Wednesday October 17, 2018
>Pony Racing — Train the trainers 21 Dec 2015

The Pony Racing Authority (PRA) are going to run a coaching day for their Jockey Coaches and have very kindly extended the invite to include our Coaches.

It will take place on Monday, 21st December at the British Racing School, Newmarket (9am – 4pm approx.)


Although this day is racing based it will be very helpful for coaching general cross country riding skills with lots of ideas to develop rider balance.

There will be demo riders who will be coached on a ridden session, a dismounted session, using a variety of balance equipment and fitness exercises, and on an Equicisor.



Date Venue Course Trainer(s) Organiser
21st December 2015 British Racing School

Snailwell Road,


Suffolk, CB8 7NU


Pony Racing

Hilary Wakefield


PRA Coaches