Grassroots 2016

The Pony Club Grassroots Championships 2016

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(Revised – 26th April 2016)
Information for Competition Organisers & Competitors

Overview …. The Pony Club Grassroots Championships is a new entry level Team Competition in Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing* reserved for the more novice Branch and Centre Members.

Each Area will hold a competition where teams will qualify for the Regional Championships. The Pony Club is committed to making every effort to ensure that approximately 40 teams come
forward to each of the Regional Championships in both dressage and Show Jumping.

*EventingIt is planned that Eventing will be introduced in 2017 but Areas are welcome to run a test event in 2016 using the following eligibility rules (this will not qualify for a championship
Combination never to have competed at BE90 or above and has never been placed in the top 10 at BE80 level.

Rules will run in line with discipline Rule Book unless different below.

Eligibility Rules

  • Open to any age of Member (Branch or Centre) with any size of horse or pony.
  • At the time of the Grassroots Area competition rider must not have previously represented their Branch or Centre at Novice level or above in any of Dressage, Show Jumping or  Eventing Area Competitions.
    EXCEPT that for 2016 Grassroots Competition a Member who has represented their Branch or Centre at Novice level dressage in 2015 or previous years may compete in Grassroots Show Jumping.

    • If they have competed in Dressage at Intermediate or Open level previously, then they are NOT eligible for Grassroots in any discipline.
    • If they have competed in Novice Dressage previously then they may not do Grassroots Dressage this year or any year.
    • If they do Novice Dressage in 2016 they may not do Grassroots in any discipline in 2016 or 2017 or thereafter.
  • If a Rider qualifies for the Grassroots Regional Championships in one discipline, they will subsequently in the same year be allowed to ride at Novice level in another discipline as long as they did not compete in that discipline at Grassroots level.
    e.g. Rider qualified for Dressage Grassroots Regional Championship, therefore they can compete in the later Area qualifier for Novice Show Jumping or Eventing as they only represented the Branch in dressage at the Grassroots Area qualifier.
  • Riders must be fully paid up Members of The Pony Club, but with no restriction on time of joining. The 14 month exclusion as part of the Transfer Rule does not apply to the Grassroots Competition.
  • Saddlery and Dress Rules are as per the current Discipline Rule Books.
  • Dressage – Combination must not have competed above Prelim level with British Dressage.
  • Show Jumping – Combination to have no British Show Jumping recorded results at 90cm or above.

Number to Qualify
The top 10 teams from each Area in Dressage and Show Jumping will qualify for the Regional Championship Final. Each team will have either 3 or 4 members. If a qualified team chooses not to enter the Championship Final the qualification will pass down the line to the next placed team.

Team rosettes will be awarded to 10th place.
At the organiser’s discretion special rosettes and / or prizes may be given for the best individual competitors and / or the best individual competitors aged 12 and under as at January 1st 2016.

The test to be used is The Pony Club Grassroots Dressage Test 2016. The size of arena is 20m x 40m. The test is available to download from Score sheets are available to purchase from The Pony Club shop.
Tests can be called at the qualifiers but not at the Regional Finals.
Judges must be currently listed with British Dressage.

The competition is to be run in accordance with Rule 36 in the 2016 Pony Club Show Jumping Rule Book. The whole team will jump two rounds followed by a jump off against the clock if required.

Area Competition
There is to be a minimum of 10 fences and the course must not exceed 450m at a speed of 325 mpm.

Minimum Judge requirement: One BS Level 1 Judge and one BS Trainee Judge.
(For info BS categories are listed below):
• Trainee Judge (formerly Prospective Judge)
• Level 1 Judge (formerly Associate Judge)
• Level 2 Judge (formerly 1* Judge or Full Judge)
• Level 3 Judge (formerly 2* Judge)

Course Designer requirement: BS Level one Course Designer or above
• Trainee Course Designer (formerly Prospective Course Designer)
• Level 1 Course Designer (formerly Club Course Designer)
• Level 2 Course Designer (formerly Assistant Course Designer)
• Level 3 Course Designer (formerly Associate Course Designer)
• Level 4 Course Designer (formerly Median Course Designer)
• Level 5 Course Designer (formerly Advanced Course Designer)
If Organisers have difficulties finding available officials they should contact the Pony Club Show Jumping Chairman or Secretary for assistance.

First Round

  • Max height in the first round is 80 cm
  • The first part of the course in the first round should be lower than the maximum height.
  • No oxer may be wider than it is high.
  • In the first round there is to be no double or treble combination, only single fences. For all Pony Club jumping related distances must be on at least four strides.
  • All distances should be suitable for horses.
  • Water trays are not to be used.

Second Round

  • In the second round the maximum height is to be 80 cm but two single fences will be 85cm.
  • No oxer may be wider than it is high. In the second round there is to be one double combination consisting of two uprights on two non-jumping strides no more than 80cm high.
  • All distances should be suitable for horses.
  • Water trays are not to be used.

The Course Designer must pay particular attention to Rule 20 in the Pony Club Show Jumping Rule Book 2016.

  • In the event of a timed jump-off the Course Designer should discourage excessive speed by designing a track that rewards the ability to turn tight to a fence and does not have long
    straight runs between fences.


  • Results from the Area Competitions with the Qualifying Teams and Rider horse/pony names must be provided to the Pony Club after the Area qualifying competition.
  • Substitution of team members and/or horses is only permitted for medical or veterinary reasons.
  • At least two of the combinations of horse and rider must be the same as those who rode at the qualifiers. If a team qualifies with only three members a fourth eligible member may be added to the team for the Regional Championships.
  • All these rules and others are in the Pony Club Show Jumping and Dressage Rule Books 2016. Although Grassroots is not listed in the 2016 rules, the same general rules will apply as for Novice, Intermediate and Open levels.

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