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Area 5 National Tetrathlon Championship Qualifier 2018

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July 14- 15th, 2018

The Area 5, 7 and 9 National Tetrathlon Championship Qualifier 2018 took place at both Whitfield Farm, Ettingham, Warwick, courtesy of the Wakeham family (cross country ride, shoot and run phases) and at the Newbold Comyn Leisure Centre, Leamington Spa (swim phase).

It was a fantastic event! All those that took part commented on the lovely atmosphere! We were all made to feel exceptionally welcome by the Wakeham family. Many of our competitors enjoyed camping and stabling with the Hutsby family who are local to the event.

The Chief Stewards for the weekend were Andy Frame and Judy Hardcastle.  They were both exceptionally impressed with the cross country course and going considering the lack of rain. The whole course had been watered and where necessary the rutted ground had been rolled and crushed to remove the lumps and bumps. The Wakeham family were still checking and preparing the ground on the evening prior to the event to ensure it was as good a surface as possible for the competitors and their horses.

Area 5 had competitors in the Open Boys, Junior Girls, Junior Boys, Mini Girls, Mini Boys and Tadpole Girls classes.

  • Russell Wingfield (Open Boy) from Aberconwy came in 2nd place with some stiff competition achieving the highest ride score of the boys qualifying for the National Championships.
  • Orlagh Toner (Junior Girl) from Flint and Denbigh had a fantastic clear ride on a technical course qualifying for the National Championships.
  • Archie Peffers (Junior Boy) from Waen-y-Llyn was placed 5th qualifying for the National Championships with a clear cross country ride. Archie said that he enjoyed the cross country course so much he would like to go round again!
  • Leah Lamb (Mini Girl) from Flint and Denbigh came in 6th place. Leah had the smallest pony, at 11.2hh, of the day to go around the cross country course! She was absolutely delighted to achieve an almost clear cross country ride with only one very unlucky stop.
  • Isabella Stone (Mini Girl) from Flint and Denbigh put in a very credible performance. Well done Isabella.
  • Thomas Johnson (Mini Boy) from Cheshire Hunt South achieved 2nd place.
  • Daisy Stone (Tadpole Girl) from Flint and Denbigh came in 2nd place with Best Swim.
  • Constance Wright (Tadpole Girl) from Flint and Denbigh came in 4th place with Best Shoot.
  • Polly Johnson (Tadpole Girl) from Cheshire Hunt South achieved 5th place! A great performance by all our Tadpole Girls in a tough class of 12 competitors.
  • Toby Johnson (Open Boy) – East Cheshire also gained a place to compete at the National Championships as Toby is currently part of the GB International Tetrathlon team competing in the USA.

The National Tetrathlon Championships which are to be held on August 9th – 12th at Offchurch Bury near Leamington Spa. The Grassroots Tetrathlon competition is to be held at the same venue on August 10 – 11th.

Report – C Test Assessor Training

On 19th April, Area 5 ran a C Test Assessor Training evening at one of their Pony Club linked Centres Cheshire Riding Stables.

The evening was oversubscribed and included coaches booked on from as far as Anglesey, also included a visiting Coach from neighbouring Area 4 and our very own Area Representative Meg Green. It was also good that 3 of the staff from CRS joined us on the course, as they were so professional and made sure riders and ponies had been well prepared.

We had a fantastic welcome from Phillipa and her team at CRS, the yard was busy when we arrived with lots of children coming for their weekly riding sessions.

As part of the training course we used members and ponies from CRS for a ridden session in the beautiful outdoor Arena.  The group of trainee Assessors were able to discuss and watch the riders directed by Area 5 Coach/Assessor Rosemary Clarke.

The members demonstrated a good level of horsemanship and riding skills, it was a real pleasure to see such great members and ponies.

We look forward to coming back to CRS really soon!

Thank you … Katy Powell Jones

B Test Results

B test Horse and Pony Care, 5th April 2018 at Pennant Park.

Congratulations to six Area 5 members who passed today.

  • Zahra Bennett (F&D)
  • Emily Vaarkamp (F&D)
  • Cerys Murphy (Gwynedd)
  • Mary Goodridge (EC)
  • Lauren Hodgson (Gorswen)
  • Tyler Simpson (CHS)

Lovely weather and even better results!

Thank you to Carl Crofts for some excellent training and for hosting the test. Also to the assessors Katy Powell Jones and John Gilbert Patterson, who ran a very efficient test today.

Thanks … Debbie Miller

Area 5 Winter League Show Jumping Final Results …

Angl E.Ch Gwyn Tan&B&De Dwyf&Dol B.Ch.F FandD WWW Ch.H.S W.y.Llyn Ch.H.N TOTAL
CLASS 1 16.9.17 1.10.17 15.10.17 12.11.17 26.11.17 10.12.17 6.1 .18 21.1.18 4.2.18 25.2.18 3.3.18 Points CLASS 1
Aberconwy 5 5 5 3 6 5 5 5 5 5 5 54 Aberconwy 2nd
Anglesey 4 4 5 13 Anglesey 3rd
Berwyn & Dee 5 5 Berwyn & Dee 5th
Cheshire South 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 60 Cheshire South 1st
Dwyfor 3 3  Dwyfor
East Cheshire 4 4 East Cheshire 6th
Sir WWW 3 4 7 Sir WWW 4th
Aberconwy 1 2 5 2 2 2 3 17 Aberconwy 4th
Anglesey 3 2 5 Anglesey
Berwyn & Dee 3 3 Berwyn & Dee
Burton Ches For 4 3 3 3 3 16 Burton Ches For 5th
Cheshire South 6 6 6 6 5 6 6 6 5 6 58 Cheshire South 1st
Dolgell 5 4 4 4 4 6 4 5 4 4 44 Dolgell 2nd
East Cheshire 5 2 4 5 16 East Cheshire 6th
Flint & Denbigh 2 5 5 6 5 6 5 34 Flint & Denbigh 3rd
Gwynedd 4 3 7 Gwynedd
Tanatside  1 4 5 Tanatside 
Waen y Llyn 3 3 Waen y Llyn
Berwyn & Dee 6 4 6 16 Berwyn & Dee 3rd
Burton Ches For 5 5 Burton Ch. For
Cheshire South 6 6 5 17 Cheshire South 2nd
East Cheshire 6 4 6 3 5 4 6 34 East Cheshire 1st
Flint & Denbigh 6 2 3 11 Flint & Denbigh 5th
Gwynedd 6 6 Gwynedd 6th
Sir WWW 2 5 5 12 Sir WWW 4th
Tanatside  3 3 Tanatside 
Waen y Llyn 5 5 Waen y Llyn
Burton Ches For 4 4 Burton Chesh For 5th
Cheshire South 5 6 6 6 6 6 35 Cheshire South 1st
East Cheshire 6 6 East Cheshire 4th
Flint & Denbigh 5 6 6 17 Flint & Denbigh 2nd
Tanatside  5 5 10 Tanatside  3rd