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Centre Wins Top spot at the Area 5 Quiz

Aberconwy hosted the Area 5 Quiz on March 17th in Eglwysbach village hall.  It was a very exciting afternoon as the points were so close.  Running totals were given out after every few rounds which added to the atmosphere.  Thank you to Aberconwy Committee and to the scorers who produced the final results very quickly inspite  of having to do a recount because the points were so close.

There were nine teams forward. 

  • The highest points of the afternoon  went to Gorswen A team with 172 and they will go on to the Championships in Addington.
  • The Gorswen B team were 2nd Centre team with 153 points. 
  • The highest placed Branch team was Anglesey with 166 points and they will go to Addington too. 
  • 2nd were East Cheshire A team with 165 points. 
  • Equal 3rd were East Cheshire B and Berwyn and Dee A team.
  • 4th were Berwyn and Dee B team
  • 5th Aberconwy and
  • 6th Dwyfor

Well done to all for supporting the Quiz and a special well done to Dwyfor for raising a team when they have less than 20 members !

Good Luck to the qualifying teams when they get to the Champs.

Meg G

Area 5 Mold Triathlon Results

This is a long page …. apologies!

Downloads as .pdf’s

47Charlie BrownLudlow1529044880131111531113871q now
48Russell WingfieldAberconwy1924205498010229611339479n/a
49Jack StevensBrecon19278710820112410421055925q now
50Toby JohnsonEC212531351000112310391326492q now
51Gregor MontgomeryN Shrop172320608609108501240610
119Hamish PeffersWyL1839906808167931532366q now
52Ella BoothCHN152533286082098574688already Q
53Orlagh TonerF&D152220382079877759523q now
54Holly BaileyLudlow151988530095101579673
55Mary SaulN Shrop1519706600516748726622
56Macy MartlandWheelton151005728046251020100
57Rhiannon EvansWheelton1720964600710880728616
58Annabel JamesEC26781960820985649733q now
73Will AtkinsonBlackburn1217628320410775731667
74Jamie Fenn-ConwayBlackburn132147754058844659763
75Rufus TaylorCHS13260748808141087740640already Q
76Nathan CooperF&D1324945800612931659763q now
77Will Stone.F&D1328662740931129541997already Q
78Thomas BrownLudlow133064186092311895351015already Q
79Archie PeffersWyL1324746600624967611907
80Freddie JamesEC269338407121006631847q now
59Lana BoothCHN1227045740951135637829already q
60Florence ButlerCHS122256128207201030858406
61Madlen CarlickCHS1219561440059847717709
62Katie LangLancaster1222661168063904726682
63Scarlett BaileyLudlow122504766076988628856
64Megan SlawsonSir WWW122009136005820757589
65Amy MorrisWheatland12271948609101150717709q now
66Beatrice TaylorCHS13299719409181174619883already q
67Lucinda EvansLudlow1228022100080104571757already q
68Tilly EvansLudlow1327323900810107571757already q
69Matilda WallLudlow132450878079997729673
70Keira BoothCHN1426756900718102473751q now
71Millie-Sue LathamWheelton14110015040745915355
72Olivia BurnsEC2428986060895729673q now
101Siwan WilliamsAberconwy12w/d00
116Emily MasseyN Staffs122407106808121081738646
14Max AustinCHS82468560031188345985q now
19Gil HolmanN Staffs92713392042931446862q now
103Henry BatesSir WWW924676560416973422934
107Harry TaylorCHS1128981880515104549973already q
