Wednesday January 16, 2019
Area 9 – PC/BE League

PC Area 9 / British Eventing LEAGUE 2018

For each B.E. competition (three phase competitions only i.e. not arena eventing)that you enter in 2018 (1st March – 31st October) you will be awarded points. There are double points for those who entered the Area Eventing competitions and single points for those that went to the P.C. Championships.



Mrs Miranda Loffet is very kindly donating a ‘horsey hamper’ to the combination with a rider of 16 years and under (on 1.1.18) with the most point overall at the end of the season – like the prize for the 17 years and over rider, points can be accrued over different levels.

Members who have registered as of 31.8.18:

Frankie Swallow (Clifton), Poppy Clark (Beaufort)

Bizzy Loffet (Heythrop), Lottie Roberts (CVF)

Mahoney Knight (VWH), Ellie Savage (CVF)

Lucy Harrison (Clifton), Georgia Savill (VWH)

Jaymee Savill (VWH),Imogen Humphrey (Heythrop)

Emma Stringer (Heythrop), Mimi Roberts (Heythrop)

Zoe Martin (OBH), Honor McFarlane (OBH)

Henry Hobby (OBH), Abby Taylor (CVF)

Hannah Bird (Heythrop), Tom Bird (Heythrop)

Robert Saunders (Croome), Rosie Williams(CVF)

Phoebe Barnett (SH&RH), Evelyn Titterton (Worcs.)

Clara Wood (BHS), Lucille Bywater (Berkeley)

Lydia Ward (N.Cots), Olivia Stocks (BHS),

Sasha Hargreaves (OBH), Laura Bingham (CVF),

Ottie Hunt(OBH), Harry Holmes (Ledbury),

Saskia Davies (Ledbury), Beatrice Montgomerie (Beaufort),

Madeleine Taylor (SH&RH)


Results as of 27.11.2018 –  The ‘age results’ will be kept until the night of the Area Ball – date and venue tbc (but hopefully early 2019).

These are the final results.

BE 80: BE 80 Results

BE 90: BE 90 Results

BE 100: BE 100 Results

BE Novice:BE Novice Results

BE Intermediate: Be Intermediate Results