Saturday September 26, 2020
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Area 9 Test Results

2020 Results

We wish to congratulate all the Area 9 members who have passed Tests in the last month. Having run Zoom learning through lockdown for both B and AH Tests, Area 9 are proud to announce the following results;

The following members passed the B Test in August:

Bea Montgomerie      Beaufort
Amelia Hendy            Beaufort
Frankie Hobbins        Cotswold
Archie Garbutt           Cotswold
Cressida May            Cotswold
Ellen Saunders          Cotswold
Penny Saunders        Cotswold
Charlotte Harrison     Croome
Lottie Suckling           Croome
Hannah Bird              Heythrop   
Emma Jane Austin    Ledbury   
Molly Baker               Malvern
Lucy Eastham           Malvern
Laura Mathieson       Minchinhampton
Aimee Robb              Minchinhampton
Poppy Charles          OBH
Eleanor Hubbard      OBH
Antonia Shriane        OBH 
Ophelia Spracklen    OBH
Scarlett Starkey        OBH
Bella Stevens           OBH 
Lottie White              OBH  
Rachel Elston           VWH
Heidi Ford                 VWH
Mahony Knight         VWH   
Georgia Savill           VWH
Issy Waluga              VWH      
Abigail Mooney        Worcs
Evie Titterton            Worcs    

Riding Section of the B Test
Tom Beatie        Beaufort         
Willa Gibb         Beaufort
Erin Hobbs        Croome
Grace Plowman    Croome

Care Section of the B Test
Rosie Bush              Beaufort
Megan Luddington   Beaufort
Hannah Barber        Berkeley South
Beth Hiseman          Berkeley South
Olivia Georgetti       Croome
Ruby Williams         Ledbury
Lucy Allsop              Malvern
Lottie Aird                OBH
Sophie Hardman    OBH
Annabel Taylor        OBH
Audrey Venners      OBH
Jess Wenborn         OBH
Bea Langer             SH & RH
Helena Keatinge     VWH
Alice Picton-Jones  VWH
Amy Thomas          VWH

Lunge Test
Emily Cupper               Ledbury
Saffron Cresswell        Ledbury
Hannah Richardson    OBH

AH Test – 2nd September
Lucy Harrison         Croome     AH Test
Lucianna Rabiotti    Ledbury    AH Test
Eve Egginton           Croome    AH Test
Joe Hardwick         Cotswold    AH Test
Sophie Oakland     OBH          Section A
Ellie Butcher           Ledbury    Section C


The Tests

D TEST, D+ Test, C Test & C+ Test – offered by Branches

B TESTB-Test Nomination Form Riding and/or Horse & Pony Care – offered by Area 9

LUNGEING TEST Lungeing Test Nomination Form – offered by Area 9

B+ TEST B+ Test Nomination Form –  offered by Area 9

AH TEST AH Test Nomination Form – offered by Area 9

A TEST A Test Nomination Form

Coaching within Pony Clubmembers who are 16yrs+ and have completed their “C test” are invited to start training as a pony club coach which will lead to instructing.