109Sam FletcherGlossop112058958023784542694
110Ben AdneyN Shrop112289864047946539703
111Finlay MontgomeryN Shrop1123227700320910536712
112Guy HolmanN Staffs112856288042299145985already Q
113Sam BurnsEC25014780220835438886q now
7Scarlett GilruthSir WWW82663384048949442874q now
81Lily WalmsleyWheelton9152923031388960640
82Lillie Jewes-PriceBlackburn1018112142024787612604
83Ellen ButlerCHS1026194880318904455835
84Constance WightF&D1026842900410955457829q now
85Gabriella SnapeGlossop1021461868021882961637
86Bella Spencer-BlowN Shrop102549878046943458826
87Olivia BexonN Staffs10189519180311883456832
88Matilda WaughSir WWW10223617560416973539703
89Abigail MulcasterCHS11253610860410955533721
90Harriet MatherCHS112480117204995254808
91Isabella StoneF&D112556776042299155805
92Leah LambF&D11284619005151045433901already Q
93Rosie PhilbinGlossop1125439720314892423931
94Jessica LavinLancaster1125856720571021452844
95Holly HudsonLancaster1124711378031489257799
96Gabby SaysellLancaster1126125780416973447859
97Abigail BradleyLudlow11242315660420985514778
99Ava PriestleyRyburn Valley11247312680413964457829
100Lucy MelchersWheelton1123941670047946524748
102Katie DuttonBlackburn182420400223844620580
104Willow BrittonBlackburn10168622520212811735355
120Lucie MyerscoughHaydock243714620422991458826
12Charles LavinLancaster925451740416973456832
15Thomas ColleyN Staffs816444340212811649493
16Joe MelchersWheelton817433400212811636532
18Sam NixonCHS923092660320910527739
13Harvey BrownCHS8158456800432904
1Ella CheethamBlackburn816441216022484761637
2Kitty CaldwellCHS82446592044937617589
3Helen JonesF&D823147680310880522754
4Lleucu NewtonF&D821519520319907532724
5Immy Spencer-BlowN Shrop824704800315895515775
6Evie-Mae DaviesN Staffs82392674022484755805
8Sophie MulcasterCHS926261800411958444868
9Eva TierneyCHS919421032034862520760
10Daisy StoneF&D926082920422991541697
11Carly SimcoxSir WWW924833840311883520760
115Lucy AtwellGlossop918201136022484769613
117Matilda WinsorSir WWW923118620318904511787
41Freddie Spencer-BlowN Shrop4176344201972748616
42George DuttonBlackburn62146268022781345685
43Edward CairnsWheelton611825320277964866
44Macsen NewtonF&D72089362022781344688
45Archie EvansTanatside72409182034862331727
46Thomas JamesEC1173628026793100
30Mia CheethamBlackburn4112010480040640
31Eos NewtonF&D4955125400515415
32Euanna TokdemirBlackburn517628440123769429553
33Pippa TierneyCHS51085114000345685
34Lia NunnerlyB&D620994480220835312784
35Leiyah Carter-LatifBlackburn61853636028799342694
36Anya RidleyWheelton61797740024787410610
37Elsie LaunderB&D72127358011775138796
38Mair HughesB&D720645460213814310790
39Immi GilruthSir WWW72450184030850320760
40Libby JamesEC170292602775351667
118Arabella WinsorSir WWW723162700218829311787
21Barry JamesEC29621860613111444988
23Andy PeffersWyL27502840419982424928
24Helen HolmanN Staffs20347580317901629553
25Lucy BexonN Staffs1976860561018434898
26Angie SlawsonSir WWW21156460410955540700
27Emily GilruthSir WWW24675560521006433901
28Sarah EvansTanatside26093900311883458826
29Mandy PeffersWyL2594472044937421937
Berwyn and Dee
Lia Nunnerly2099
Elsie Launder2127
Mair Hughes2064
Blackburn Bears
Will Atkinson1762
Jamie Fenn-Conway2147
