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Report – NFU Mutual National Quiz 2016 – Area 5

Once again Aberconwy hosted the Area 5 round of the quiz, and once again the riders impressed with the things they knew, and with some of the things they didn’t.

The winning branch was CHN’s Oreos team and the winning centre was Pennant Park’s Horace team; hopefully they will let us know how they get on at the final. It was good to see new teams from both centres (Gorswen) and branches (Anglesey). They all acquitted themselves well, despite having some very young members.

We were privileged to have Meg Green in attendance: Sandie introduced her to the teams which immediately gave them the answer to one of the questions. We then wasted no time in putting Meg to work helping with the scoring.

Round 1 was The Pony Club, which is where our Area Rep came in. Similar questions are asked every year so experience doing the quiz helped here. Round 2 was a new one on Turnout of Horse and Rider which the DCs will be pleased to know produced consistently high scores. Round 3 was on Well Known Equestrian Venues, some of which proved to be less than well known although HOYS, Olympia and Appleby were identified by most teams. Round 4 was the practical round. This is done individually so some of the younger members had to identify quite complicated bits on their own. Experience of a wide range of horses helps with this round. Next came round 5 which is done in pairs with the younger two answering questions on Points of the Pony and the older two having Horses Ailments. The winning CHN team, the Pennant Park Sunny team and Cheshire Riding School Team 2 all gave faultless answers to this section so the ponies seem to be in safe hands. The Missing Words and Numbers in round 6 proved more of a challenge. This was a bit like doing a crossword where you either understood what was intended or the clue seemed meaningless. Everyone knew that you can’t make a horse drink, but relatively few knew that the wind of heaven blows between his ears. Round 7 was All The Queen’s Horses. The Queen is certainly connected to a lot of horses from her first pony Peggy, to her longstanding ride Burmese, the race horses she owns and the Fell and Highland ponies she supports. Finally it was the  picture round, where the parents knew Red Rum, some of the older adults knew Champion the Wonder Horse and the children all knew Spirit (cartoon television horse apparently). Scott Brash should be pleased to know that more teams identified him than any of the other famous faces.

Then it was a quick count up and Meg gave out the rosettes. Everyone looked very smart in their sweatshirts and it had been a colourful sight with the different branches and centres. Hopefully those who gave it a first go this year will be back again next year, and more will join them for this friendly but useful quiz.

Penny Wingfield

Winter League Final Results

The Final competition of the Winter League took place in Bold Heath on Sat 27th February 2016.

It was very well supported  so well done everyone.

Only Class 2 had a clear winner which could not be caught on the day but all other classes had to be worked for and competition was fierce.  See Table for scores.

  • Class 1 was won by Cheshire Hunt South, 2nd Flint and Denbigh
  • Class 2 was won by Flint and Denbigh, 2nd Cheshire South
  • Class 3 was won by Flint and Denbigh, 2nd Cheshire South
  • Class 4 was won by East Cheshire, 2nd Flint and Denbigh

Congratulations to those teams and to their trainers.

Well done to those smaller Branches who travelled and competed even though they knew they could not win – very sporting.

Download the final table here – Winter League Table 2015/16 FINAL

A Huge Thank You …

… to the Branches who have organised our Area Eventing;

  • Geoff and his super efficient team from East Cheshire
  • our Area 5 Show Jumping, Chris Kirby
  • Cheshire Hunt South and Liz Boothroyd
  • Waen y LLyn and their working parties.

I cannot mention everybody but so many people gave up their whole day for these competitions (and days before too) and without them the competitions could not go ahead.

Both Area qualifiers ran without a hitch at two super venues, Somerford and Bolesworth. Both were showcases for how events should be organised as was the Area Dressage at Somerford earlier.

Flint and Denbigh Eventing

open team11312

Flint and Denbigh Branch have qualified for the Pony Club Championships in both the Open Team Eventing, Ant Woodbine, Brier Leahy, Lois Roberts and Sophie Toogood and Open Team Show Jumping, Lois Roberts, Heidi O’Brien, Brier Leahy and Sophie Toogood, Heidi, Brier and Sophie also qualified individually. Brier has also qualified for the Individual Intermediate Dressage.

Lucy Roberts has qualified for the Novice Show Jumping on Alfie, well done Lucy and Sophie Wilson has qualified in the Intermediate Eventing on Lookout Lollipop!

Best of Luck Flint and Denbigh!