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Area 9 Tetrathlon – 2 & 3 July 2016


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AREA 9 schedule 2016

Area entry

Area entry form B Open

Area entry form B Junior

Area entry form B Intermediate


Sponsored by NFU Mutual
Saturday 2nd  July & Sunday  3rd  July 2016
Knowle Farm, Tirley,  GL19 4HE
Gadbury, Eldersfield, GL19 4PP,   Tewkesbury Leisure Centre. GL20 5TT


Qualifying Classes

Class 1 Open Boys    25yrs or under
Class 2 Open Girls     25yrs or under
Class 3 Intermediate  Boys 25yrs or under
Class 4 Intermediate Girls 25 yrs or under
Class 5 Junior Boys 14 yr or under
Class 6 Junior Girls 14 yrs or under

All competitors in these classes will be automatically be entered in the Open classes

Open Classes

Class  1aOpen Boys
Class  2aOpen Girls
Class  3a Intermediate Boys
Class  4a Intermediate Girls
Class  5a Junior Boys Minimum age 6 on the day
Class  6a Junior Girls Minimum age 6 on the day
Class 7 Minimus Boys Under 12yrs.
Class 8 Minimus Girls Under 12yrs
Class 9 Tadpole Boys & Girls Under 10yrs
Class 10 Tiddlers Boys & Girls Under 8yrs
Class 11 Adult Teams I person per phase.

All ages as at 1st January 2016  except minis & tadpoles who must be at least 8yrs. on the day of the competition.






Saturday 18th  July        Shooting              approx  12 noon
                                             Running               approx.   2pm  for Tiddlers & Tadpoles
                                             Swimming          5.30 pm  start     

Sunday 19th July            Riding                  9.30am
Running               Will start when Juniors finish riding


All times are approximate & may be altered according to number of entries.

ENTRY  FEES    Qualifying Classes   £30 per competitor.
     Classes 1a – 9   £25.   additional siblings £20
     Class 10    £15
      Class 11    £25 per team  

For Qualifying classes, Entry Form  should be returned by Sat. 18th June 2016

All other entries close Friday, 24th June 2016
Late entries will be charged an additional  £3 per person.
Please make cheques payable to Area 9 Tetrathlon  and send with entry form to:-
Mrs. T.H. Barfoot-Saunt,   Woodfield, Long Green, Forthampton, Glos. GL19 4QQ
Tel: 01684 833825    Email
Please enclose LARGE  s.a.e. with sufficient postage if you wish to receive details by post.



All competitors must be members of the Pony Club.

The competition will be run in accordance with the Pony Club rules for Tetrathlon 2016, except that in the riding phase there will be no elimination for three refusals in the Mini and Tadpole classes, but three refusals at the same fence will incur 200 penalties.

Minis may jump the lower course if they wish, but will incur 400 penalties.

Crash hats must be tagged and must comply with the standards laid down in the Rule Book.

SHOOTING. Guns must be kept in their cases until the Steward gives the order to unbox them. They must be boxed again before the competitor leaves the firing point.

At all other times they must be kept in their boxes and locked in a secure place     (i.e. in a vehicle out of sight)

SWIMMING   Only one coach/parent will be allowed at the end of the pool. ATTENTION IS DRAWN TO THE A.S.A. ADVICE CONTAINED IN THE TETRATHLON RULE BOOK that swimmers diving from starting blocks need to have reached the level of the ASA Competitive Start Award.

Competitors in Class 10 MUST be happy & capable of swimming at least one length without buoyancy aids, in a 25m pool.

Any complaints or queries to be made by TEAM MANAGERS ONLY.


Refreshments will be available at Gadbury

Health & Safety

The organisers of this event have taken reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone present. For these measures to be effective, everyone must take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents occurring and must obey the instructions of the Organiser and all Officials and Stewards.


Neither the organisers or any person acting on their behalf accept any liability for any loss, damage, accident, injury or illness to horses, competitors, spectators or any person or property whatsoever.