Sunday December 16, 2018
VWH Thanks DC for 40 Years with Club!

VWH Pony Club’s DC retires after 40 years with the club

                                               By Penny Comerford


Rhona 3VWH Pony Club and Hunt  has marked the retirement of a key figure with  a weekend of celebration for Mrs Rhona Reid, outgoing District Commissioner.

Mrs Rhona Reid has stepped down from her post as joint DC of the VWH , after 13 years in the top job and before that, many other roles in the branch, an involvement spanning 40 years.

To mark her retirement, Mrs Reid was presented with a stunning oil painting from her co-DC, Mrs Liza Dibble,(left) at a special VWH Pony Club awards evening in Cricklade Village Hall, attended by over 100 PC members and their parents. The picture, depicting a familiar scene at the ever-popular Pony Club Camp, summer holiday highlight for many children, was painted by former member Lucinda Wright.

A longstanding resident of Fairford, Glos , Mrs Reid first became involved with the local Pony Club when her two daughters, Alexandra and Victoria, joined the VWH branch in 1976. Unstintingly generous with her time, Mrs Reid soon became an all-round volunteer at the numerous Pony Club activities, before her procession of official posts saw her become joint DC of the VWH in 2003.

Addressing  PC members at the presentation, Liza Dibble thanked Mrs Reid for her contribution, saying,  “you have been a stickler for rules and always engendered respect from children and parents alike, but your incredible kindness and calm encouragement has been the mainstay of many a child’s Pony Club career over the past forty years, an incredible achievement.”

Festivities continued the next day when the VWH Hunt hosted a well-supported farewell lunch at  Oxleaze Barn ,Eastleach.  Treating Mrs Reid to a “This is Your Life” presentation, former VWH Hunt Master, Julian Weston, noted that she had been a keen hunt member herself, a stalwart of Fairford village activities and generous and dignified officer at the Pony Club where she had supported thousands of children in the development and love of horses and the countryside which had been the mainstay of her own rich life. Mrs Reid was officially thanked for her contribution to the Pony Club on both local and national levels by Mrs Pleasance Jewitt,  Area 9 Co-ordinator.

Rhona 1

On behalf of the Hunt, Mr Weston  presented Mrs Reid with a beautiful teapot by Caroline Hill, hand – painted with scenes depicting the Reid family’s country life. She said, “ I have been overwhelmed by all the attention I have received as I draw in my reins and stand back from the Pony Club.  The VWH Hunt Branch has been a wonderful stepping stone to the big, wide world, and it is always a joy to share success with our past members.”

Despite relinquishing her official role, Mrs Reid will still be on hand to pass on her vast experience to the Pony Club and she has already volunteered to help at the VWH Horse Show, taking place at Kemble Park on May 29th   and open to members and non-members, children and adults.