Sunday October 21, 2018
B+ Results 2018

Well done to the following members who passed the ‘B+’ Test on 2nd January 2018

Sasha Hargreaves    Old Berks Hunt

Jack Whiteford          Old Berks Hunt

Frankie Swallow        Clifton on Teme

Lunge Test Results 9th Dec

Well done to the following members for passing their Lunge Test on Dec 9th –

Lucy Taylor – Berkeley Hunt

Harriet Gillam – Old Surrey & Burstow Hunt

Frankie Swallow – Clifton on Teme Hunt

Honor MacFarlane – Old Berks Hunt

Grace Jenkins – Ledbury Hunt

Lizzy Hughes – Ledbury Hunt

Lunge Test & B test Results 28th Oct 2018

Congratulations to the following Area 9 members for passing the following tests!

Lunge Test         28TH Oct 2017

Jess Morris                           South Herefordshire and Ross Harriers

Genevieve Manning             Malvern

Lucy Boorman                      Croome

B’ Test

Ellen Creed                  Berkeley Hunt

Charlotte James         Berkeley Hunt

Issy Hill                       South Hereford and Ross Harriers

Hestia Jewell               South Hereford and Ross Harriers

Lucy Peckham             Berkeley Hunt

Sian Croucher              VWH Hunt

Francesca Swallow      Clifton on Teme

Emily Turner                Croome

Rosie Ormandy          Croome

Abi Meredith              Golden Valley

Lizzie Brown               Golden Valley

B’ Test Riding

Sapphire Smith           South Hereford and Ross Harriers

B’ Test Horse and Pony Care

Ellie Turl                               Berkeley Hunt

Sophie Carter              Old Berks

Emily Cupper               Ledbury Hunt

Georgia Packer            Berkeley Hunt

Abigail Withers           Berkeley Hunt

Lizzy Hughes              Ledbury Hunt

Rosie Harris              Ledbury Hunt

Winter PC Dressage at Burrows Court

Poster_11th Nov

Tetrathlon Championship Results

Congratulations to everyone in Area 9 who competed, in particular –

Open Girls


 3rd – Jess Telford – Beaufort Hunt


1st – Beaufort Hunt: Emma Hatherell, Isla Green, Sasha Green, Jess Telford

 2nd – Vale of the White Horse: Phillippa Hall, Miranda King, Jemima Gray

Open Mixed Teams

3rd – Old Berkshire Hunt: John Church, Jack Church, Tina McPeak

 Intermediate Boys


6th – Timothy Llewellen-Palmer – Cotswold Hunt


1st – Beaufort Hunt: Tom Edwards, Harry Barder, Henry Stratton

 Intermediate Girls


 6th – Hestia Jewell – South Hereford and Ross Harriers


 3rd – Beaufort Hunt: Ella Harries-Jacob, Amy Peevers, Maddy Adamson

 4th – Croome Hunt: Daisy Wheeler, Katie Caldicott, Emily Turner

 Intermediate Mixed


 2nd – Cotswold Hunt: Timothy Llewellen-Palmer, Alistair Llewellen-Palmer, Cressie May, Ellen Saunders

Junior Boys


 1st – Beaufort Hunt: Tom Connors, Will Connors, Jack Tucker, Josh Barker

 Junior Girls


4th – Poppy Clark – Beaufort Hunt


 1st – Beaufort Hunt: Bea Adamson, Rachel Hatherell, Meg Stratton, Poppy Clark

 Junior Mixed


3rd – Beaufort Hunt: Charles Hall, Sam Bellord, Grace Tucker, Finnola Stratton



 3rd – Beaufort Hunt: George Hall, Mimi Green, Orlo Clark, Harry Barker

Postal Shoot Winter 17/18

Dear All,

Please find attached, the schedule for this Winter’s Area 9 Postal Shoot.  I would be grateful if you could encourage your members to compete.  I have copied the schedule to all last year’s shoot contacts; please feel free to forward it on.

