Monday October 25, 2021
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Supervised: Coaches /Instructors

Supervised: Coaches / Instructors

  • Must not earn their main income from coaching riding.
  • They may be paid to coach for The Pony Club.
  • They must be supervised by a Fully Accredited Coach (category 1), the DC, or any other official who fulfills the requirements for category 1.

1. Present on the Pony Club Instructor Database.

2. Attended a Pony Club “Instructor CPD” course in the past 2 years.

3. Pony Club Instructors folder

Where Supervised Coaches are coaching regularly (i.e. four or more times within any 30 day period) a DBS (or PVG or Access NI) check and attendance at a Safeguarding & Protecting Children workshop is required.

4. Have a current DBS (CRB)

5.  Attended a “Safeguarding & Protecting Children Workshop”

1. Present on Pony Club Database

In order to teach for The Pony Club, all Instructors/coaches must either be Verified by Pony Club or accredited coach for BEF discipline body.  To become present on the Pony Club Instructor Database, a branch must share the Instructors contact details with Pony Club Main Office.  An instructor may not be added to the database without the referral by a branch.

BEF Accredited Coach

Accredited coaches for another BEF discipline body (British Eventing, British Dressage, British Showjumping, UK Polocrosse Association etc.) may be used in The Pony Club but only for the discipline that they are accredited in.

2. Attended a Pony Club “Instructor CPD” course in the past 2 years.

To satisfy at least one of the following Continual Professional Development (CPD) requirements:

  • Have attended a Pony Club Instructor CPD (accreditation) course in the past two years.  Check online for training courses.
  • Be present on the current BHS register of instructors (can be viewed on the BHS website)
  • Have achieved UKCC Level 1 or 2 with The Pony Club (received their certificate and their assessment must have been taken in the past two years).

Check under Area 9 Training Dates for  “Instructor Continued Professional Development Courses”

3. Have a Current DBS (CRB)

Click Here for information on how to obtain current DBS.

4. Have a current First Aid certificate

Pony Club no longer offers first aid training.   First Aid certificates may be obtained by attending a course.  Check online training for first aid course options.

See Area 9 Adult Training Dates for  “First Aid Course Options”

5. Attended a “Safeguarding & Protecting Children Workshop”

See Area 9 Adult Training Dates for “Safeguarding &  Protecting Children Workshop ”

6. Pony  Club Instructors folder

Supervised: Coaches / Instructors Should have access to a copy of the “Pony Club Instructors Folder”