Lillie Jewes-Price1811572021
Blackburn Buzzy Bees
Ella Cheetham1644
Euanna Tokdemir1762
Leiyah Carter-Latif1853525925
Blackburn Bumble Bees
Mia Cheetham1120
George Dutton2146
Willow Britton1686
Katie Dutton1824565623
Cheshire Hunt North
Ella Booth2533
Lana Booth2704
Keira Booth267579124
Cheshire Hunt South Rooks
Beatrice Taylor2997
Harry Taylor2898
Max Austin2468
Cheshire Hunt South Ravens
Rufus Taylor2607
Kitty Caldwell2446
Florence Butler2256
Sophie Mulcaster262676797
Cheshire Hunt South Crows
Madlen Carlick1956
Abigail Mulcaster2536
Harriet Mather2480
Cheshire Hunt South Magpies
Ellen Butler2619
Pippa Tierney1085
Eva Tierney1942
Sam Nixon2309687015
East Cheshire Tigers
Annabel James2678
Freddie James2693
Olivia Burns2428
Toby Johnson253179025
East Cheshire Lions
Thomas James1173
Libby James1702
Sam Burns2501537624
FnD Ladies
Constance Wight2684
Daisy Stone2608
Isabella Stone2556
Leah Lamb284681382
FnD lasses
Orlagh Toner2220
Helen Jones2314
Eos Newton955
Lleucu Newton2151668517
FnD Boys
Nathan Cooper2494
Will Stone.2866
Macsen Newton2089744911
Gabriella Snape2146
Sam Fletcher2058
Lucy Atwell1820
Rosie Philbin2543674716
Charles Lavin2545
Jessica Lavin2585
Holly Hudson2471
Gabby Saysell261277426
Ludlow Panthers
Scarlett Bailey2504
Tilly Evans2732
Lucinda Evans2802
Matilda Wall245080383
Ludlow Pumas
Holly Bailey1988
Thomas Brown3064
Abigail Bradley242374759
N Shrop Diamonds
Ben Adney2289
Finlay Montgomery2322
Bella Spencer-Blow2549
Immy Spencer-Blow2470734112
N Shrop Stars
Gregor Montgomery2320
Freddie Spencer-Blow1763
Mary Saul1970
N Staffs Pipegate
Evie-Mae Davies2392
Thomas Colley1644
Emily Massey2407644318
N Staffs Podmore
Gil Holman2713
Guy Holman2856
Olivia Bexon1895746410
Sir WWW Green
Matilda Waugh2236
Carly Simcox2483
Megan Slawson2009
Arabella Winsor2316703513
Sir WWW Blue
Henry Bates2467
Immi Gilruth2450
Scarlett Gilruth2663
Matilda Winsor231175808
Wheelton Stripes
Lily Walmsley1529
Macy Martland1005
Anya Ridley1797
Joe Melchers1743506926
Wheelton Spots
Edward Cairns1182
Lucy Melchers2394
Rhiannon Evans2096
Millie-Sue Latham1100567222
SENIOR BOYS28/10/201813/01/201903/03/2019TOTAL
Toby Johnson2887244125317859
Russell Wingfield2767237424207561
Gregor Montgomery2581213123207032
Rhiannon Evans1926212420966146
Orlagh Toner2078214222206440
Mary Saul198997919704938
Ella Booth2551239425337478
Rufus Taylor1864297726077448
Keira Booth2694254526757914
Megan Slawson2447179720096253
Lana Booth2802280627048312
Guy Holman2887287528568618
Finlay Montgomery2248238123226951
Ben Adney2524240422897217
Harry Taylor2951285528988704
Gil Holman740260727136060
Bella Spencer-Blow2390229825497237
Leah Lamb2903275228468501
Isabella Stone2596261425567766
Constance Wight2565259826847847
Olivia Bexon1844236118956100
Scarlett Gilruth2441243826637542
Thomas Colley1638190516445187
Harvey Brownbeaniebeanie15841584
Matilda Winsor1980222923116520
Daisy Stone2608237426087590
Immy Spencer-Blow2161214924706780
Helen Jones2505226723147086
Evie-Mae Davies2095233723926824
Macsen Newton2075209520896259
Archie Evans2242230924096960
Freddie Spencer-Blow1738149717634998
Mair Hughes2202203720646303
Immi Gilruth2347219124506988
Elsie Launder1348196721275442
Arabella Winsor2248229823166862

