Tuesday November 20, 2018
>Branch Forms for Online DBS – updated

In support of the Online Process, the Branch needs to complete 2 forms:

1.Complete a Disclosure Services Form which identifies the “Id Checker(s)” for each branch.  Print and Complete the Disclosure Services -Form of Agreement (click here for form) and send to Hannah at PCHQ.   It is only necessary to complete the following:

PAGE 4: Child Protection Officer should complete fields in middle of page:


PAGE 6: on this form with the names and signatures of all people responsible for validating candidates ID documents.

Once this form has been submitted, Disclosure Services will issue a USER login/password as well as a “REMOTE” login/password to each ID Checker.

  • Upon completion of “Model Self Declaration Form”, the REMOTE login/password is given to the DBS candidates to complete the initial part of the application prior to meeting with the ID CHECKER.
  • The ID Checker will use the USER login/password to confirm the ID of DBS candidates.

2. Pony Club wants maintain a list of “id checkers” for each branch.  Pony Club Master Spreadsheet – Online Checks (click here for form)

Need to be completed with the full BRANCH NAME plus the CPO and/or DC.  For each ID CHECKER, physical address and email address need to be put into form.  The form can be emailed or post the form back to Hannah Clack.