Tuesday July 27, 2021
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Area 9 Linked Centres

In 1998, the Centre Membership scheme was launched for those, without their own pony who ride at riding schools, to become Members and take part in all that The Pony Club has to offer. There are currently around 480 Pony Club Centres spread across the UK. Activities at the Centre are run by the Proprietor and their Coaches.

New Pony Club Centre Membership is open to anyone under 25 years of age who does not own a pony. Members pay an annual subscription and receive instruction at a Pony Club linked Centre, this subscription constitutes Membership of the Club and includes third party insurance.

Since January 2016, Centre Plus Membership is also available for young riders with their own pony who ride at a Pony Club Linked Centre.

Centre membership (2020 Fee: £36)
You don’t have to have your own pony to join; you can simply join one of our linked riding schools where you can do your Pony Club activities.

You can search for which is your local Centre by entering your Postcode on this link.

For further information on Centres please contact the Area 9 Centre Rep John Bird


Area 9 Centres

Asti Equestrian

Bourton Vale Equestrian Centre

Defence Academy Saddle Club

Durhams Farm Riding School

Foxcote House Riding School

Guinness Park Farm

Huntersfield Equestrian Centre

Lower Langley Riding School

Malvern Riding School

Meadow Bank Riding Centre

Noakes Farm Riding Centre

Pigeon House Equestrian

Putley Pony Club Centre

Regal Equestrian

Showell Riding School

St James City Farm and Riding School

Summerhouse Equestrian and Training Centre

Tewkesbury Pony Club Centre

The Elms

The Playmate Riding School

The Talland School of Equitation

Tipton Hall Riding School

Tumpy Green Equestrian Centre

Walnut Equestrian Centre

Wickstead Farm Equestrian Centre

Worcester Riding School and Pony Club Centre