Monday August 10, 2020
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Area 9 Strava Club

We welcome ALL Pony Club members to join this project

Launch date 1st May 2020 Strava is a free App available on Android and iPhone Download the App to your phone Start the App when you start your exercise and it records data about speed/time/gradient. Once you press Finish it puts the data onto a map & onto charts which you can analyse.

We have made a Private Strava club “Pony Club Area 9” please apply to join.

Where children are younger than 13, parents will have to sign up to Strava on their behalf in the following manner:-

First Name: Parent name eg “Sally Smith”

Surname: for child name eg “for Jessica Smith”

Then the whole name will read “Sally Smith for Jessica Smith”

We will use Strava to offer “Challenges” to Area 9 members, for example : • Cover a specified distance running throughout the month of May • Cover a specified distance cycling throughout the month of May We hope to develop this from simply completing the challenges into something more competitive, with teams and results, provided the appetite is there. Initially we need people to learn how to sign up for and operate Strava.

We will also use Strava to record run phase times for the Ledbury Virtual Biathlon in May and we can offer the service to any other branches wishing to run a Virtual event of this kind.

Please encourage your members to join in. Enquiries to: Alex Connors (Beaufort Hunt Pony Club Tetrathlon) 07970 212903