Sunday October 21, 2018
>2014 British Racing School Scholarship Report

racing report racing report 2

I am writing to you to thank you for the amazing opportunity you have given me and to tell you what fun I had at the British racing school.

To get their was quite a long journey it was just under 4 hours with a couple of stops so that pebbles 7could stretch her legs. Once we arrived everyone was so friendly and soon it felt like you’d known everyone for ages.

First we got the ponies settled in then we went to our rooms to unpack our things then it was off to the briefing where we learned the do’s and don’ts of BRS.

Then our parents vacated and we did team building exercises like tug of war and running races then soon it was dinner and time for bed.

During the week we rode every day, did mounted games and went to lots of different racing yards and did trips to various race courses including the Newmarket July course.

Then when it came to the last day everyone was fighting for one of the famous camp prises  of which their are three I knew that I would never get one like the best racing knowledge but I knew their was one, that if I really, really tried I could win….. BEST TURNED OUT!!!!!

The last day was purely one big competition to judge the best turned out. I knew that best turned out would depend on attention to detail so when we were preparing for the judging I made sure that there was not one single bit of shavings in pebbles’s tail, that the inside and the outside of her feet were greased so that nothing would stick and they would look perfect If the judge were to pick them up and I also made sure that her tack was spotless.

Pebbles was very well behaved and stood still whilst I plaited her forelock, main and attempted to plait  her tail (I cant plait tails to save my life, but I tried).  I then tacked up and got myself looking presentable.

Then it was off to the grass for the judging, we walked round in a circle then got called in one by one, I was last of them all. The judge began pointing at each horse and rider and when they pointed at me I presumed that was because he thought I was the worst but he called me in and told me I had won!!!!!!!!!, I was shocked but happy. All my hard work had paid off but I never thought I would win… all the other horses looked so smart.

The whole of camp was great and I am so thankful for what you have given me, I learned so much and I’m sure that what I have learned will help me in future. Thank you so much.

Thank you again,

Erin Carvill