Wednesday October 24, 2018
>Young Equestrian Leaders Award

Wonderful Volunteering Scheme for Pony Club Members.

YELA is a great scheme that enables young people (aged 13-25) who love the sport of equestrianism to volunteer their time and gain an award into the bargain.

From a pony club member –  “It is a volunteering award.  I completed the Bronze level which involved me volunteering a minimum of twenty hours over at least an eight week period. I found the hours very easy to complete and they included me helping on a Monday evening with Jennifer’s pony club rally, yard duties, jump judging at a cross country event, updating the North West Kent Pony Club website and I also taught as a junior instructor.  I was surprised at how quickly the twenty hours built up.  I did this award as a way of improving my cv by way of volunteering in a sport that I am already passionate about and hope that by doing this it may help with my university application. It has also counted as Community and Service, (CAS) hours for my sixth form. The completed hours were logged in a handbook and signed each time by the person for whom I volunteered.   I greatly enjoyed the hours I spent at Mount Mascal, was pleased with myself for finishing the award and even happier when I received a lovely ‘t’ shirt, bronze pin badge and certificate as a reward from YELA.

It is easy to participate in a sport you love, but sometimes harder to give time by volunteering but was definitely a worthwhile experience which I would highly recommend.”

The award runs over three progressive levels that must be taken in turn: 20 hours for Bronze,  Silver requires an additional 40 hours of volunteering plus having achieved the Bronze Award.  The Gold Award requires 60 hours on top of achieving the Silver level.

To complete the Bronze award you must complete 20 hours of volunteering with at least one BEF member body (evidenced in your Bronze award log book). Once completed you will be asked to submit answers to the Bronze level questions, these are questions about your volunteering experience. The questions will reflect the places and activities during your volunteering experience. The Silver award requires that you volunteer with at least two BEF Member Bodies, the Gold requires hours for three Member Bodies.

YELA is a new and exciting award that has been developed by Riding for the Disabled (RDA) for the British Equestrian Federation (BEF) in consultation with many of its Member Bodies to increase and encourage the number of young people volunteering in the Equestrian industry.

The award is open to all young people between the ages of 13 and 25. They must fully complete an application form and send it back to head office and their log book will be issued to them. No hours may be back dated. Hours may be counted from volunteering with any BEF Member Body.

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