Tuesday July 27, 2021
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10.07.21 Area Show Jumping Results

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27.06.21 Area 9 Horse & Pony Care Competition Results


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Horse & Pony Care Scoring 2021






12.04.21 Area 9 Spring Show Results

The Pony Club Area 9 Junior spring show 2021 was kindly sponsored by Rowe Equine



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21.03.21 Area 9 Virtual Quiz results

Here are the top 6 results from Area 9’s Virtual Quiz.

Congratulations to the winning team from South Hereford & Ross Harriers Branch, many thanks to Berkeley Hunt South Branch for hosting the event and well done to everyone who took part:

Area 9 Spring Show

An evening with Charlie Unwin

Pony Racing Training Days

Training Days are an opportunity to bring along your pony and try pony racing, learn about the balance and fitness required, how to position yourself in a race, line up at the start, hold your reins and have a brilliant time.  They are also an opportunity for each pony and jockey combination attending to qualify for the coming pony racing season.

As we look forward to the 2021 pony racing season we have been planning our Training Days to keep in line with Government Guidelines and ensure the safety of everyone taking part.  Please note that measures may change at the last minute.

Currently, we will be asking everyone attending to abide by social distancing, ensure they do not attend if they are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19 or have been anyone experiencing any symptoms and sign a waiver to this effect.  All equipment will be sanitised between uses and we ask that children are accompanied by only one adult who must remain by their vehicle during the sessions with the jockey returning to them for their pony and/or refreshments.  Group sizes will also be massively reduced to a maximum of 4 or 5 children in each group.


Ponies above the age of 20 may attend days for children to try pony racing but please remember that they will not be able to take part in any pony race.  All ponies attending must also have been vaccinated for Equine Influenza with a booster in the last 12 months and this must be done at least 6 full clear days before the Training Day.

Children must be aged 9 to pony race but we are happy for children to qualify from the age of 8 if they will be turning 9 during the next season.  If you have younger children wishing to attend, please get in touch as it may be possible for them to attend the day on foot or for us to run a taster day in your area for them and other children.

We plan to run more Training Days than usual to ensure that every child needing to qualify for next season has the opportunity to do so.  To achieve this, we ask that you do not leave it until the last minute to try and book or find a day but take the opportunity to qualify as early as possible. There are some venues where we may run a morning and afternoon session and this will be advertised on the website.  You can also train in any region.

If there are no days planned near you or no spaces left on days, please email us here so we can look at arranging further opportunities.

Below you can see a description of the different types of Training Day on offer plus dates upcoming.

PRA/PC Training & Qualification Days

These are a joint training initiative run by the Pony Racing Authority and the Pony Club.  The majority of Training Days are PRA/PC ones and you can see this in their given title.

Experienced Pony Club Instructors teach alongside BHA accredited Jockey Coaches and provide the best possible introduction to pony racing. These days not only allow children to ride their own pony in a controlled environment and on the gallops but also provide an insight into balance and control in a forward seat with the simple use of wobble boards, space hoppers and stepping stones, running alongside the use of traditional racing equipment such as an equicisor.

In addition to riding tuition, the training programme includes advice on rider and pony fitness and nutrition, tack guidance and race day procedures and etiquette. These days can qualify the combination of the Pony and Rider to compete in a Pony Club or Point to Point Pony Race.  Book your place here on the PRA website.

PRA Advanced Training & Qualification Day

This is a second stage training day for those who have 2 or more years pony racing experience. These days focus on the riders’ race riding techniques, fitness and body conditioning as well as diet. Successful completion of the above training day qualifies the rider/pony combination to take part in a Racecourse Series Pony Race (if the rider has completed three Point to Point Races) or a Point-to-Point pony race.

These are run by the PRA and delivered by a Jockey Coach. The groups are much smaller and therefore the focus is on the individual. We also use video analysis of the rider’s races in order to help them with their technique.  Book via the PRA website.

British Racing School & Northern Racing School Training

Both the British Racing School (Newmarket) and the Northern Racing School (Doncaster) run pony racing training courses and residential camps. Their courses start with the very basics at Level 1 moving on to Level 3.

Level 1 & 2 are designed for beginners with no formal qualification being given for attending. However they are there to provide an introduction and insight into the world of pony racing and if having attended one of these the individual’s appetite has been wet, you can attend a Level 3 course, which if completed successfully permits a combination to enter and run in a Point-to-Point Pony race.

Watch the video below to see some of the action on a PRA/PC Training Day….