Pony Club National Tetrathlon Championships

August 10th-12th 2018

The 2018 Pony Club National Tetrathlon Championships were held at Offchurch Bury, Warwickshire. It was a fantastic weekend with competitors attending from all Areas across the country.

This was the first year that the National Championships had been held here, moving on from last years venue of Bishop Burton College and it proved to be a great choice for the event. The stabling, campsite, main marquee, food court and cross country course were all within a 5 minute walk of each other.  The cross country course had a great reception, although it was technically very challenging, the large number of “L” fences made it accessible for all.

There were some fantastic scores across the weekend with our Area 5 competitors performing brilliantly.

Open Boys

We had two Open Boys competing this year, Toby Johnson (East Cheshire) and Russell Wingfield (Aberconwy).

Toby was freshly back from his trip to the USA where he had been representing Great Britain for tetrathlon after taking part in a rigorous selection process. On the Friday evening, Toby, along with the other International team members spoke about their experiences and encouraged other up and coming competitors to aim for a spot in the squad in future years.  Toby performed brilliantly at the Nationals achieving 8th place with a clear ride (other than a few time faults).

Russell Wingfield had a great time at the Nationals with his horse Hugo, achieving a very respectable 9th place having faced stiff competition. Russell had a fantastic shoot of 960 achieving the Best Shoot in the Open Boys. Earlier in the month Russell was selected to represent Wales and Borders at the Regional 100 competition.

Junior Boys

Archie Peffers (Waen-y-Llyn) attended the Nationals for the first time having just moved up from Minimus. He gave a really solid performance and held his own against the more experienced competitors.

Junior Girls

It was great to see the return of Orlagh Toner (Flint and Denbigh) back to tetrathlon having achieved a qualifying place at our Area qualifier back in July at Warwick. She performed very well and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I’m sure we will be seeing a lot from Orlagh next year when she moves up into the Intermediate Girls category!


Leah Lamb (Flint and Denbigh) took part in the Grassroots competition at the championships. The Grassroots competition is open to both Branch and Centre Members of all ages who have not competed at Junior level Tetrathlon or above at Regional or Area Competitions. This year is the 5th year of the Grassroots Tetrathlon Competition at the Pony Club Tetrathlon Championships.

Leah did exceptionally well! The weekend started with her achieving a fantastic shoot of 960. This was the second best shoot out of a class of 52 people!  Leah held her own in the other three disciplines and ended up finishing in 9th place! Well done Leah – what a great result!

Area 5 National Tetrathlon Championship Qualifier 2018

Ed: If anyone would like to send me photos to put with this report, please send to

July 14- 15th, 2018

The Area 5, 7 and 9 National Tetrathlon Championship Qualifier 2018 took place at both Whitfield Farm, Ettingham, Warwick, courtesy of the Wakeham family (cross country ride, shoot and run phases) and at the Newbold Comyn Leisure Centre, Leamington Spa (swim phase).

It was a fantastic event! All those that took part commented on the lovely atmosphere! We were all made to feel exceptionally welcome by the Wakeham family. Many of our competitors enjoyed camping and stabling with the Hutsby family who are local to the event.

The Chief Stewards for the weekend were Andy Frame and Judy Hardcastle.  They were both exceptionally impressed with the cross country course and going considering the lack of rain. The whole course had been watered and where necessary the rutted ground had been rolled and crushed to remove the lumps and bumps. The Wakeham family were still checking and preparing the ground on the evening prior to the event to ensure it was as good a surface as possible for the competitors and their horses.

Area 5 had competitors in the Open Boys, Junior Girls, Junior Boys, Mini Girls, Mini Boys and Tadpole Girls classes.

  • Russell Wingfield (Open Boy) from Aberconwy came in 2nd place with some stiff competition achieving the highest ride score of the boys qualifying for the National Championships.
  • Orlagh Toner (Junior Girl) from Flint and Denbigh had a fantastic clear ride on a technical course qualifying for the National Championships.
  • Archie Peffers (Junior Boy) from Waen-y-Llyn was placed 5th qualifying for the National Championships with a clear cross country ride. Archie said that he enjoyed the cross country course so much he would like to go round again!
  • Leah Lamb (Mini Girl) from Flint and Denbigh came in 6th place. Leah had the smallest pony, at 11.2hh, of the day to go around the cross country course! She was absolutely delighted to achieve an almost clear cross country ride with only one very unlucky stop.
  • Isabella Stone (Mini Girl) from Flint and Denbigh put in a very credible performance. Well done Isabella.
  • Thomas Johnson (Mini Boy) from Cheshire Hunt South achieved 2nd place.
  • Daisy Stone (Tadpole Girl) from Flint and Denbigh came in 2nd place with Best Swim.
  • Constance Wright (Tadpole Girl) from Flint and Denbigh came in 4th place with Best Shoot.
  • Polly Johnson (Tadpole Girl) from Cheshire Hunt South achieved 5th place! A great performance by all our Tadpole Girls in a tough class of 12 competitors.
  • Toby Johnson (Open Boy) – East Cheshire also gained a place to compete at the National Championships as Toby is currently part of the GB International Tetrathlon team competing in the USA.

The National Tetrathlon Championships which are to be held on August 9th – 12th at Offchurch Bury near Leamington Spa. The Grassroots Tetrathlon competition is to be held at the same venue on August 10 – 11th.