Saturday December 15, 2018
>Area 9 Member, John Church, in Austalia for International Tetrathlon Training

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July 2014

We flew out from Heathrow on Thursday night with not too much drama, although a number of team members had forgotten to discharge the air from their pistols and caused some consternation by unpacking them and letting the air out in the middle of Terminal 3.  The flight, via Dubai, was fairly civilised but my back was quite sore when we finally landed at 1 am on Saturday morning.  Luckily, we had been booked into a nice hotel for the first night and I was able to have physiotherapy the next day.  They also gave me acupuncture, which was the first of a number of new experiences I am having on this trip.  It certainly helped my back!

The days have been filled with a mixture of training, sightseeing and activities.  After the first night’s hotel, we are generally staying in cabins at camp sites, which are proving comfortable.  We have been taken around Perth and Fremantle, with an evening ‘Ghost Tour’ around the old Fremantle prison.  We also toured the limestone formations in the Pinnacles desert area.  The Irish team moulded the desert sand into some formations of their own but luckily, these were quickly demolished by the wardens!

Activities have included surfing, body boarding and paintballing, all of which have proved great fun and a good chance to get to know the other international competitors.  Tomorrow, some of us are getting up early to go tandem skydiving, so I’m not sure how well we’ll all sleep tonight!  Let’s hope there aren’t too many sprained ankles.

Training is going well with plenty of opportunity to swim and run (slightly hampered by the size of the white GB shorts – see photo 9).  We are managing to balance the attractions of Perth nightlife with the demands of training, especially as a bottle of beer costs around £5.

The competition starts in earnest next Thursday, so we still have a few days of freedom (provided we survive the skydive!).

All the best from Australia,


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