Checkout the upcoming dates



Northern Region PRA/PC Training Day – MORNING SESSION


Northern Region PRA/PC Training Day – AFTERNOON SESSION


West Wales Region PRA/PC Training Day – MORNING SESSION

Ffos Las

West Wales Region PRA/PC Training Day – AFTERNOON SESSION

Ffos Las

BRS Level 2 Training


Wessex Region PRA/PC Training Day


BRS Level 3 Training


South Wales Region PRA/PC Training Day

Pyle Bridgend

Yorkshire Region PRA/PC Training Day

Sheriff Hutton

West Midlands Region PRA/PC Training Day – MORNING SESSION


West Midlands Region PRA/PC Training Day – AFTERNOON SESSION


North West Region PRA Training Day

Broxton Old Hall Farm

Sandhurst Region PRA/PC Training Day


North West Region PRA Advanced Training Day

Broxton Old Hall Farm

BRS Level 3 Training


South East Region PRA/PC Training Day


Northern Region PRA/PC Training Day

Braeside of Lindores

Some jockeys may wish to have additional training with a Jockey Coach. For further information on BHA Qualified Jockey Coaches click here.

Training Day Costs and Cancellation Fees:

  • Entry fee for the day per rider/pony combination – £30.
  • Entry fee if attending on foot only – £15 (Please arrange by email – subject to availability).
  • Rider/pony combination withdrawn before the entries close (2 weeks before) –  £2.50 admin fee retained, £27.50 refunded.
  • Rider/Pony combination withdrawn after entries close but 48 hours before the day – £5 admin fee retained, £25 refunded.
  • Rider/pony combination withdrawn within 48 hours of the day, not including the day of training WITH a Vet Cert or Doctors Note – £5 admin fee retained, £25 refunded  ORoption to offer a place on foot for the attendee if they aren’t the one ‘off games’ at £15 with £15 being refunded. 
  • Rider/pony combination withdrawn within 48 hours of the day, not including the day of training WITHOUT a vet cert or doctors note – £15 admin fee retained, £15 refunded.
  • No show on the day – full entry fee kept.
  • Day postponed and rider/pony combination unable to attend the new date – free transfer to a different Training Day OR  £2.50 admin fee retained, £27.50 refunded. Replies must be made within the specified time frame. 
  • Day cancelled – £2.50 admin fee retained, £27.50 refunded.

If you have entered the wrong day in error, please contact us within 48 hours and we can refund the entry minus a £1 processing fee for you to re-enter the correct day.

PC Winter Dressage Area 9 Final Results

COVID-19 & Pony Club

Latest update on Coronavirus

The Pony Club are very conscious of the developing situation with Coronavirus and we are working with our medical advisor to offer our members, staff, volunteers and officials the best possible advice for coping with the outbreak.

We will continue to monitor the situation and will let you know if there are any updates, but for the time being we are offering the following advice to help minimise risk when taking part in Pony Club events:


  • Minimise the number of people accompanying to help and support – one adult per competitor
  • Avoid gathering in confined spaces – taking measures such as queuing for toilets outside rather than in the building
  • Avoid using catering at events, bring your own food and drink to eat in cars

Event organisers

  • Minimise the amount of time competitors spend at an event, for example:
    • Keep competitions as short as possible, for example a single-phase competition for show jumping
    • Provide scoring/results online after the event – either on a website or via email
    • Send rosettes out by post after the event
  • Move as much of the event admin online as possible, to avoid the need for people to gather in a tent/office. For example:
    • Provide print your own numbers for competitors to print at home or allow use of bridle numbers
    • Allow competitors to declare by text once they have arrived
    • Scan dressage score sheets and email them, rather than handing out sheets on the day

The Pony Club Central Office

The Pony Club Central Office is doing what it can to deter the spread of the Coronavirus and have therefore made the decision to run all committee meetings via the online meeting space Microsoft Teams and the staff have been encouraged to work from home when possible. Please therefore utilise email when contacting the office as staffing of phone calls will be limited.

Stay informed

If there are any updates to this advice we will be sharing them on our website and social media pages, so please keep an eye on these channels.

Pony Racing Camp Report

Finley Sheppard (Curre Hunt Pony Club, Area 10) – August 2019


On 19th April 2019 I raced my first ever race at the Cheltenham Pony Club race day. I was delighted to be awarded a prize of a bursary for a one week camp at the British Racing School in Newmarket. I had trained for hours every day to get my pony Cara and I ready for Cheltenham. We had never raced before and even though she was not a typical racing pony, we both did our very best and had the most amazing day ever.   I was so excited.

The lovely people at Area 9 who gave me the bursary asked me if I would send them an account of my time at jockey school so here it is.

The camp was scheduled for 13th to 17th of August at the British Racing School. Everything was ready to go but sadly my new horse Prinny (Cara had gone on to a new Pony Club home) came up lame a few days before the camp was due to begin, I thought that I would be unable to attend the camp, but, my family and I decided that I should attend the camp anyway and just take part in the unmounted activities and help out others with their horses. Despite not taking my four legged partner in crime, I was very excited about camp and was packed early ready for the trip.


