Sunday May 26, 2019
>AREA 9 – B Test Trainers

Below is a list of coaches who have offered their expertise to train your members for the B test.  It is up to you to find out how much they charge, I suspect there will be a slight difference amongst them.

If you only have one or two members wanting to train why not contact a neighbouring branch who could be in the same situation and get together.  This would be a really good way to keep the older members as once you have one or two members training and the younger ones watching it’s amazing how this encourages them to train for the test as well.  Members that don’t want to do the test should still be encouraged to train for it, you can always talk them into taking it nearer the time once they have done the work.

In order to be fully prepared for the test candidates should allow plenty of time for training, although both parts can be taken separately so they can concentrated on 1 section at a time.

The B test is a worldwide recognised test and is a good one to get into Camp America and to use when travelling the world and maybe needing to work on their way.

Issy Manning – Malvern – – 07774269668

Julie Crew – Minchinhampton – – 07855852710

Kate Scott – Cirencester – – 07971561554

Paul Ingram – Worcester – – 01562 777773

Mike Cromie – Wotton-Under-Edge – –     07886552603

Mandy Holloway – Oxfordshire – 367252

Carol Broad – Ross on Wye – – 01989751938 or 07760227275

Hannah Fenech – Gloucester – – 07801271808

Don Collins – Evesham – – 07756832408

Sarah Stewart – Beaufort – – 07876785029