Monday October 22, 2018
>2015 Regional Tetrathlon Report

Area 9 Competitors help Central England to two 4th Places at the Senior Regional Tetrathlon – 8/9 August 2015


As last year, the 2015 Senior Regional Tetrathlon competition was held at Aylesford cross country centre, Melton Mowbray, and the Meres Leisure Centre, Grantham. There were an increased number of competitors this year (36 boys and 81 girls) from all corners of the UK and Eire. Changes to both the running and riding courses really made for a testing event, but the standard of competition remained extremely high with 9 boys and 20 girls scoring over 4,000 points. Luckily, this year, the weather was good throughout, which made the camping and social side of Tetrathlon all the more enjoyable.


Central England fielded 1 boys’ team, 3 girls’ teams and 2 individual girls. All our competitors put in the maximum effort and there were some great performances over the weekend. The boys’ team finished in fourth place and the girls’ teams finished 4th (Gold), 6th (Green) and 10th (Blue). Individual highlights were:


6th Individual Girl – Hannah Anderson

10th Individual Boy – Ollie Hall

Best Boys’ Shoot – Harry Stevens

Clear Rounds X-C:


Ollie Hall

Greg Hall

Freddie Ryde

Jack Church

Alice Harper

Alice Ward

Francesca Ryde

Hannah Anderson

Philly Hall

Sammy Bousfield

Miranda King


Although not part of the official competition, the swimming relay is an eagerly anticipated and fiercely contested highlight of the weekend. Run as a mixed medley relay, the Central England swimmers proved invincible, the winning team being:


Sammy Bousfield – Backstroke

Jack Church – Breastroke

Ollie Hall – Butterfly

Alice Ward – Front Crawl


Apart from these individual highlights, every Central England competitor put in a huge effort and contributed to the Central Region’s great spirit and excellent performance. The 22 Central competitors were:


Area 7


Hannah Anderson West Warwickshire Central England Gold
Robyn Turney Pytchley Central England Gold
Imogen Hall Warwickshire Central England Blue
Natalie Turney Pytchley Central England Blue
Harriet Green West Warwickshire Central England Blue
Zoe Young Warwickshire Central England Green
Katie Young Warwickshire Individual


Area 9


Ollie Hall Vale of the White Horse Central England Yellow
Greg Hall Vale of the White Horse Central England Yellow
Harry Stevens Vale of the White Horse Central England Yellow
Jack Church Old Berkshire Hunt Central England Yellow
Alice Harper Ledbury Central England Gold
Phillippa Hall VWH Central England Gold
Alice Ward Ledbury Central England Blue
Hannah Prestwich South Hereford & Ross Central England Green
Ellie Bliss Cotswold Central England Green
Miranda King Vale of the White Horse Central England Green


Area 12


Freddie Ryde Old Berkeley Hunt North Central England Yellow
Sammy Bousfield Old Berkeley Hunt Chilterns Central England Gold
Rebecca Leadbeater Oakley Hunt West Central England Blue
Francesca Ryde Old Berkeley Hunt North Central England Green
Kate Dugher Whaddon Chase Individual