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>Intro to Coaching – 30 Mar 2015

Click Here for Printable Flyer for 30 Mar 2015 – Intro to Coaching Course

Come & join other senior Members from Area 9 on the:


Coach Tutors: Paul Ingram 

Monday 30th March 2015

 10am – 4.30pm

Cost £30.00

Please bring a packed lunch

Coffee, tea and biscuits will be provided

Venue: Mrs S Frank’s Oakleigh Frm, Pulley Lane, Droitwich WR9 7JL

If you wish to attend please send cheques, with the slip below, payable to Wyre Forest PC Alison Vincent 388 Pickersleigh Road, Malvern, Worcs WR14 2QH

The 12 places will be allocated on a first come first served basis but there will be another course provided if necessary – course details below.


‘Introduction To Pony Club Coaching’ Year 1 Course


Who is this course is for?

  Pony Club Members who are 16 yrs or older and hold C/C+/B tests and are enthusiastic to teach at D/D+ level (This group will have priority for places)

  Past members/supporters/parents over 25 yrs who have sound horse knowledge and are enthusiastic to teach at D/D+ level

  Pony Club Instructors at any level who want to refresh their ideas or check they are in line with best practice


What is the course aim?

  To help and encourage aspiring Pony Club senior Members to utilise the knowledge they have gained from past Pony Club experience and enable them to start to coach others in a safe, effective and confident way.

  To support and encourage past Members / supporters / instructors and Members to use their enthusiasm, knowledge and experience to start to coach others in a confident, fun safe and effective way.


What do participants need to wear on the course?

Participants need to be appropriately dressed to teach at a rally and to model a good standard of turn out for Members.


How is the course delivered?

This course develops participants through discussion, group work and most importantly, activity. All participants will have the opportunity to teach.

The emphasis is on drawing together the wide range of experiences that tutors and participants bring and making those experiences available to everyone. The atmosphere is fun, friendly, welcoming and supportive.


What does the course cost?

Course fee Approx. £30 (depending on hire of facility costs) to includeThe Instructor’s Folder, tea and coffee. Participants need to bring a packed lunch, Pony Club Manual, notebook and pen.


How to find out more?

The Pony Club website under ‘Training’


Where will participants go from here?

They can then assist with Pony Club coaching in Branches and Centres under supervision and with a mentor.


Do participants gain a qualification?

No. They will however receive a combined Attendance Certificate and Feedback Slip from the Course Tutors and can continue their coaching pathway if they wish to. Their attendance will also be recorded on a database to ensure that they are included in future training, if requested.












FORMAT 10.00am – 4.30pm


Objectives: The morning session should be carried out as an interactive group discussion so that by sharing ideas, thoughts and concerns the main objectives of safety awareness and confidence building are achieved. The same objectives should extend into the afternoon and also include practical sessions to start developing their effectiveness.


9.30 – 10.00am – Tutor Preparation


10am – 11.30am


Topics to be covered in discussion during the day

  • Introduction to Manual & Instructor’s Handbook!
  • Skills and attributes of a good coach
  • What makes a really good Pony Club rally
  • Health and Safety Procedures (sample risk assessment & accident forms available to complete)
  • Child Protection
  • How to deal with problems and difficulties
  • Positive interaction with Parent/Guardian/Trainer spectators
  • Planning for Pony Club activities/use of resources
  • Making learning fun with lots of suggestions for games/ideas


11.30am – 12.45pm

Working coffee break! – Group to pair up and are given a topic on Pony Care at D to D+ level.

The entire group are allowed 15 mins. to prepare topics in pairs, which they will then present to the rest of the group for 5 mins. max.

Positive and constructive feedback is given to each pair once they have taught their topic.

Before breaking for lunch each participant is given a short topic to teach either on the flat or over poles.

Each participant must prepare a lesson plan.

Each participant must teach for at least 15 mins after lunch (using assistants, if required).

12.45pm – 1.30pm – Working Lunch (optional dvd of demonstration lesson)


1.15pm – Demo riders arrive


1.30pm – 1.45pm (Demo riders – Group 1)


Intro & demonstration of teaching format and balanced position – if not done by dvd over lunch.


1.45pm – 3.30pm (Demo riders – Groups 1 & 2)


Topics to be covered in discussion during afternoon session


  • The values underpinning Pony Club coaching
  1. The correct position to be taught
  2. How to correct basic faults
  • Safe exercises to be used and the sensible logical progression of these exercises
  1. Jumping position
  2. Distances especially those for smaller ponies and what NOT to build


Teaching Practice Format


Divide the group into half so that each Coach Tutor has equal numbers.

Each participant will teach their topic for a minimum of 10 -15 minutes to 4/5 riders at D to D+ level.

Group discussion on good points of session and solutions to problems encountered.

Positive and constructive feedback is given to each participant following their session.

Tutors to take notes so that Feedback Forms can be completed later.

Presentation of token gifts and ‘thank yous’ to demo riders.

 3.30pm – 4.30pm



  • Group discussion on how they could improve on their teaching and how to achieve their future goals.
  • Each participant will be presented with a triplicated Certificate of Attendance/Feedback Report completed by the Course Tutor and will complete their name, address (optional) and contact telephone number details on this.
  • They can keep one copy, return the second one to their D.C./Centre Proprietor and leave the third copy with the Course Tutor who will use this for The Pony Club database records.