Friday December 6, 2019
PC/BE League

For each B.E. competition (three phase competitions only i.e. not arena eventing) that you enter in 2019 (1st March – 31st October) you will be awarded points. There are double points for those who start the Area Eventing competitions (all levels) and single points for those that start at the P.C. National Championships.

Please note that the levels for points are 90,100, Novice and Intermediate only.

As there are not so many of you this year, I will be combining the 90 / 100 and the Novice/Intermediate, so there will be only two Leagues.

There is no need to email in your results – these will be checked regularly on the BE site and the League Tables will be updated, starting after 31st May.

Information Leaflet – please read: Information leaflet 2019

Registration Form – there is a discount for early bird registrations (by 30th June) and all registrations must be received by 31st August at the latest: Registration Form 2019

Those registered as of 16.8.19:

Bizzy Loffet (Heythrop), Georgie Driver (Croome)

Laura Mathieson (Minchinhampton),Ellie Savage (CVF),

Flora MacFarlane(SH&RH), Cecilia Mayne(Beaufort)

Honor McFarlane(OBH), Katherine Lay(BHS),

Poppy Clarke (Beaufort), Allegra Cowley (Heythrop),

Mahony Knight(VWH), Evelyn Titterton(Worcs.)

Serena Stanley(Cotswold), Georgie Holmes (Ledbury),

Harry Holmes (Ledbury), Charlotte Smith (SH&RH),

Saskia Connor(N.Cots.), Olivia Haddock (Ledbury),

Callum Hallet(Berkeley), Hannah Richardson(OBH),

Abby Taylor(CVF), Beatrice Montgomerie(Beaufort),

Nicole Dunlop (Beaufort), Bella Stevens (OBH),

Tilly Dowsing (Berkeley), Charlotte Milnes(Ledbury)

Daisy Amin (VWH), Tom Woodward Ledbury),

Jaymee Savill (VWH), Tom Bird (Heythrop),

Hannah Bird (Heythrop), Barnie Brotherton (CVF),

Imo Brook (VWH)

LEAGUE TABLES as of 15.10.10

90 & 100 League: 90 & 100 League Table

Novice & Intermediate League:Novice & Interm League