Monday October 22, 2018
>AH Training Days 2015

Click Here for Printable Form:  AH_Training_Days_2015



 Each session will cost £10, please make out individual cheques for each session & put on the back of the cheque which session it is for (this will make banking alot easier). Can you send me the whole form please and put a tick by the date you would like to book in for.


 27th Jan 6pm – 8pm Feeding (C15 – C23)With Julie Crew
 17th Feb  6pm – 8pm Clipping, Trimming & Plaiting (A23 – A27) & Confirmation (C1 – C4) With Kate Scott
 10th March 6pm – 8pm Exercise & Fitness (C23 – C29)With Julie Crew
 31st March 6pm – 8pm Confirmation (C1 – C4)With Julie Crew
 21st April 6pm – 8pm Stable Yard (A4 – A10) & Grooming (A17 – A22)With Kate Scott
 12th May 6pm – 8pm Foot & Shoeing (A11 – A16)With Kate Scott
 26th May 3pm – 5pm Lungeing and Ride & LeadWith Kate Scott
 16th June 6pm – 8pm Farrier demonstration including coverage of the Foot & Shoeing in the syllabus
 2nd July 6pm – 8pm Paddock & Management (B4 – B9) & Handling & Tacking Up (D1 – D9) With Kate Scott
 21st July 6pm – 8pm Breeding

B10 – B26

 4th Aug 6pm – 8pm Common Ailments, Nursing, First Aid (D10 – D27)With Kate Scott
 18th Aug 6pm – 8pm
 1st Sept TestAll day Your DC needs to fill out a nomination form and send it to Julie Crew


To secure your place, fill in the form and send it along with your Cheque made payable to ‘The Pony Club – Area 9’

Return to : Mrs E Hilleard, Tomorosa, Awkley Lane, Olveston, BS35 4EW