Monday October 22, 2018
>Young Rider Event Experience Day

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Area 9 Pony Club

Young Rider Event Experience Day

For members who are 16yrs & over and hold the ‘B’ Test or ‘B’ H&PC and above

Would you like the chance to help a top event rider at a competition for a day?

Agnew Charlotte
Berkeley Daisy
Evans Jonty
Hall Chris
Kampbell Nick
King Chris
King Kitty
Levett Bill
McEwen Tom
McLeod Sammi
Meade Harry
Roncoroni Nicky
Searle Tom
Spratt Neil
Sturgess Beanie
Sturmey Spencer
Tapner Paul
Taylor Izzy
Tew Julie
Waygood Richard

This is an opportunity for you gain valuable experience with a top event rider by assisting them at a competition for a day. You will be expected to work hard and join in with the team and to be with them from the start to finish of the day, but you will learn a lot and get 1st hand practical experience from a professional rider.

If you would like to take part please fill in the form and send to the event rider of your choice and you must let Pleasance Jewitt pleasancejewitt@btconnect.corn know.