Our journey to Newmarket started early because we lived so far away. However, even with a breakfast pitstop at McDonalds (yum!) the four hour journey went pretty quickly.  We spent time getting to know the rest of the group and parents left after we were briefed on the course timetable. We settled ourselves into our lovely rooms and the ponies were settled into stables. After a slap up lunch (more food!) I found out that the team had found me a horse to ride and I was over the moon that I could take part in the whole camp. I found my horse and she was beautiful. Her name was Defining Moment, she had run 17 times won lots of those and had only recently retired in October. She didn’t have a stable name so I decided to name her Mo-Mo. She was a proper racehorse!

During the ride we went in the arena, warmed up and then cantered around in pairs. She was lovely and very responsive and super quick. Later we went to the simulator room for the first time got to try them out, they were so cool! We had feedback on our position to improve our way of going ready for the real thing next day.


Bright and early at 7 o’clock, we were up and at it – mucked out and then headed to breakfast, followed by a mini bus trip to Newmarket. Visiting different sites we were able to watch some horses go up the gallops at Warren Hill. On our return to the Racing School we did our fall training which covered practicing rolling and being prepared for what to do if you fall off.

Later we went for our second ride of the week, this time we trotted up and back down the straight canter. In pairs, we tackled the round canter. I went on my own as there was 11 in the group. I went round for my turn picked up a hack canter, but as we came to the gate Defining Moment began to pick up speed and suddenly we were going at top speed and it didn’t look like we were stopping. After the initial shock of not being able to stop, I soon loved the speed. We went round twice at full gallop (accidentally) but then managed to come back to a hack for the final circuit. It was pouring with rain for the whole ride and we got soaked through. It didn’t matter though as we had an amazing time. Straight after that we were in a hurry as we had to get to the simulator room in time for our session with Ted Durcan. Ted is an amazing jockey who has recently retired. The session was extremely fun because we got to have lots of time on the simulators and it was also very informative as Ted was constantly telling us how we could improve. After this, we headed into the stables to do evening stables and making our ponies comfortable. Then we all settled down for the night, having our supper of squash and cookies. The evenings were lots of fun because we had a great group of boys and girls.


On the third day of camp we woke up (some of us with more difficulty than others) and then gathered in the common room. We went down and did morning stables and got changed ready to go to The Rowley Mile and William Haggas’ Yard. We all jumped into the mini bus and then headed off to the Newmarket racecourse. When we arrived we met the tour guide and he took us to the first building. We walked up 5 flights of stairs! to get to the floor with all of the private boxes. The guide then led us into the Royal box. It was amazing, it was positioned exactly opposite the finishing post. Next he took us into Sheik Mohammed’s Box. After that, he led us down to the Weighing Room and then through all of the gardens and looked at all of the statues of the great racers of the past. We then had group photo and headed off to William Haggas’. When we arrived and parked up we were met by one of William Haggas’ Head Girls. She then took us through to the first block of stables. After this she took us through a small alleyway to the horse walkers and the treadmill. She explained to us how the treadmill works and how they decide what horses go on and how fast. She then led us through to the third stable yard.


We learned prep for best turned out and plaiting. We learned about pads, weight cloths, correct tack and how to put it on. I learned that it has to be an even number of plaits including the forelock and also tricks of the trade for getting even size plaits. After that it was simulator training with Ted Durcan. He gave me great feedback about my position and said he was surprised that I’d only ridden in one race. In the evening, although not strictly allowed at racing school, the boys in our group decided that we would like to order a bunch of burgers in for supper. We hatched a plan where we ordered and Ed’s Dad Tim Vaughan who was staying overnight, helped us to smuggle it in, virtually unseen apart from the lady on reception who tutted a bit but very kindly turned a blind eye. We had a fun last evening together.


Our last day dawned and we were up early as usual to get the horses ready for best turned out and for the arrival of our parents. My horse ‘Defining Moment’ looked lovely and was well up for it. I didn’t win best turned out but that was no worries – I know what to do better next time. We went off up the gallops either individually or as pairs and Mum and Dad got to come alongside to see what I had learned. It was my best outing of the week – under control and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Mum took some video and put together a compilation of my time at Racing School.

Video of the last day: https://youtu.be/8K9oGMfJCBs

I want to thank Pony Club Area 9 for the brilliant opportunity that they have given me. Also, Jackie and Lucy and the team at the BRS were brilliant too. It was the best week of the holidays and I have made some nice friends which I still keep in touch with on Instagram. It’s inspired me to want to do more and I went to watch 3 of the guys race at Chepstow on Bank Holiday Monday. I am looking for a pony to race and when I find the right one, I am looking forward to getting more involved and improving my skills even more. Hopefully, I’ll be back at Cheltenham next year!

Needless to say, as soon as the dates for next year’s Racing Camp are released, I’m hoping that I can do it all over again.