Tuesday November 20, 2018
DBS – Paper Method

DBS Disclosure – Paper

If an applicant does not have access to a computer the DBS can be completed in a paper format. (Click Here)

Previous check completed within the previous twelve months


2)    Branch confirms applicant’s identity and completes the bottom of the CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK COVER SHEET with THE VOLUNTEER’S SELF DECLARATION FORM.

3)    The Branch retains a copy and one copy to be sent in to The Pony Club Office, Stoneleigh.

No previous check

1)    Branch gives volunteer a DBS DISCLOSURE APPLICATION FORM.

2) Volunteer completes  and returns to Branch along with identity documents

a)    DBS DISCLOSURE APPLICATION FORM –  (Sections A,B,C and E only) in BLACK ink and BLOCK CAPITALS. Please leave Section D blank. If forms have to be returned due to errors, a fee of £5 will be charged, so please read instructions carefully.


3)    Branch verifies volunteers identity and completes the bottom of this DBS DISCLOSURE APPLICATION FORM, what documents were seen and signs and dates the form.

a)    The ID checkers will need to fill in the registered body use only boxes in Section A, B to verify the applicant’s details and Section W. DO NOT fill in Section D, X, Y, Z

b)    Branch/Centre CPO sends the DISCLOSURE APPLICATION FORM together with the CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK COVER SHEET and the administration fee (made payable to British Horse Society) to The Pony Club Office, Stoneleigh. (Volunteer £10, Employed £54). Do not send forms to DBS or the BHS.

4)    The form is checked and a record made before it is forwarded to the BHS Approvals Department and the DBS.

5)    DBS sends disclosure report back to BHS Approvals Department and volunteer.

6)    BHS Approvals Department informs The Pony Club Office of the result. Branch informed.

In the event of the Disclosure indicating a relevant conviction or other information the applicant has the right to appeal to the Pony Club Review and Appeals Committee.

7)    Disclosure report retained by BHS Approvals Department for 6 months before secure shredding.