Wednesday October 24, 2018
> 2013 – Irish Tetrathlon


Alice and Libby are with the Ledbury Pony Club

Tales of Alice and Libby competing at a Tetrathlon in Ireland

We had an amazing time in Ireland, the horses travelled very well.
Our camp site and stabling were at Clonshire equestrian home of the Limerick Hunt.
The whole England team were lovely and the girls had a great time and met lots of new friends.

The competition was a bit different to ours !! shooting on modern pentathlon targets with a 5 minute practise and you could shoot as many shots as you like, then another 8 minutes to shoot 10 competition shots, during this everyone around was talking, very different atmosphere. Swimming same as here, however in the running groups of 4 would set off every 30 seconds, proved to be very effective as both ran pb’s this year. All competitors were tagged with a chip to record their times. Riding course again very challenging with not many clears, they were set off in minute intervals so more like a mass team chase. Alice had a speedy clear, and Libby had a few problems at the trakaner. Prize giving finished at 10.15 pm !!! (we must never moan about ours in the UK again).

No one was sure of final scores as they weren’t put up, (very irish), Alice worked out she would have been somewhere in the top 10, and her International team supposedly won and was awarded a lovely glass trophy, Libs team finished 6th.
Amazing weekend and summer of Tet, sad this season is over for the girls, can’t wait until next year. Thought you might like to see a few photo’s.

A funny party Saturday night, theme being tight and bright, the girls along with 78 other’s crammed into a horse box to the local town of Adare where they made very welcome by the Irish on their pub crawl. This could only happen in Tet.