Friday July 3, 2020
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Area 9 Test Results


Libby Hemmings from BHS and Grace Tucker, Beaufort.

2019 Results

A Test May & October 

Freya Gerrard  Minchinhampton Pass A Test 

Jack Whitehead Old Berks Pass A Test 

Sasha Hargreaves Old Berks Pass A Test 

‘B’ & Lunge Test 27th October 

Annabel Candy    Beaufort    Pass – ‘B’ Care

Poppy Clark    Beaufort    Pass – B Test

Patrick Mason    Beaufort    Pass – B Test

Grace Tucker     Beaufort    Pass – B Test

Ellie Watkins    Beaufort    Pass – B Test

Libby Hemmimgs    Berkeley South    Pass – B Test

Isobel Harmer    Worcestershire    Pass – B Test

Abigail Mooney    Worcestershire    Pass – ‘B’ Care

Honor Amy Penn    Worcestershire    Pass – B Test

Mollie Waldron-Wheeler    Worcestershire    Pass – B Test

Dulcie West    Craven Hunt    Pass Lunge Test

Saffi Aiuto    VWH     Pass Lunge Test

AH Results  3rd September 

Rio Russell Hughes – Minchinhampton Branch – Pass Section D – Rio now holds the AH Test

Charlotte Milnes – Ledbury Branch – Pass Section B – Charlotte now holds the AH Test

Lucianna Rabiotti – Ledbury Branch – Pass Sections B & D

Lucy Harrison – Clifton on Teme Branch – Pass Sections A, B & C

Sophie Oakland – Old Berks Branch – Pass Sections C & D

Pass ‘B’ Test 14th August 

Maddy Adamson – Beaufort

Josh Barker – Beaufort

Will Connors – Beaufort

Emily Cupper – Ledbury

Betsy Hunt – Minchinhampton

Polly Kilgour – Old Berks

Lucy Perring – Old Berks

Jessie Saunders – Old Berks

Freya Soden – Old Berks

Emily Taylor – Old Berks

Saffi Aiuto – VWH

Jess Baker – VWH

Isabel Harmer – Worcestershire

Pass ‘B’ Care

Sam Bellord – Beaufort

Poppy Clarke – Beaufort

Oliver Lewis – Beaufort

Grace Tucker – Beaufort

Rebecca Cross – Berkeley South

Phoebe Gillingham – Berkeley South

Libby Hemmings – Berkeley South

Emma-Jane Austin – Ledbury

Pass ‘B’ Riding

Natalia Morrison    Malvern

‘B’ Test Results 16th April 2019

Jasmine Greenwood    Berkeley Hunt    Pass ‘B’ Test

Eloise Smith    CVFH    Pass ‘B’ Test

Tom Woodward    Ledbury    Pass ‘B’ Test

Flora MacFarlane    SH & RH    Pass ‘B’ Test

Lucille Bywater     Berkeley Hunt     Pass ‘B’ Care

Alice Garfield    SH & RH    Pass ‘B’ Care

Saffi Aiuto    VWH    Pass ‘B’ Care

Izzy Smith    Bicester    Pass ‘B’ Riding

Dulcie West     Craven Hunt    Pass ‘B’ Riding

Milo Kennedy    Wylye Valley    Pass ‘B’ Test

Lunge Test 16th April

Sophie Oakland    OBH    Pass

The Tests

D TEST, D+ Test, C Test & C+ Test – offered by Branches

B TESTB-Test Nomination Form Riding and/or Horse & Pony Care – offered by Area 9

LUNGEING TEST Lungeing Test Nomination Form – offered by Area 9

B+ TEST B+ Test Nomination Form –  offered by Area 9

AH TEST AH Test Nomination Form – offered by Area 9

A TEST A Test Nomination Form

Coaching within Pony Clubmembers who are 16yrs+ and have completed their “C test” are invited to start training as a pony club coach which will lead to instructing.