to all teams going forward to the Championship.

AREA 5 16+ CAMP 2021

Belated report on the Area 5 16+ camp held in Somerford this year July 13th.  It was never a certainty that it would go ahead because of Covid but it did, and was a great success. There were 26 brave Campers this year.  There were 6 rides of 4 or 5.  The weather was perfect which always helps but the food was disappointing.  Catering was made more difficult by Covid as certain precautions had to be taken.  Fortunately, it was possible to eat outside in the sunshine.  Campers were given the option to arrive the night before and many took advantage of that.

We had some wonderful coaches – some of the best in the Area – including William Blane ex Chairman of PC Training.  Campers had coaching every day in Care, flatwork, Sjumping and XC.  An extra arena had been booked with a grid and every group had 30 minutes in there on Thursday.

On Monday evening, the topic was “What the Pony Club did for me”.  We had 3 speakers who spoke about the influence their time in the Pony Club had had on their professions.  We had a Tetrathlon shooter via Zoom, an Equine Physiotherapist and a Vet whose specialism was Cardiac.

The 2nd evening, we had a talk from an Equine Behaviour specialist when we saw how horses interact with each other and what their body language means.  This was followed by an Equine Quiz in teams.

On the 3rd evening, as is usual, campers were treated to Mucky games which ended in the inevitable water fight – all Covid compliant of course!  Great fun.

There were a number of falls but nobody injured and no horse went lame as far as I can remember. Somerford is an amazing place and we are lucky to have such a facility virtually on our doorstep.  I have to say, the behaviour of the campers was excellent apart from one or two latecomers to their ridden sessions.  Camp is all about being organised.

Thank you to the many Parents who helped especially Maggie Braunton(FnD), Sally Green(Gwynedd), Lisa Smith Edwards(FnD) and Bethan Edwards(FnD), Tina Owen(FnD), Alun Davies(FnD) and Anthea Pilkington.

The date next year is a provisional July 11th – 15th.  Put it in your diary.


Six Pony Club members tried and PASSED their B test RIDING in Radfords on Monday August 30th.

During this test, riders must show School movements on their own horse and then they have to ride a different horse and explain how the horse goes.  They then change tack if necessary, complete a Show Jumping round and ride a short XC course.

Five of the riders had already passed their B Care, so by passing their Riding they completed their B test. Riders were :-

  • Jasmin Teague – (Tanatside)
  • Connie garvey – (Tanatside)
  • Sophie Williams – (Berwyn & Dee)
  • Jess Roe – (Berwyn & Dee)
  • Tasmyn Green – (Gwynedd)
  • Ben Carke  – (Wynnstay) Riding only