I have returned the competition dates to Nov – Feb.  I slipped it by a month last year as we were away on holiday, but no such luck this year! You have until 20 December to enter, but if you can enter in October, you will get your targets to shoot in November, rather than playing catch-up.

I have retained the Team competition to help Branches with only a few members in each class.  Branch teams can be made from any 3 or 4 members from same Branch, irrespective of gender or age/Class.  So as long as your Branch has 3 competitors, you can enter a Team.  The best 3 overall scores in the Team will count (rather than all 4). There will be rosettes for top 10 teams.

 The 1000 shoot gun case stickers will continue.

I hope you enjoy the competition.

Many thanks,


 Fred Church

Area 9 Tetrathlon

01367 870256

 Area 9 Postal Shoot Schedule 2017 – 18

A Test

We would like to offer our congratulations to Saskia Davies of the Ledbury Hunt Branch passed her A test on 11/10/17. It is such an achievement that few ever achieve.


Well done to the North Hereford PC Mounted Games Team at Hoys, amazing time had by all and they ended up 5th and were a credit to Area 9.





Area Dressage Times

Area Dressage Times

Area 9 Tet Results

3 - Beaufort Juniors, Area Tet, West Littleton, sunday 9th July 2017 email

The Beaufort Hunt PC hosted the Area 9 Tetrathlon at and around West Littleton last weekend, the 8/9 July.  The hot, dry weather was beautiful for the spectators, but not quite so kind to the competitors, especially for Sunday’s ride and run.

However, the dry conditions did not affect the well-prepared and challenging x-c course, although the heat gave an additional test to runners and riders.  With Area 9 being one of the most active and successful Areas for Tetrathlon, the competition was expected to be fierce. And so it proved, with all classes being well supported and hotly contested.

10 - Winning Frogs Team

The strength in depth of Tetrathlon in Area 9 Qualifiers was underlined by having competitors from 8 different Branches qualifying for the National Tetrathlon Championships at Bishop Burton on from the 10 – 12 August.  Congratulations to all the competitors and especially to the following teams and individuals who will be going to the Championships:


 Boys’ Champion: Jack Church – OBH

 Girls’ Champion: Jess Telford – Beaufort

 Girls’ Team: Beaufort – Jess Telford, Sasha Green, Isla Green, Emma Hatherell

 Mixed Team: OBH – Tina McPeak, John Church, Jack Church

 Qualifying Individual Boy: Matthew Baker – Ledbury

 Qualifying Individual Girls: Miranda King, Phillippa Hall – VWH


 Boys’ Champion: Henry Stratton – Beaufort

 Girls’ Champion: Ellen Saunders – Cotswold

 Boys’ Team: Beaufort – Henry Stratton, Harry Barder, Tom Edwards

 Girls’ Team: Beaufort – Maddy Adamson, Amy Peevers, Ella Harries-Jacob

 Second Girls’ Team:  Croome – Emily Turner, Katie Caldicott, Daisy Wheeler

 Mixed Team:  Cotswold – Tim Llewellen-Palmer, Alastair Llewellen-Palmer, Cressie May, Ellen Saunders

 Qualifying Individual Boy: Arthur Townend – Ledbury

 Qualifying Individual Girls: Rosie Harris – Ledbury, Hestia Jewell – SH&RH


 Boys’ Champion: Tom Connors – Beaufort

 Girls’ Champion: Poppy Clark – Beaufort

 Boys’ Team:  Beaufort – Tom Connors, Will Connors, Josh Barker, Jack Tucker

 Girls’ Team: Beaufort – Bea Adamson, Poppy Clark, Rachel Hatherell, Meg Stratton

 Mixed Team:  Beaufort – Sam Bellord, Charles Hall, Grace Tucker, Finnola Stratton

 Qualifying Individual Boy: Billy Llewellen-Palmer

 Qualifying Individual Girls: Lottie Roberts – CVFH, Lexie New – OBH

For full results, click on link – Beaufort Tet July 2017 – Final