Tuesday September 21, 2021
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COVID-19 & Pony Club

Latest update on Coronavirus

The Pony Club are very conscious of the developing situation with Coronavirus and we are working with our medical advisor to offer our members, staff, volunteers and officials the best possible advice for coping with the outbreak.

We will continue to monitor the situation and will let you know if there are any updates, but for the time being we are offering the following advice to help minimise risk when taking part in Pony Club events:


  • Minimise the number of people accompanying to help and support – one adult per competitor
  • Avoid gathering in confined spaces – taking measures such as queuing for toilets outside rather than in the building
  • Avoid using catering at events, bring your own food and drink to eat in cars

Event organisers

  • Minimise the amount of time competitors spend at an event, for example:
    • Keep competitions as short as possible, for example a single-phase competition for show jumping
    • Provide scoring/results online after the event – either on a website or via email
    • Send rosettes out by post after the event
  • Move as much of the event admin online as possible, to avoid the need for people to gather in a tent/office. For example:
    • Provide print your own numbers for competitors to print at home or allow use of bridle numbers
    • Allow competitors to declare by text once they have arrived
    • Scan dressage score sheets and email them, rather than handing out sheets on the day

The Pony Club Central Office

The Pony Club Central Office is doing what it can to deter the spread of the Coronavirus and have therefore made the decision to run all committee meetings via the online meeting space Microsoft Teams and the staff have been encouraged to work from home when possible. Please therefore utilise email when contacting the office as staffing of phone calls will be limited.

Stay informed

If there are any updates to this advice we will be sharing them on our website and social media pages, so please keep an eye on these channels.