Saturday December 15, 2018
>17Feb – Mounted Games Training Report


On Monday 17th February 2014,  Area 9 members had a lovely day at Summerhouse learning all about Mounted Games.  In total 83 members participated with the juniors in the morning and seniors in the afternoon.  The morning and afternoon sessions were split into 3 groups and each took it in turn to train in three different areas.  One area was run by Marian Harding from the mounted games committee, where members learnt how to do the old sock race and the bottle race for juniors and the bin shooter race for seniors.  In a different section the members learnt the art of leaning in the bending race and the precision of the mug race.  In the third section members were on foot and learnt all about the art of balancing by skipping on space hoppers and throwing and catching on wobbly boards.  There were lots of lovely smiles to be seen and every member attending received a rosette for attending.  Thank you to all those that made the day possible.