Saturday December 9, 2023
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Test Results 2023
Test Date April 14th 2023
Fern Griffith    Berkeley South  ‘B’ Test
Hannah Luddington    Beaufort ‘B’ Care
Mya Harvey    Beaufort    ‘B’ Care
Evie Hall    Minchinhampton    ‘B’ Care
Isabella Hickman    SH & RH    ‘B’ Care
Evie Lawson    SH & RH            ‘B’ CareB+ Test
Heidi Ford                     VWH
Hannah Richardson    Old Berks

Test Date 21st August 2023

Katherine Naylor Cotswold    ‘B’ Test
Lucie Stanley        Cotswold    ‘B’ Test
Felix Westgate-Wilton    Ledbury    ‘B’ Test
Evie Hall         Minchinhampton    ‘B’ Test
Evie Lawson    SH & RH    ‘B’ Test
Chloe Pickford    VWH    ‘B’ Test
Charlotte MacDonald    Wyre Forest    ‘B’ Test
Ella Wools            Berkeley    ‘B’ Riding
Cristina Naylor    Cotswold    ‘B’ Riding
Corrina Clarkson Cotswold     ‘B’ Care
Tom Roxburgh    Ledbury         ‘B’ Care
Meredith Bird    Minchinhampton    ‘B’ Care
Hannah Appleyard-Jones    Minchinhampton    ‘B’ Care
Katie Finch        Minchinhampton    ‘B’ Care
Becky Randall     Minchinhampton    ‘B’ Care