Thursday November 30, 2023
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Area 9 Linked Centres
Membership of The Pony Club is open to anyone under the age of 25 and Centre Membership is for anyone who doesn’t have access to a horse or pony. Centre members can take part in Pony Club activities at a Pony Club Linked Riding Centre.  Centre Plus Membership is for members who attend a Pony Club Linked Centre but who also have access to a pony that they own, lease or borrow. 
All members have access to The Pony Club’s Training Pathway where you gain Badges, Tests and Awards. Achievement Badges – start with Mini Badges and work up to the main Achievement Badges. There are over 100 badges to choose from! 
The Pony Club Tests – these Tests are standardised across the UK and internationally recognised so when you pass your D Test and meet someone else with a yellow felt under their Pony Club badge you know they hold their D Test too! Test Syllabuses | The Pony Club

There are Progressive Awards that you train for and achieve between the Tests so you and your coach know you are ready to take the next Test. 

Being a member of The Pony Club gives you the opportunity to try 9 different Equestrian Sports including Dressage, Endurance, Eventing, Mounted Games, Polo, Polocrosse, Pony Racing, Show Jumping and Tetrathlon. Many of the athletes who represent GB at the Olympics in Dressage, Eventing, Pentathlon and Show Jumping started riding in The Pony Club.
There are competitions too when you compete with other members of your Centre. One of these is a competition especially for Centre and Centre Plus members called the Centre Equitation. There is also a Musical Ride competition.

Not all the competitions involve Riding – there is a Quiz and a Horse & Pony Care competition sponsored by Blue Cross called the Blue Cross Care Competition.

You will have access to lots of online resources when you are at home to enjoy and to prepare you for your next visit to your Pony Club Linked Centre.
There is a list of the Area 9 Pony Club Linked Centres below. 

Area 9 Current Centres 

Asti Equestrian SN7 8PA

01367 710288;; 

Bourton Vale EC GL54 2HN

07910 138465;; 

Defence Academy Shrivenham Saddle Club SN6 8LA

01793 785489;;

 Durhams Farm RS – details are changing as the RS is moving

01608 674867; 

Foxcote House RS

01242 820663;; 

Huntersfield EC SN7 8NT

07729 680573;; 

Noakes Farm RC HR7 4SY

01885 483467;;

Pigeon House Equestrian OX29 8AF

01993 881628;;

Putley Pony Club Centre HR8 2QW

01531 670256;; 

Regal Equestrian CV36 5PP

07866 426837;; 

Tewkesbury Pony Club Centre GL20 6LH

01684 296719;; 

The Elms School WR13 6EF

01684 540344;;

 The Talland School of Equitation GL7 5FD

01285 740155;; 

Tipton Hall RS HR7 4PR

07792 358742;;

Tumpy Green EC GL11 5HZ

01453 899002;;

Wickstead Farm EC SN6 7PP

01793 762265;; 

Worcester RS & Pony Club Centre WR89JF

07889 569009;; 

For more information, please contact Lea on or 07801 278785