Sunday October 21, 2018
>Area 9 – Tetrathlon Team Selections

Now that the final qualifier for the Triathlon Finals has been completed, I have been able to rank the Area 9 qualifiers who are going to Milton Keynes by their score at their qualifying competition.    3 Area 9 teams have been formed from the top 12 ranked qualifiers.

The PC guidance on making up the teams is as follows:

  • Areas may make up to 3 mixed teams from all classes (i.e.: Girls or boys from each class) to compete at the Winter Triathlon Final.  The idea of these teams is to mix the age groups but we do not want to stipulate the mix as this may cause problems in some Areas due to lack of competitors in some classes.

Leaving the qualifiers in rank order would put 3 Minis in the first 4, and both Senior boys in the second 4.

Area 9 Green:

Felicity Townend – MG

William Connors – MB

Arthur Townend – JB

Jack Church – SB

Area 9 Red:

Tom Cox – MB

Cressie May – JG

Harry Trotman – JB

Harry Stevens – SB

Area 9 Blue:

Charles Hall – MB

Tom Connors – JB

Emily Turner – JG

Willa Gibb  – MG

Congratulations to everyone who qualified for the Triathlon Championships, and best of luck next Sunday.