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Area 5 Dates 2021 (UPDATED 11/05/21)

AREA 5 DATES 2021/2022


AREA 5 DATES 2021/22  as of  May 11th

Please note – attendance at any of the following activities depends on the Covid restrictions at the time of the event.

  • May 12/15th Windsor H Show – now July 1-4th
  • May 17th and 24th – B Care Practical
  • May 28th – STEP ONE Zoom
  • May 31st – Area 4 and 5 Polocrosse Training – JF Polo Academy
  • June 1st – STEP ONE Ridden – Equiti
  • June 12th – B Care TEST
  • June 4/6th – Jun Int Tet Moreton Morrell
  • June 13th – WWW SJ The Greaves
  • June 19th – AREA SJ – CHS – Bolesworth
  • June 26/27th – AREA 5 Tet Qual. Mostyn
  • July 1/4 – Windsor Horse show – PC Dressage, Tet and SJ Teams
  • July 3rd – AREA Horse Trials – E Ch – Somerford
  • July 11th – AREA Dressage – FnD – Llandyrnog
  • July 13/16th – Incl AREA 5 16+ Camp – Somerford
  • July 17/19th – Camp – Gwynedd – Somerford
  • July 16/20th – E Ch Branch Camp Somerford
  • July 21/25th – CHN Camp – Somerford
  • July 25/29th – Camp BChF – Somerford
  • August 5/9th – Aberconwy Branch Camp – Somerford
  • August 7/8 – Tet Sen International
  • Aug 12/ 22nd – PONY CLUB CHAMPS – Offchurch, Bury
    Week 1 – Tet, MG, Polocrosse and Polo
    Week 2 – Dressage, SJ and Eventing
  • September 4th  – Anglesey WL SJ  
  • September 5th – AREA 5 H and P Care – Aberconwy Branch
  • October 3rd – East Cheshire WL SJ. Somerford
  • October  23/24th – Horse and Pony Care FINAL – Highcross Equestrian Centre, Leicester



Annabel’s Story – National Tetrathlon 2019 Champs

Annabel James (East Cheshire) won the Intermediate Girls competition at the National Tetrathlon Championships. This is Annabel’s story…

On Thursday night we left for the Pony Club Tetrathlon Championships. Once we had got the horses settled in, we made plans for the busy day of shooting and swimming, everyone was very excited. I wasn’t shooting until 2pm on Friday afternoon, leaving what seemed like a very long morning as I was quite nervous, but it also meant I had time to ride Cloudy and get organised in plenty of time. It felt rather strange starting the competition so late, as usually the older competitors are on first.

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REPORT -The National Tetrathlon Championships and Grassroot Championships – 9th-12th August 2019

Well done to all our Area 5 competitors who successfully qualified to the National Tetrathlon Championships.

Open Boys

  • Toby Johnson (East Cheshire)

Intermediate Girl

  • Annabel James (East Cheshire)
  • Ella Booth (Cheshire Hunt North)

Junior Boys

  • Rufus Taylor (Cheshire Hunt South)
  • Archie Peffers (Waen-y-Llyn)
  • Freddie James (East Cheshire)

Junior Girls

  • Beatrice Taylor (Cheshire Hunt South)
  • Aisling Stott (Cheshire Hunt South)
  • Madlen Carlick (Cheshire Hunt South)
  • Florence Butler (Cheshire Hunt South)
  • Lana Booth (Cheshire Hunt North)
  • Kiera Booth (Cheshire Hunt North)

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Three Rallies Rule

The basic rule under PC Rules as per the Handbook (Rule 10.9 page 45) is that for Area Competitions and above, Members must have been to a minimum of three working rallies since the previous 1st July, to be eligible to represent their Branch. Camp counts as one Working Rally.

However the various sports have specific rules that elaborate on this and the rules also have rules for riders and horses/ponies in some cases different or more prescriptive

For 2019 Areas see below :

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