Wednesday December 12, 2018
Results Bicton Inter-Area Tetrathlon on 31 May/1 Jun


Ellie Bliss (Cotswold) – Open Girls – 1st
Poppy Clark (Beaufort) – Junior Girls – 1st
Will Connors (Beaufort) – Mini Boys – 1st
Penny Saunders (Cotswold) – Mini Girls – 2nd
Rachel Hatherell (Beaufort) – Junior Girls – 3rd
Zoe Davison (Beaufort) – Intermediate Girls – 4th
Emma Jane Austin (Ledbury) – Novice Junior Girls – 5th
Alice Harper (Ledbury) – Open Girls – 6th
John Church (OBH) – Open Boys – 6th
Henry Stratton (Beaufort) – Junior Boys – 6th
Josh Barker (Beaufort) – Mini Boys – 6th

Area Teams:

Intermediate Boys (Charlie Clark; Tom Edwards; Thomas Kendell (Beaufort)) – 1st
Intermediate Girls (Emma Hatherell; Sasha Green; Zoe Davison (Beaufort); Jess Morris (South Hereford and Ross)) – 2nd
Junior Boys (Henry Stratton; Tom Connors; Harry Barder; Jack Tucker (Beaufort)) – 2nd
Junior Girls (Isla Green; Poppy Clark; Rachel Hatherell (Beaufort); Lottie Roberts (Cotswold Vale)) – 1st
Mini Boys (Josh Barker; Will Connors; George Stratton (Beaufort)) – 1st
Mini Girls (Millie Smith; Anna Dando (Beaufort); Penny Saunders; Erin Kemple (Cotswold Vale)) – 2nd

Branch Teams:

Intermediate Boys – Beaufort (Charlie Clark; Tom Edwards; Thomas Kendell) – 1st
Intermediate Girls – Beaufort (Emma Hatherell; Sasha Green; Zoe Davison) – 1st
Junior Boys – Beaufort (Henry Stratton; Tom Connors; Harry Barder; Jack Tucker) – 1st
Junior Girls – Beaufort Blue (Amy Peevers; Isla Green; Poppy Clark; Rachel Hatherell) – 1st
Beaufort Buff (Maddy Adamson; Lucy Peevers; Grace Tucker; Meg Stratton) – 3rd
Beaufort Red (Finnola Stratton; Ella Harries-Jacob; Tegan Wood) – 5th
Mini Boys – Beaufort (Josh Barker; Will Connors; George Stratton) – 1st
Mini Girls – Beaufort (Millie Smith; Belle Edwards; Anna Dando) – 3rd

Very well done to the prize-winners and all our competitors.